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Pechs islamabad

PECHS is located in the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad is known for its high standards of living, security and ample greenery.

Being surrounded by the very beautiful and appealing north-eastern portion of Pakistan, it’s already attracted a high number of investors.

The town is home to a high number of domestic and global housing jobs to cater to the housing needs of their citizens.

PECHS or Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad is a documented home society operating in town since 1989.

It is a gold investment opportunity for people who are seeking to make long-term investment in Islamabad. The project unites modern structure and superior features of global standards.

Overall this economical housing society is aimed to adjust living requirements of 35 to 40 Million families.

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society at the Glance

Developers: Excol Construction company
Location: Fateh Jang road. islamabad
Area: 9000 Kanals
Plots Type: Residential and commercial plots
Specialty: Economical society
NOC: Approved by RDA (Pakistan) and also

registered by Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.

Glimpse of Pakistan employees cooperative housing society

  • Already get NOC from RDA
  • area for plots is already flat
  • Involves little filling or cutting of land.
  • Developed by Extol “The Innovative Group”
  • In near proximity of New International Airport Islamabad.
  • Abundant presence of clean and fresh underground water.
  • Easy entree into the twin cities of Islamabad or Rawalpindi.
  • Connect to Lahore to Islamabad Motorway & Shahrah-e-Kashmir Islamabad
  • Present status of the society
Society’s Registration No./Date
Present Number of plots
No of Houses under Construction
Total Land in Kanal
9000 Kanals

PECHS Developers and launching

Contract of development of PECHS Islamabad is to EXTOL Company which is a private constructing organization. Extol is now the owner of the society. What ever payment is done or policies are made about society is in the name of Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan. He is the director of Extol.

Extol “The Innovative Group”

Team Extol has Business Expertise with in Islamabad crossing over 12 decades and has been directly or indirectly involved with varied Real Estate Projects. Currently Extol is participated in only one project which is an affiliated with PECHS Islamabad.

PECHS is a Cooperative Housing project that began in the late 80’s and crosses over 5,000 kanals approximately with over 4,000 members.

Extol was able to organize around 1,300 kanals of land adjacent to PECHS and approached them to get an affiliated job. Following relative discussions both parties signed a deal in October, 2012.

Extol launched two blocks namely “K” and “M” at PECHS crossing within the given 1,300 kanals. Development work of EXTOL company is considered to be improved than previous developers of the society who were responsible for older blocks.

Once you book and pay installments dues in the name of Extol, after that you will get the allotment letter from PECHS Society Islamabad.


PECHS NOC and planning permission

PECHS Islamabad is legally authorized and got permission and NOC Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). PECHS also got listed under the Administration of Cooperative Housing Societies Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration.

this is the only housing society which has been approved by CDA, RDA, CAA and NHA

If you want to check the legal notice then go and check following websites


PECHS Location

PECHS is located just next to New Islamabad International Airport. PECHS is the most nearby housing scheme to the new international airport, Islamabad. The distance between the airport main gate to main entrance of K block of the society is about 1 Kilo meter only.

If you drive through Kashmir highway Islamabad to reach the society then this route will enter at Jinnah Avenue of Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad.

According to the permitted route, PECHS Islamabad is the first housing society which will coming will coming from the new airport and last housing society if you are going to the airport

Access route to PECHS Islamabad

  • The main entrance is from Fateh Jang.
  • An alternative way is from Kashmir Highway Islamabad.
  • 3rd way is from M2 ( Lahore – Islamabad Motorway)

PECHS Islamabad access route map

PECHS society Neighborhood

PECHS is located just next to the PAF Fazaia Housing Society Tarnol. Other societies situated near to PECHS are Capital Smart city, top city 1, Blue world city, university town and ICHS. So neighboring circle of the society is residential zone only.

PECHS Location Map

PECHS Islamabad is sited on the Fateh Jang Road.

PECHS housing society lies at

  • the distance of 25 Kilometer from the zero point
  • 30 minutes’ drive from Kashmir Highway.
  • 15 minutes’ drive from Motorway Chowk of Islamabad.

Islamabad Sector H 19 is located in the east of PECHS Islamabad

The New Airport of Islamabad is in the South of PECHS Islamabad.

PECHS Location Map

PECHS Society Islamabad Master plan

Given below is the master plan of the Pakistan employees cooperative housing society. It shows development plan of all the districts of the society and location of up communing blocks.

PECHS Society Islamabad Master plan

PECHS districts and blocks

According to Master Plan of PECHS society, the housing scheme is distributed in to 10 blocks which are named according to alphabetical order such as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and new blocks are K and M. Every block in PECHS Islamabad society is comprised of residential and commercial plots.

