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Park View City Amenities

Historical context

Park View is a home project of the renowned Abdul Aleem khan in Islamabad City. It is a CDA-approved beautiful Vision Project that is situated in Zone IV of Islamabad. The housing corporation has an extension of 400 meters from the main boulevard, which provides a direct link from the highway to the business.

The particular housing project is located on the main boulevard 400 metres long, which allow direct access from the highway to our community. This home business is popular with investors because of its stunning scenery and high-end facilities.

The following initiative is for families who choose to live in a family friendly and healthy community, so that they can find themselves very well in the correct location. Mr. Abdul Aleem is also behind two Lahore housing projects:

  1. The ‘Park Housing View Scheme’ that is sold to the DHA and now forming parts of phase VIII of DHA Lahore.
  2. The ‘Villas in Park View’, where the ownership in a few blocks is accessible and construction of the remaining blocks is not finished yet.

Launch of Park View City

In 2017, there was a soft launch of Park View City Islamabad. The business was presented to real estate agents during the soft launch and a payment plan was also created. It also signaled the beginning of involvement in the project.

The project is situated on the Malot Road in the Federal Capital’s Zone IV and phase I comprises 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal residential plots, and 5 Marla industrial plots.

What is Park View City?

One of the Vision Community ventures on Bani Gala’s evergreen outskirts is the Park View City Housing Scheme. The Vision Group is owned by Mr. Aleem Khan, who is the active member of Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) as well.

The Park View City of Islamabad is spread in the lovely hilly region with a botanical garden and a direct view. A place where watching the sunset is peaceful, and also where the first rays of the sun can be seen. The primary entrance is on the side of Rawal Chowk.

Furthermore, you can get immediate access to Gate 2 from Bhara Kahu. Park View City provides access to urban and environmental lifestyles for everyone.

Acquisition of NOC

Park View City Islamabad is the only housing scheme that has acquisition of No Objection Certificate (NOC) in Zone IV of Islamabad. Another reason to admire the elegance of the IV Islamabad is the spot where the project is situated, that is the hilly region.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) approves the proposal named Park View City. On 1 June 2018, it was granted it’s NOC. It stretches over more than 3,000 Kanals, along with expansion in diverse areas were strongly observed, such as A, B, C, D, E, F, H and J.

Further details about the purchase of NOC is available on the main website of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Characteristics of Vision Group

Park View City is developed under the development process of Vision Group. Due to Vision Group’s architectural and technical structure, Park View City will prove to be the most rigorous housing companies in Islamabad.

The Vision Group was set up in 2012, and since its inception, several more real estate projects have been inaugurated. One can also say that that in Pakistan the Vision Group has taken a booming leap in the real estate industry.

Park View City is one of the many competitive industries with quality in the local areas. The primary objective of the following project is to establish a comfortable living style across different frames and urban rural landscape plans in various ethnic regions. So, it has also become one of the most steadfast and reliable industries in Pakistan.

Location of Park View City

Park View City is located in the lush green scenery of Bani Gala, near the town of Bahria. Park View City is a fundamental exquisite architype of quiet with the most natural sceneries. It is 15-minute drive from the head town of Islamabad and the Serena Hotel. Also, the main entrance can be accomplished from Rawal chowk into the main society of Park View City.

Furthermore, the city of Bhara-Kahu is also easily accessible through Gate 2. The location of Park View City housing society is very close to all major cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. But then again, it is free of noise and pollution, and therefore making a great choice for your permanent residence.

Park view city Location Map

Overall Area of Park View City

The region expands over 1200 Kanals, along with various residential and commercial buildings. The housing framework of Park View City fulfils all the societal expectations of the people of Pakistan.

The site of Park View City is conveniently located in Bahria enclave. In the lush green realm of Bani Gala with the most entertaining sceneries, the specific society embodies beauty and tranquility. Moreover, it’s just 15-minutes’ drive from the major city of Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad is situated in the heart of the Botanical Garden together with peaceful views. The main entrance comes from Rawal Chowk, and also Bhara Kahu’s Gate Two will give you an instant entrance into the main society.

The project is located on Malot road, that can be easily accessed from Kurri road. The CDA accepted the 200 meters’ deep mega project to make it more spacious and enticing for the people of Islamabad. Hence, everybody must assume that the culture of Park View City is based on the ingredient of luxury and serenity.

Why amenities are important?

In residential real estate, services and amenities upgrade the project’s desirability and therefore lead towards the satisfaction and pleasure level of the inhabitants. There is indeed a strong relationship between the standard of social infrastructure and the well-being of new users in every project. Thus, choice of services is an important factor for developing the services in any societal area.

Amenities of Park View City

A great housing business with unbelievable facilities and a perfect view is Park View Area. Each and every block of community is designed to give its people a certain insight and convenience.

The facilities of each project are the key reasons people are attracted and enjoyed, so here are a few amenities and features which people might appreciate;

1: Shopping center

The aim of shopping centers for families is to allow families to leave the house for a while and to do something enjoyable with the value of a mall. The best shopping experience can be provided by shopping centers that provide social events, fun, concerts, launches of goods, promotions and festivals.

The commercial areas in Park View City have a special calming shopping atmosphere and are the main version of the advertised real estate industry.

