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University Town Islamabad Latest Development

University Town Islamabad- History- Latest Development

University Town Islamabad is of the most beautiful housing projects situated in the Capital region of Islamabad. The housing scheme is rich in terms of location, environment, and facilities. It is one of the prestigious housing societies favored by the investors both in the country and abroad.University Town Islamabad
The housing society is situated right next to the highest prolific and talked about housing projects in the region Eighteen Islamabad, not only this, but the recently launched and excited project Capital Smart City is also situated at a short travel distance from this promising project.

The location of University Town Islamabad is such that it is an interjection to all the leading housing societies in the region and also all the cities, including Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Turnol, and Attock. Furthermore Blue World City and ICHS Town are also situated at an equal but opposite direction to this project.

History university town:

University Town was founded in the year1992, by Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. Abdul Aziz Khan belongs to Peshawar Pakistan and is a professor by profession.Having no experience in the real estate business, he struggled with society in its initial years.

It wasn’t until the year 2005 that this project was officially launched after obtaining the NOC and planning permissions from the relevant authorities.University town islamabad NOC
The NOC is acquired from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) against the no. RDA:RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9-5-2006. As it falls on the borderline between Islamabad and Rawalpindi but is claimed by Rawalpindi development authorities.

Even after the official launch, this housing society, however, situated at one of the central locations at M-2 Lahore- Islamabad Motorway but was not able to attract many visitors due to insignificant development work and lack of experience of the owner.

University town islamabad map
There were no amenities available in the region at the time, but due to the charm and the surroundings venture, matching the magnificence of Park View City and Gulberg green made this project afloat.

A few investors took a gamble and invested in the project and were able to gain fruitful results from the project.

University town islamabad location
All that changed when the airport was planned to build at a short distance from University Town Islamabad, this project turned heads.The investors realized the true potential of the location the society offered, and the investment activity increased significantly.

This increase in the investment activity was a major wakeup call for the developers as well, and that leads to the development phase of the project.

Development progress:

After the inauguration of the new International airport, the development work in the society increased at a steady pace, and with that so did the investment in the society.

Till today date extensive network of carpeted roads is constructed throughout the housing society with the incorporation of 72′ wide Main Boulevard and the remaining streets no less than 35′ wide.

Water is supplied all over the area through a stable network of pipelines from the water tanks installed in each block so that the residents can enjoy the continuous supply of water, and there is no shortage.

The gas pipelines are also in place and awaiting the connection, but for now, gas cylinders are provided to the occupants, so they do not face any hurdles. State of the art sewerage disposal system is integrated as well to get rid of all the waste.

Furthermore, the telephone and Wi-Fi connection is also available. The infrastructure built in society is also of the highest standards and quality.

university town islamabad
There are parks in each sector for the children with swings and benches, a fully operational hospital, A Jamia mosque, and a beautifully designed commercial area.

Hence the society offers all the necessary facilities required to live a peaceful and comfortable.

The earthwork is close to completion in nearly all the residential blocks, but the possession is not yet available everywhere.

The blocks ‘A, B & D’ are fully developed, plots in these sectors are available for possession, and the ownership is transferred to the investors.

The construction of houses in these blocks has begun, several homes are already entirely constructed and occupied by their residents. The people living in these sectors are quite comfortable and enjoying the amenities the society has to offer in the most serene and safe environment.

Block E and C are near to completion with only minor development left and are next in line for possession, while the development in block F has not nearly started and is at the earliest stages.

University Town Payment plan:

University Town Payment plan

Let us now have a look at the detailed work progress in the different blocks of this society

University Town Blocks A, B & D:

As we mentioned above, these blocks were the first to get developed; these sectors are fully equipped with all amenities offered by the society, including underground electricity, water supply, gas cylinders, telephone and Wi-Fi, carpeted wide roads, and paved footpaths.

These blocks are located closer to the commercial area as well as the hospital, mosque and the park made for the children in the society. The houses are a marvel of architectural design with the highest standards of construction work.

Blocks E, F & C:

The blocks E, F & C of the society are currently in the development phase. The work in these phases is happening at a fast pace. The latest machinery and skilled laborers are working day and night to bring the progress to up to speed.

The leveling and the plotting of land have finished. The blocks C and F are in the queue for development. The management of University Town Islamabad has set the goal of delivering this project in the coming 1 to 1.5 years.

Possession developed and un-developed blocks:

As mentioned above, the possession for blocks A, B & D is available to the owners, and the residential plots available in these blocks are ready and secure for construction, whereas for the rest of the blocks the possession will not be available until the development work is fully completed.

University Town islamabad possession

The possession in block E is expected to be given in a few months while the investors are looking forward to the possession in the remaining blocks, i.e. C & F.

The chances are that in next 2 years the development work in these sectors will not be complete, but the possession will also be granted within this time frame.

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