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Why is Park View City better than its neighboring societies?


Park View City is a modern housing society by Vision Group. It creates a potential housing community that provides housing, industrial plots, residential villas, and apartment developments in Islamabad. Luxurious structures include a grand mosque in Turkish architecture, esteemed schools, a large hospital, Park View Mall, and a large community center.

Park View City Islamabad

In this post, you will be provided with the details of the reasons that will show why Park View City is a more worthy project as compare to the other housing societies.

What is the hype about Park View City?

Park View City is a housing corporation designed by Vision Group as a residential neighbourhood. It provides residences in Islamabad, residential districts, industrial areas, and homes. The lavish residential project offers a vast mosque, esteemed college, a mass hospital, Park View Mall, and a central community center.

The housing community’s richness can be seen from its 200 feet wide main road, vast and magnificent avenues, wide green belt alongside the highways, playgrounds, parks, and playground areas.

Park View City Islamabad is situated in the capital near the gorgeous hills of Bani Gala. The Vision architects building business belongs to the prominent politician Aleem Khan, who is the designer of the project.

Acquisition of NOC:

Park View City has already acquired the No Objection Certificate (NOC) approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) as of 1 June 2018. The housing society is served by over 3000 Kanals, where developmental work has been closely tracked in different industries, such as A, B, C, D, E, F, H, and J.

All information concerning NOC’s purchase can be found on the Capital Development Authority’s official website (CDA).

Linkage to Main City Islamabad:

The Park View City project is an affordable housing venture based mostly on Malot Lane. The Mauza path was once known to Malot. It is also near the Islamabad Bahria Enclave. The booking conditions and three-year payment plans are recently available at economical rates in even overseas regions.

Furthermore, the deposit scheme has made work more straightforward for those who want to purchase assets in such a comfortable way of life.

Besides, the housing system also has access to the community via Kurri Lane, Bani Gala, and Highway. In fact, because of its enticing sights and readily accessible facilities, the housing society is widespread.

The Park View City officials intend to provide access to a fun area where visitors can enjoy a family-oriented experience and a harmless and safe environment with state-of-the-art views and desirable locations.

Park View City Islamabad can also be accessed through Jinnah Avenue, a just 200 feet wide road linking with Malot Road; the access is directly provided via CDA.

Park View City

About Vision Group of Companies:

The Vision Group was founded in 2012, and various other initiatives related to real estate have been carried out from the beginning. Or you might say the Vision Group took a booming phase and went through Pakistan with flying colors in the real estate industry. It has also grown into one of Pakistan’s most confidential and secure sectors.

Through Vision Group, Park View City is a resourceful scheme that mostly hits for brilliance because it is one of the most challenging housing projects in the surrounding regions. The project aims to establish relaxed lives in multi-ethnic areas through diverse structures and urban landscape designs.

The Vision Group has initiated separate impressive projects in Pakistan’s metropolitan areas along with high delicacies and architectural masterpieces.

Vision Group of Companies often pursue other supreme plans, such as;

  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • Park View Icon located at I.I. Chundrigar Road-Karachi
  • Park View City in Islamabad
  • Park View Corporate Center at Mall Road-Lahore
  • Park View Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  • The National School
  • Park view villas at Multan Road-Lahore

Vision Group of Companies

Exact Location of Park View City:

Park View City’s position stretches across 1200 Kanals in diverse residential and industrial industries. Both the ideals of culture are also pleased by the general public. The site is close to Bahria Enclave, with green settings and amazing views of Bani Gala, just 15-20 minutes from Islamabad’s metropolitan town.

Therefore, all should accept that civilization at Park View City is the personification of extravagance and calmness.

In the middle of the Botanical Garden, Park View City has tranquillity. The focal area is Rawal Chowk, while Park View City Gate 2 will support the individual with an entry from Bhara Kahu.

Park View City is situated in the heart of Islamabad near every great destination. It also has a plus point of not being located in the loud and polluted zones of the capital. It, therefore, proves to be an excellent alternative for further expanding Pakistan’s permanent residential area.

Thus, it is undoubtedly a mega-project that CDA has approved.

Detailed Map of Park View City:

The project is located with an 8-kilometre drive from Chak Shahzad via the Main Park Road, and the Kuri Road connected through the route from Kashmir Highway, Lehtarar Road, and Islamabad Highway.

See the further article to find out more about Park View City. You should think if it’s worth investing your hard-earned cash in!

Below is a description of why you should concentrate on investing in Park View City rather than other housing societies!

Location Map of Park View City

Top Reasons to Invest in Park View City:

1. Auspicious Location:

The location of the luxury housing business is primary and foremost appealing. Park View Cities is situated 15 minutes drive from the Kashmir Highway on Malot Road (taking Serena Hotel as a reference point).

Just 15-20 minutes away by car from Kashmir highway and Islamabad Expressway, and also the 200 feet main boulevard of the business can be reached via the Murree road. Even it’s just 20-25 minutes away from Blue World City, which makes it an ideal company and residential location for all of its residents.

The Park View City benefits from the magnificent Bani Gala hills and mountains landscape while civilization is near enough to the city center with excellent access to the city.

The serenity of the stunning scenery near the center of the city is an ideal setting for building one’s house.