Park view city Shopping Center

2: Community center

A prosperous leisure area will balance young people’s recreational interests. For instance, the community centers provide a healthy and well-equipped venue for sporting activities such as dance, martial arts, yoga, basketball and other sports, and offer equal fitness practice and coordination.

The sports club and community center provides indoor exercise clubs and recreate activities in Park View City, such as bowling, swimming pools, snooker, rugby, tennis and golf.

Park view city Amenities Community Center

3: Healthcare and Hospitals

By providing reliably critical and accurate services, hospitals promote and boost the performance of many other facets of the health system. In order to quickly respond to public health needs, hospitals integrate resources in well-planned referral networks.

To tackle health related issues along with existing infrastructure and cutting-edge technology in community, a massive advanced hospital will be needed to be developed.

Park view city Hospitals

4: Educational services

A school is an area where classes, including pre-schooling, nursery, basic schools, high schools and universities are offered to people of diverse backgrounds. They offer a broad variety of learning and teaching opportunities.

The best curriculum in the sector will be accessible in the neighborhood of residential buildings at a minimal distance.

Park view city Education

5: Praying zones

A mosque is basically a holy place for Muslims that is a humble way to recreate a true presence of faith in the world of Muslims. The primary aim of the mosque is to offer worship in praying zone as a place for Muslims.

The majestic mosques are part of this particular wonderful housing initiative to take into account regarding religious thoughts and desires.

Park view city Mosque

6: Gated and Secure society

Gated security systems are more aimed to preserve the safety and security within a residential area. Since automatic safety doors are important for the communities in cities, gated communities are one of the key factors for restraining the dirty and irregular perspective and people.

There are several people who need liberty in an insecure setting, while living in the contemporary era of the world.

Such societies are typically having less noise, less dependability and less traffic. Thus, the protection via gated doors at the entrance of the society will provide some leverage to various people to live their lives freely and safely.

Park view city Security

7: Basic Facilities

Basic facilities need economic and social development, while further includes utilities such as water, gas and electricity. Quality programs are required for successful eradication of poverty. Similarly, municipal services offer essential human-supporting goods and services. They provide water and sanitation, power, transport, coal, etc.

  • Electricity, water and gas are normal supplies in the Park View City and must be provided 24 hours a day in community.
  • Underground water system in Park View City is important to residual society and natural capital ultimately maintains the level of the system.
  • The water supplies are only 50 meters from the ground and the Gumrah River still has sufficient social water access across its territory.
  • A water collection tanker built under the field to store the rainwater of the city consists of the project for every house in our community.

Park View City Construction

8: Continuous flow of electricity

The construction of the water dam will also require a plant to convert the company into a freeloading area to ensure plentiful supply in the overall city.

9: Underground electric cables

All electric power outages are built underground inside the society of the Park View City. Underground cables are much thicker and make the supply more appealing to the eye.

PArk view city Electricity

10: Surveillance community

The structure of Park View City takes the health of its workers extremely seriously and guarantees that the whole company has a camera tracking system. Application of CCTV cameras will be encouraged t track every activity within the society.

11: Modern framework of Housing Plans

The structure of Park View City is one of the development indicators, and also wishes at taking advantage of Park View City Islamabad’s lavish, stunning scenery and its glamorous plan.

PArk view city Housing Plans

12: Downtown in Park View City

The downtown zone of Park View City of Islamabad would consist of IMAX movie theatres and other hubs that will draw the interest of the surrounding community. The Park View Community project will improve the elegance of the overall beautiful project.

PArk view city Park

13: Remarkable Growth

Park View City is a representative feature of modern culture with wonderful art and magnificent growth.

14: Marvelous Appartments

With the incredible structure and view of Park View City, not only the inhabitants are going to enjoy the beauty of Park View City Housing Scheme, but also the neighbors. Such luxury apartments are fully designed on the features including the fitness center, the panorama swimming rooms, the kitchen, the grocery shop and several more.

PArk view city Appartments

15: View of Botanical Garden

A botanical garden is located in the middle of the Park View housing scheme. The botanical garden not only enhances the natural characteristics of the project, but it also strengthens the soil productivity of the project.

A vast variety of greenhouses can be used for vegetables, garden herbs and tropical plants in the universe. Unusual tropical vegetation and plants in nurseries and greenhouses may be cultivated and grown in the community.

There is also an organic farming demand, particularly for organic fruits and vegetables is being established in society to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

PArk view city Garden

Concluding remarks

The Park View City near Bani Gala that is close to Pakistan lies at the heart of Islamabad. In addition, all major attractions in Islamabad are conveniently accessible.

With his previously provided services, Aleem Khan developers are also pertinent in Lahore. As a result, Islamabad is going to face a huge buzz in the real estate market.

Park View City appears to be a profitable business for developers and others who want to live in it in all respects. The developers and agents registered with the company finds the reaction of the Pakistani from outside the country overwhelming.

Furthermore, it has a wonderful idea and awesome engineers that have been working on this project; all legal formalities have now been clearing up before it becomes well aware in the public.

Thus, Park View City remains a profitable project for developers and other individuals who are interested in to live a luxurious life within their economical budget.

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