M Block and K Block are freshly introduced in the housing scheme. Block K of the society has two more extensions, which are called as K1 and K2. All of the blocks in PECHS are proposing both residential & commercial plots.

PECHS development work

Development job in s A, B, C, D and E Blocks was entirely done. However some of the work in certain roads and portions of those blocks is still in process. Construction of houses has started to reside in these blocks.

Every block of the society has all of the basic necessities such as water, power, gas, streets and roads etc.

But development work in F, G and H has been completed just by 25, 40 and 50 percent respectively. But possession for the developed regions of the blocks has also been allowed.

Delay or slow pace of work in these blocks is because of some legal problems or alter in the developers. That’s why, now developers are EXTOL Company.


Plot Prices in Other PECHS Blocks

Maintained below are average price ranges with available plot sizes of residential plots in all blocks of PECHS society. These are the general prices which can be little above or low according to market.

A Block:

A block has 2 kanal residential plots only .

  • 2 kanal plot prices in A block ranges from 70 to 90 lac rupees.

B Block:

B block has 1 kanal residential plot only.

  • 1 kanal plot price in B block ranges from 45 to 55 lac rupees.

C Block:

C Block has 14 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

  • 14 marla plot price in C block ranges from 30 to 35 lac rupees.
  • 1 kanal plot price in C block ranges from 40 to 55 lac rupees.
  • 2 kanal plot price in C block ranges from 60 to 80 lac rupees.

C-Extension Block:

C-Extension block has 10 Marla residential plots only.

  • 10 marla plot price in C-Extension block ranges from 18 to 25 lac rupees.

D Block:

D block has 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

  • 1 kanal plot price in D block ranges from 28 to 35 lac rupees.
  • 2 kanal plot price in D block ranges from 60 to 80 lac rupees.

E Block:

E block has 2 kanal residential plots.

  • 2 kanal plot price in E block ranges from 55 lac to 70 lac rupees.

F Block:

F block has 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots.

  • 5 marla plot price in F block ranges from 12 to 14 lac rupees.
  • 10 marla plot price in F block ranges from 22 to 25 lac rupees.
  • 1 kanal plot price in F block ranges from 28 to 40 lac rupees.

G Block:

G block has 1 kanal residential plot only.

  • 1 kanal plot price in G block ranges from 28 to 35 lac rupees.

H Block:

H block has 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plot.

  • 1 kanal plot price in H block ranges from 25 to 35 lac rupees.
  • 2 kanal plot price in H block ranges from 45 to 60 lac rupees.

K And M block of the society

K & M block is the latest development by the society but working progress in these blocks is way to fast than any other block. They were originally offered on installments but now it is now available on full cash also.

Master plan of new blocks of the society

Master plan of new blocks of the society .

The newly established blocks in society M block & K block where Block K has two extensions as well (K1 and K2). The fresh booking of the plots in M block is now open for the interested visitors that are available on both cash payment and installment plan.

Payment plan in K block on cash

PECHS Islamabad Payment Plan

Payment plan in M block

Payment plan in M block

Possession of PECHS k block Islamabad

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad held a formal launching event on 28- September- 2019.

This ceremony was attended by the official members of PECHS society and in addition to that, officers of EXTOL Developers joined the ceremony and declared ownership of K block. Main purpose of the event is to reveal possession of K block.

Development work in the K block

Planning and development work was done at a very little span of less than a year in K block. Its timely accomplishment has proved the clients of this society that their investment is never going to get wasted.

Owners of plots can now construct and build their house for living as society has provide all of the basic amenities like street lights, electricity, water , sewerage system, and suigas etc.

Important Note: All of the given prices are tentative and temporary. Real values of plots in PECHS Islamabad Society can be within provided rang or can be different due to real estate market trends of the country and owners demands,


The possession at plots of Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K are accomplished & is already handed over to their buyers.

Possession at Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Is accessible to the members of their society that have clear each of the invoices and society.

At the meanwhile, work is underway on Block M Extension, for the programmer recently launched 5-marla plots on a two year repayment plan.

PECHS Islamabad Booking Information:

Fresh booking is currently available just in M block. Plots in Other blocks s can be found full cash payment. It Is a Golden Opportunity to get secure Investment.

You can easily reserve your storyline via Sky Marketing by Following these instructions. In order to book plot in PECHS Islamabad, follow given steps

  • Download Booking form.
  • After downloading, get the hardcopy of Booking Form by printing the soft copy.
  • Duly fill the Booking form.
  • After that, scan the Booking Form and attach scanned Booking form along with Bank Deposit Slip (Bank Details are given below)
  • Send your documents to Skymarketing private limited Islamabad or visit the office yourself.