2. Commercial Hub with Grandeur Entrance:

The Park View City housing company’s main road is 200 feet deep. It is around 90 to 100 meters widespread from Islamabad Avenue Jinnah Park Lane.

With the help of a wide access road, it helps to navigate to and from the commercial area easier and quicker. It also encourages you to journey easily and comfortably and enjoy the calm of your lavish domestic community.

The industrial area is situated right next to the entry, and you need to invest in Park View City. Commercial regions integrate residential employment in manufacturing and retail operations that improve society’s residence and value.

The reality is that the company site is located right at the entry, ensuring that it will also be accessible to nearby businesses, such as Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave.

Park View City Commercial hub

3. Fast Development and Possession of Plots:

In Park View City, construction work takes place at a speedy pace. Block A and B have now been established and have been assigned ownership of two of the blocks. Moreover, the development of homes in these blocks has already begun.

There is a very speedy construction of the road network of more blocks. The structure of the great Mosque of Jamia has already started, and work is underway rapidly. We assume that the community is being built over 2 to 3 decades, and the neighbourhood will be geared up for daily work.

A more planning report on the Park View City Amenities can be found on the main website.

4. All-encompassing Designer:

We also consistently stressed that no due diligence is done in a real estate project without determining the Developer’s ability to execute it. Vision Group of Companies is building Park View City. The owner of Vision Group, Aleem Khan, is a well-known politician and an active member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.

The project has added prestige when it is synonymous with such a character. It eliminates building and development related risks.

Besides, the Developer’s portfolio, including Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, and corporate sector in Lahore and Park View Icon in Karachi, reveals that the company has good leadership skills in large-scale project execution skills.

5. Fantastic View of Botanical Garden:

The great thing about Park View City is that it is set in a valley-like location surrounded by impressive botanical gardens. The superior outlook of these real estate housing schemes in Islamabad drew a substantial number of developers.

It is also part of Park View City’s Islamabad vision for its inhabitants to be environmentally sustainable. It would undoubtedly be a cause for pleasure and delight for people to dwell in these botanical gardens. Consequently, all other housing societies in Islamabad have the advantages of the Park View Area.

It is the key reason many developers have opted to invest in buildings such as the Mayfair villas in Park View City. The villa houses are situated next to the hills and are a perfect investment destination in 2020.

Botanical Garden Park View City

6. Larger Sizes of Plot:

Park View City is also lucky that the plot sizes are smaller on average than other businesses. The scale is 1300 square feet of a 5 Marla plot of 26′ x 50″ dimension. In comparison, in Park View City, the size of a 10 Marla plot is 2450 square feet, measuring 35′ x 70.’ A single Marla equals 250 square feet meters on average that is considerably higher than most like cultures.

Although Park View City prices tend to be greater than the other Islamabad communities, we assume that, with much bigger plot sizes and premium land, construction charges, and the fact that they are included in the amount, they exist.

7. Overseas Block of Park View City:

The Park View City Overseas Block is the new block in this intriguing home initiative, which provides everybody’s needs. Society represents a fascinating draw for everyone, from residential and commercial properties to classic flats and villas.

The project will soon begin on a global basis to address all the housing needs for Pakistani citizens abroad. Pakistanis start the plot size from overseas, looking for belonging, understanding, and a safe place to buy Pakistan.

Hence, near to the enterprise’s business core and promises a stable investment along with elite life for its people.

8. Eco-friendly Environment:

The regions with dense greenery are ideal for inhabitants, according to environmental surveys. The feature of environmentally sustainable residential projects is now a reality. Park View City does not have to attempt in this area with housing companies such as Capital Smart City constructing an eco-friendly initiative.

One of the main advantages of Park View City is that it is naturally environmentally sustainable and provides a vast amount of natural forests surrounding the town. The Chak Shahzad area is also very famous for this, so many are now drawn to this initiative. The people witness luxurious and safe living in Park View City. That means you can never be happy with any other location in the world if you purchase a home in Park View City Islamabad.

Park View City Environment

9. The Art of Conserving the Economy:

Park View City has kept the market vibrant and busy over the last three decades since it was launched in mid-2017. The ongoing awareness of this home business in Islamabad’s real estate market indicates that market trust has boosted in time.

The administration of Park View City utilizes various methods to realize distinct projects that are begun at different periods by the housing population. In general, the two major strategies that we detected will be underpricing periodic and strategic transactions.

10. Allow Investors to Circulate Funds:

Likewise, some buyers want their money to move between various commodities suddenly. They will invest in the early stages and start to stagnate the market. Park view city can retain its short-term buyers by establishing its brands periodically while rotating their equity amongst individual items. Given that the investor trusts the company and is happy with its returns, it prevents them from making further efforts.

But now that the shareholders can withdraw from 3,5 Marla residential plots, the company shocked them and began 2.5 Marla, which was a big success.

Briefly, the proposed launch of Park View City gains would allow investors to replace investments between different goods. Furthermore, it helps end consumers explore each commodity’s scope for their long-term commitment before they select one brand.

Concluding remarks:

We addressed the reasons why Park View City should be a worthwhile investment project in this article. We assume that all these points would undoubtedly make it consistently appealing to us for investment with good returns in a couple of years.

Contact our customer service agent on our website property news where you can find an approved agent for Park View City, via phone or WhatsApp to give us a free consultation and first-hand information.


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