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Ministries, divisions asked to remove bottlenecks obstructing CPEC progress

Islamabad: According to a recent news report, slow progress on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects has concerned several ministries and divisions that have been directed to immediately submit before the Cabinet Committee on CPEC proposals regarding a resolution of problems confronted in their respective projects.

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According to sources, around 17 different CPEC projects that are worth $13 billion related to infrastructure, energy and socio-economic development of Gwadar had been completed so far; work on 21 projects worth $12 billion was under process; while 26 projects that are worth $28 billion were in the pipeline.

Although preparations to start 26 new projects were in final stages, some important projects, including the Gwadar Free Zone, continue to face unnecessary delays, sources claimed.

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The government has so far issued roughly 42 licenses to different financial backers for beginning business exercises in Gwadar Port Free Zone. In any case, some couldn’t occur because of different reasons, including non-accessibility of force, departure of land for Free Zone Phase-II from Pakistan Coastal Guards and Pakistan Navy, exclusion of Gwadar port from common assessments according to concession understanding, delay in the development of barrier and capital digging of berthing region, redirection of Afghanistan travel exchange, import of LNG and different items.

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