Payment should be submit in the name of Extol Company. ( Bank Details of the company is):

Bank: Silk Bank

Account Title: M/s Extol

Account No. 2003469077

Branch Code: 0037

Required Documents to book a plot

If you want to book a plot in the society, then following documents are required.

  • 2 passport size Pictures
  • Payment draft or check
  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of ID card of your next of Kin

For overseas clients

  • 2 photo copies of Overseas National ID Card
  • 2 passport size Pictures
  • 2 photo copies of your national ID card
  • 2 photo copies of ID card of your next of Kin
  • Payment draft or check

Market and Cost trends

As stated by the numerous experts interviewed, the marketplace was relatively slow at the home scheme for some time but things are expected to have much better.

In accordance with researchers, costs are predicted to rise in the long run as the connection onto Kashmir Highway Extension has been created. For PECHS, this connection is to maneuver through Mumtaz City, Islamabad.

It won’t only provide convenient linked to Islamabad for PECHS residents. It is also going to propel the costs of PECHS upwards. But this is after the link road is created which is unclear right now.

PECHS Investment trends

Researchers was convinced that costs in PECHS are not likely to collapse, regardless of what the market conditions, which since PECHS marketplace has, in certain ways, achieved the state of older, developed societies. The only way that the rates will go is up and expected the costs to grow significantly over a year.

Others specialists interviewed agreed with how the costs are steady for a little while. But they expected the country to last for some time.

They believed that considerable development was done in the job. But, there are many elements which might need to be calibrated properly for PECHS prior to the project reaches its true potential — costs are nearly double in its own environment.

The most important of those factors is that the connection road to Kashmir Highway throughout Mumtaz City. There is not any concrete news on when the link is going to be established, so matters are unclear.

Another element is that the progress of market situation generally and also the visual appeal of investors. They believed that any investment in the housing scheme is going to need to be permanent but it is going to gradually bring superior yields.

PECHS Facilities and amenities

The housing project eases its occupants with world-class comforts, contemporary architecture, economical prices and protected environment to raise a family. Some of those features in PECHS Islamabad are recorded as follows:

  • Continuous Water supply
  • Electricity and Suigas supply
  • Mosques and Jamia mosque
  • Community centers
  • Sport Clubs and gym clubs
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Police station and security teams
  • Water Filtration plant
  • Playground and jogging Parks with tracks
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Industrial center
  • Recreational centers
  • Shopping malls and Food Street
  • Gas and fuel centers
  • Education hubs
  • Gated Community
  • Wide streets and roads

Salient features

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad is among the most prosperous housing projects in RDA business in twin city.

The investment opportunities are infinite from the society, and it is acceptable for long term investment in addition to mid term investment because of the exceptional location, feasibility, quality of growth, and high-profit gross profit.

Some important points of the society are following

Secure investment

The rapid activity from the job has been effective in catching the attention of investors and has grown into one of the most dependable avenues to put money into.

The RDA businesses are a secure investment because of authorized NOC without any legal complications.

Because of these variables, the area has gained a great deal of attention of both sellers and buyers which are genuinely interested in doing business in the undertaking.

Prime Location

Location is the most key-selling Purpose of the housing society like Capital Smart City, the society was granted acceptance of designated plance from FWO straight from Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. It just lies in the interchanges of Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and GT Road.

Additionally, it touches the Margalla Road Out of 1 side, which portion of this street that encircles New Islamabad International Airport.

The place is a vital characteristic that real buyers look into until they determine where to purchase or keep for home function; this society presents a wonderful prospect.

Investment opportunity

The investors quote about the Yields they will get and how long whereas those considering establishing home consider variables such as amenities, whether school, schools, hospitals & economies are at near by or in the event the home society will be in a brief travel distance away from their office.

Each one these variables are provided via this home society also which makes this project an perfect destination for both investors and property buyers.

Quality Development

Another Critical factor involved In society is its quick and luxury development function. The management of the home society is determined about providing an excellence-driven advancement at a restricted time.

The home society is outfitted with All essential facilities like electricity, water, and gasoline and all of the remaining modern amenities that add value to the auspicious house endeavor.

Economical Rates

With variables discussed previously need for land, the business increased tremendously and with this so have the costs. Since the past year, the costs in the area have risen because of that more real investors got interested in the undertaking.

The recently launched K block is that the busiest in the industry because of the reach of development, appealing place, and original price competitiveness.

Compatible Plot Sizes

The readily tradable 5-marla and 7-marla plot choices in the industry are the most popular and in demand. The two of these plot sizes are suitable sized plots for investment and also for building a Home for your family. For industrial 40×50 and 40×60 plot sizes would be the most hunted out.

What it offers?

