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The ‘three options’ for Bahria Town Karachi residents that are affected

Karachi: Bahria Town Karachi is one of the most wonderous residential projects in Karachi. It is famous for its grandeur, fine range of consumer-driven amenities and well-planned properties to name a few. However, with great success comes controversy and the housing society is no stranger to disputes and challenges.

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Bahria was, previously, unable to accommodate the people who had bought files in the said precincts. In the wake of this development, buyers demanded compensation from the developer. Initially, no relief option was on the cards. However, local agents stated that the developer had announced three options for the affectees. These provisions are:

  1. Refund:

Under the option for refund, affectees can reclaim the amount they paid for their files.

  1. Exchange with existing apartments, shops, or villas:

Buyers have the option to exchange their files for apartments, shops or villas owned by private developers working in Bahria Town Karachi. This usually involves the adjustment of the price of the file against the price of the property option, while the remaining amount can be paid in cash or instalments spanning up to two years – as per the agreement between the buyer and the private developers concerned. Several Bahria Town agents are offering the option.

  1. Wait for future plot cuttings:

According to on-ground sources, very few have expressed their intent to avail of this option. If people are willing to wait longer, Bahria Town does allow buyers to hold onto their files. It will then adjust the files against new plot cuttings – to be launched. Further information regarding the third option is not available as of yet.

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