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Renovating your Lawn-Summer Home Improvement

Although we take care of our garden throughout the year, if we go for a few days of vacation in summer, it is enough for chaos to occur and invasive species proliferate, bald spots appear, the grass dries and turns yellowish, weeds and others appear factors that will make our garden look neglected.

And it is that the lawn requires intense maintenance throughout the year, with which it will be necessary to follow strict irrigation, planting, fertilizing and other tasks depending on the season and more if it is after the summer, in which it is located, subjected to great stress due to high temperatures and the strong sun that affects it.

Lawn Summer-Home

That is why in this article we will give you a series of steps and tips so that you can recover the dry grass and fix your abandoned garden after the summer.

Problems that can cause lawn deterioration

Apart from the summer heat, there are other reasons that can cause our lawn to not be in the best conditions, being able to appear in any season of the year, some of the most common cases would be:

1. Drought

Yes, probably the most common problem and as we mentioned earlier, very common in summer, due to the lack of irrigation due to the holidays.

2. Excess water

We can go through watering more than we should, also if the ground has poor drainage , it causes excess water to accumulate, thus rotting the roots and making the grass blades turn yellow.

3. Very compact soil

It is usually caused by trampling or very frequent use of the area where the grass is. His solution is the scarification we talked about earlier and aeration, which consists of pricking the earth so that it is properly oxygenated.

4. Felt

Felt is a layer that forms between grass and soil , the roots remain in this layer, formed by decomposed remains of roots and leaves. Its main problem is that it prevents the passage of water to the “good” soil, causing a drought even though we are watering correctly in terms of quantity and regularity.

5. Excessive shade

There are specific lawns for shade, if the one we are using is not an ideal mixture for this condition, the excess of shade causes the stems to grow thin, pale and yellowish and eventually dry. The solution in this case is to make sure that the type of grass we are planting is the right one.

6. Cold

Also the cold has a negative impact on our grass , in places where there are frosts (temperatures below 0ºC) we can notice that the grass turns brown, although it is normal, depending on the type of grass we have, it is most likely that once the winter is over, during the spring it will regrow and return to its optimal color.

7. Sunburn

Also, as we mentioned, these are typical summer problems, the most possible is that the grass has been mowed very low, thus leaving the neck more exposed at ground level, this part of our lawn is usually whitish due to the lack of light and therefore more sensitive to the sun and prone to burning easily.

8. Excess fertilizer

It is specifically nitrogen that is harmful, almost all fertilizers usually contain it together with potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, although the latter are not harmful, the ideal is to make sure to spread the fertilizer very uniformly to avoid specific accumulations, not to exceed the recommended doses , and water immediately after to dissolve it.

9. Herbicides

A poorly used herbicide can cause the death of our lawn , there are herbicides that without realizing it can “kill” all kinds of plants, including our lawn, so you have to be very careful when buying one.

In the event that this type of herbicide is what we need, we must avoid applying it on days with a lot of air, because it could move to areas where we do not want it to take effect.

10. Urine from cats and dogs

They generate a yellow spot, around which you can see a ring where the grass is a more intense green color, in this ring the grass tends to grow more.

11. Contamination

It is caused by spills of external agents , such as oils, water with detergent, bleach, etc.

12. Poor soil quality

It may be because our soil has stones underneath or concrete fillings for example. Making the grass yellow and grow little.

13. Salinity of water or soil

If the water we irrigate is very salty , our grass will burn at the ends, it could also be that the soil has a high salinity and causes the same symptom.

14. Failure to sow

When our lawn is freshly sown and being born, sometimes you can see withered areas, with a dark color, this may be due to some fungus in that area, but it can also be a sowing problem, such as:

  • Use old seeds that have lost their effectiveness when germinating
  • Lack of water, because after sowing it is recommended to water 2 or 3 times a day
  • Seeds buried deep
  • Ants or birds that take away the seeds
  • Excess fertilizers in the preparation of the ground
  • Very cold or very hot soil . Since with extreme temperatures there is no germination , you should avoid sowing in the middle of winter and summer..

How to reform Lawn Where to start?

Rennovate Lawn

If you plan to reform your garden or lawn, but you do not know very well where to start, try solving these questions:

  1. Do I need to renew the paint on the walls?
  2. Is it necessary to replace the floor, grass or make any modifications?
  3. Do you want to invest in lawns, trees, pots, planters, watering systems?
  4. Would you like to buy new furniture such as sofas, benches, lighting, tables
  5. Would you like to put a swimming pool?

Answering these questions more or less you will have an idea of ​​the reform that you would like to do.

Keys and steps to regenerate the lawn

We know that it is not easy to keep the grass in optimal conditions, especially during the summer, when the weather conditions are not the most suitable and cause great damage, due to the dry climate, the absence of rain, the harsh sun and the lack of irrigation, since we are going on vacation.

However, we must evaluate what causes our lawn to appear dry and yellowish, as it could be due to a pest or other factor that, if not solved, would trigger other problems After analyzing the state of the same and that there is no presence of pests , we will proceed to carry out a series of tasks to regenerate our garden.

To start with developing a lawn, one should ensure choosing the site which receives sunlight for major part of the day. Heavily shaded places retard growth of grass and flower growing plants.

First, the piece of land is to be dug at least 8 inches deep and all stones, debris, dead or alive roots of vegetation including those of grass or another organic material/refuse can be completely removed.