PECHS Islamabad is the perfect society concerning investment as a result of the prime location only adjacent to the new Islamabad International Airport. The airport is the largest growth in Islamabad.

The government has proposed commercial corridors on Kashmir Highway leading to the bus, which suggests that commercial activities increase in that region.

Investors and businessmen conducting their companies in that region will surely need some fantastic spot for home close-by.

PECHS is anticipated to function as most of those residential needs. More residential conditions will follow along with the action starts in that region.

Thousands of people come to Islamabad every day who normally stays for a couple of days in guest homes. The society will probably be an perfect spot for them to remain for a few days in Islamabad because of being near the airport and not so far from there.

Hence, the expense in PECHS is secure and rewarding, and also the possibility is directly connected with all the improvements in the airport. Apart from this possibility, it’s a combined society and a secure investment when compared with other nearby private home strategies.

Summary of PECHS Islamabad

It is believed to be the very best location for long-term investment in Islamabad because of a range of variables such as location, development criteria, development status, history, future prospects and present property rates.

Being closest to the Airport makes it the most notable society in the region where possible for residential and industrial activities is predicted to be greater than other neighboring home schemes.

Greater than 90 percent of that Society was granted possession including A, B, C, D, E, F and H blocks while the other cubes haven’t given any ownership yet.

The society Provides all Kinds of amenities such as water, power, roads, roads etc.. Because of Fantastic degree of underground water system, individuals are able to use dull to draw out refreshing Water in their houses.

Being nearest to the airport makes it the most notable Society in the region where possible for residential and industrial pursuits Is anticipated to be greater than other neighboring home schemes.

According to the Approved street network, it is going to be the primary society people will pass along When coming out of the airport and also the previous society when visiting the airport.

Frequently Ask Questions PECHS Islamabad

Q1 – What is PECHS Islamabad?

PECHS is the full form of Pakistan employees cooperative housing society suggested, it is a housing society to live in with families for low or fixed budget employees in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Q2 – When PECHS Islamabad was launched?

PECHS Islamabad was launched in 1989. But it was not very successful back then. In 1990’s, PECHS Islamabad was reestablished and development work was start again in it

Q3 – What is the location of PECHS Islamabad?

This fascinating housing society is located on Fateh jhang road, it is the first housing society which comes when you come from new Islamabad international airport and last one when you go towards the airport.

Q4 – Who is the owner and developer of PECHS Islamabad?

PECHS Islamabad is now a project of Extol Construction Company, which is owned by Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan. But previously when it was under some senor government officers who were working in Islamabad, work pace in the society was very slow.

Q5 – Why PECHS Islamabad is called Pakistan employees cooperative housing society?

PECHS Islamabad is sited in the region of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city. Target audience of the society is employees and workers living in these cities with less income hence it is referred as Pakistan employees cooperative housing society.

Q6 – Is PECHS Islamabad comes under Rawalpindi Development Authority or Islamabad authorities?

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad is listed under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is also registered under the Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration.

Q7 – When will the development work start and how long will it take for the society to get fully developed?

The development work in the society has started. The construction work on the main gate is completed and Main Boulevard almost completed. The earthwork has also commenced in the society and the leveling of land has done. Some of the houses are already build and families are living in the society.

Q8 – What are the plot sizes PECHS Islamabad?

In PECHS Islamabad in different sectors of the society wide range of plot sizes are available. Minimum plot size is 5 marla and maximum can be 2 kanal.

Q9 – Will the PECHS Islamabad provides gas, water and electricity?

PECHS Islamabad has already provided its residents with all the basic and advance facilities including availability of water, electricity, power and suigas 24/7.

Q10 – Is the PECHS Islamabad offering any installment plan?

Yes, there is a 2 year easy installment payment plan offered by the society for the feasibility of the investors but only in new block which is M block. All other blocks are already sold out and are available on reselling.

Q11 – When will be the possession of plots given in the society?

The possession of plots is already given to their owners. Initially the possession will be granted to the plots in oldest blocks of the society only but now possession is available on every block and land

Q12 – Are there commercial plots available in the society?

Yes there are various sizes of commercial plots available in the society. Most common is 5 marla and 8 marla.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi is full of expensive and high profile housing societies like Taj Residencia, Bahria town Peshawar, University town, Faisal hills, Park View city, and Capital smart city Islamabad. But these societies are not affordable to everyone.

Not one of those housing societies appeal to the demands of people that have a limited budget or have a very low income.

To be able to fix these problems, ICHS housing society is under developed with affordable means for every class of the society.

If you need further details, queries or sell/purchase of residential and commercial plots, please feel free to call us or visit our office.

Skymarketing Islamabad is a secure platform for your property assets and we deal in all kind of land property in Islamabad.

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