Renovating your Lawn-Summer Home Improvement

Lawns, no matter how small the piece of land is available for the purpose, not only add beauty to the house but are also source of pleasure and better health at a low cost.

All where it starts:

To start with developing a lawn, one should ensure choosing the site which receives sunlight for major part of the day. Heavily shaded places retard growth of grass and flower growing plants. First, the piece of land is to be dug at least 8 inches deep and all stones, debris, dead or alive roots of vegetation including those of grass or another organic material/refuse can be completely removed. Then a landscaping sketch for earmarking land for grass and seasonal flowering plants is made. In areas like Islamabad, where the natural earth is non-porous, spread a layer of at least 6 inches thick red sandy earth on the plot.Renovating lawn

It’s all about the Manicure:

Thereafter, adequate quantity of crushed dry cow dung manure be evenly spread on the land and mixed with the earth. Then the parcel of land is watered adequately for quite some time. This would lead to germination of dormant seeds of various kinds of vegetation which are essential constituents of the manure. Let the wild vegetation grow for some time and thereafter remove all the wild seedlings be removed to make the land weed-free land. Level the plot/ground and it is ready to grow grass.

Different ways of planting the grass:

After the plot is prepared and leveled, it is ready to grow grass. There are three ways of growing grass:

I ) By sowing seed

ii ) By laying fully grown grass cakes over the prepared lawn, and

iii) By planting streaks of grass roots in the lawn. In Pakistan, hardly anybody resorts to growing grass seeds.Renovating lawn

Methods of growing the Grass:

The nurseries also sell 1×1 ft size cakes of grass with soil and laying these cakes make instant grassy plot. However, it is a little expensive way. The other method is to purchase grass cakes, disintegrate the root streaks and planting them at 6 to 9 inches apart. For this method one may buy maximum 1/12th grown grass cakes of the plot size. But it takes about two months to obtain a fully grown grassy carpet.

Summer flower vibes:

Nowadays, the summer flowers are blooming; hence one has to wait for two more months to plant seedlings for monsoon variety. In August, one can plant Marigold of almost three shades to continue to enjoy bloom until late November.

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The flowering plants are to be grown in the beds. In shaded areas plants of foliage can be grown to be discussed later.

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