Then a landscaping sketch for earmarking land for grass and seasonal flowering plants is made. In areas like Islamabad, where the natural earth is non-porous, spread a layer of at least 6 inches thick red sandy earth on the plot.

It’s all about the Manicure:

Thereafter, adequate quantity of crushed dry cow dung manure be evenly spread on the land and mixed with the earth. Then the parcel of land is watered adequately for quite some time.

This would lead to germination of dormant seeds of various kinds of vegetation which are essential constituents of the manure.

Let the wild vegetation grow for some time and thereafter remove all the wild seedlings be removed to make the land weed-free land. Level the plot/ground and it is ready to grow grass.

Different ways of planting the grass:

After the plot is prepared and leveled, it is ready to grow grass. There are three ways of growing grass:

I ) By sowing seed

ii ) By laying fully grown grass cakes over the prepared lawn, and

iii) By planting streaks of grass roots in the lawn. In Pakistan, hardly anybody resorts to growing grass seeds.

Methods of growing the Grass:

  • Mow short

Mow short, to optimize the next operation and eliminate a large part of the weeds.

For this you set the cutting height of your mower to 3 centimeters. Make sure that your mower blade is properly sharpened.

20 to 30 days after sowing, you can make a first mowing by adjusting the cut to the highest.

  • Tear off

Control weeds manually. The use of weed killers is to be avoided in a sustainable approach.

  • Scarify

Scarify, to remove the layer of felt and foam that suffocates the lawn and to aerate the soil.

Adjust the depth of scarification between 2 and 4 mm maximum: a deeper adjustment would wrench the roots of the lawn.

Operate on damp, neither soggy nor too dry ground. If necessary, water the lawn beforehand.

For optimal efficiency, proceed by cross passages. Don’t be surprised at the amount of garbage you are going to extract!

After scarifying, collect the moss and waste that could suffocate the lawn. The lawn can keep an unsightly appearance for a few days after scarification.

  • Reseed

Reseed, to replenish the bare surfaces.

Select a lawn intended for relining. Prefer a lawn labeled “Label Rouge” composed of the best grasses, cheap lawns are often of poor quality.

Use a spreader by crossing the passages to distribute the seeds evenly over the surfaces to be relined. Spread 3 to 5 mm of special potting soil or sand on it. Even out the layer by lightly passing the rake.

  • Drive

Roll to compact the soil, to consolidate the roots and make the grass grow.

Immediately after sowing, pass the roller to promote contact between the seeds and the soil and therefore germination. Do not tamp the soil too much.

  • Water

Water the seedlings at a rate of 3 to 5 liters / m2. Once the lawn is installed, then water frequently. For more comfort and efficiency, it is advisable to install a buried sprinkler and to automate your installation.

  • Fertilize

Fertilize to provide the mineral elements the lawn needs and stimulate the growth of new seedlings.

Apply a special lawn fertilizer 2 to 3 months after sowing. Preferably apply a progressive release fertilizer which produces a lasting effect without the risk of burns. Respect the doses and the spreading periods.

Now choose Different environments for a lawn

Choosing an environment for your lawn, or garden, will be the main core of your reform.

Lawn-Summer Home Improvement

This may depend on the size of the place, your lifestyle, the size of the family unit, who will spend more time in the lawn, etc .For example, if you want to turn your lawn into a place to gather with family, or friends, you should take into account comfortable seats and sufficient lighting.

You could also include some type of bar furniture that allows you to have some snacks or snacks on hand, so you do not have to constantly enter and leave the house.

On the other hand, if you want to focus your garden on rest , reading, or relaxation, you will not need as much space. Plants will be a great ally.

White or pastel colors will help you achieve that focus, and stones and sculptures will help you relax. You can use wooden furniture, with worn colors, and grass flooring or wooden flooring.

On the other hand, if your intention is to create a space where you can enjoy as a family , and you have enough space, you can include in your garden or lawn a large number of possibilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Ping pong table
  • Volleyball court
  • Hammocks and parasol
  • Picnic table
  • Gaming table

You can play with your creativity to get the most out of your lawn, and turn it into a place where you can enjoy your free time.

Trends for gardens and lawn reforms in 2020 and 2021

As for those who prefer to have their house to the last, we can quickly comment on the elements that will make you differentiate yourself from the rest of the lawn or gardens this 2020.

  • Something that seems to be stomping is the idea of ​​sharing seats or benches. That is, resort to long stools or sofas in one piece , instead of separate chairs or armchairs.
  • Regarding lighting, despite being an element that began to be in trend some years ago, hanging lanterns continue to stand out in their different forms: paper balls, bulb shape, traditional lantern shape … Even though, if you want to give it a more elegant touch, the led strips can create a somewhat more technological environment for your l awn.
  • Even in the smallest spaces, more and more ideas and setup can be created in lawn, gardens and even balconies. A few candles, a water feature, some stones or artificial grass, and a small sofa where you can relax can suffice.
  • Hanging armchairs are still preferred by everyone, even though they are not as comfortable as they seem. You can find two-seater hanging sofas, individual armchairs, and even rope armchairs with a monopod, suspended with a rope.
  • The summer flowers are blooming; hence one has to wait for two more months to plant seedlings for monsoon variety. Grow different seasonal colorful plants.

Garden and Lawn Reforms

Know any other landscape tips and tricks ? Spare some time and share your reviews with us in the comments section, or join our social media platforms right now.

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