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Living in an Apartment;Minimal lifestyle Advantages & Disadvantages

Apartment living is an attractive option for those who either want to live alone or can’t afford to or simply don’t want to live in a full-scale house.

Apartments can have a variety of benefits and drawbacks but in the midst of an economy that is hard on those looking to buy a new home; they’re a more realistic option, especially for those with a limited incomes.

Apartments are increasingly popular with younger generation who are ready to start their adult life or buyers who want to enter the real estate market.

When it comes to moving, renting an apartment is one of the first options that come to mind. You may be leaving (finally) your parents’ house, you are looking to live in a slightly more urban place, or you just want a change in your life – for all these situations, an apartment is one of the options more convenient and accessible.

Apartment lifestyle

Advantages of living in an Apartment

  • Community

Living in the same building, close by helps build a great community and a friendly environment among the residents which makes it very pleasant and enjoyable experience.

  • Lower cost maintenance

With nearly all apartments, the maintenance of your property is less expensive, since damages in common areas and adjoining areas are covered with the maintenance fee you pay.

The officials of the building or the body corporate takes care of the maintenance making it very convenient for the residents to live carefree without worrying about a leaky pipe that splits.

  • Amenities

Living in an apartment complex usually gives the residents access to a large array of amenities that they might not get after buying a home. This includes facilities like a common room, swimming pool, communal barbecues, a gym, covered parking, and security system.

  • Perfect for living alone

For those who want to live alone want a smaller space and enjoy simplicity apartment is an ideal place for those who want less space and affordable living.

  • Easy to clean

Generally, apartments consist of a single floor. For this reason, cleaning an apartment is much more comfortable than cleaning a house where there are two or three levels. Let’s be honest, would you rather clean 80 or 200 square meters?

  • Independence

Living in an apartment is one of the easiest ways to gain independence. Its affordable costs and easy access to public transportation make your life much more independent. You also won’t have to depend on your mom’s car anymore – you’re free!

  • Sustainability

The density of cities also allows them to be more sustainable. An apartment requires less energy to stay warm and will incentivize you to take public transport or bicycle – two forms of transport much greener than private vehicles.

  • Bills and fees

Apartment living usually costs less in terms of billing including heating, cooling, water, electricity and other utilities. This helps with budgeting and keeping your finances to a minimum.

  • Great way to enter property business

Investing in apartments is a great way to enter onto the property ladder especially in a market place like Islamabad where the prices of houses are sky rocketing and apartments are getting much popular.

  • Security

Usually, most departments – large, small or new projects – have a security service. In case of not having surveillance, there is only a common access for the entry and exit of people. A neighbor is more likely to be alert to the presence of unknown visitors and unusual events in the building.

Advantages of living in an apartment

  • Inexpensive

Apartment living is one of the most affordable ways to live in sought-after areas of your city. It is usually easier to acquire an apartment, since the costs are more accessible. Of course it will depend on the area where it is located.

Given the prices, you will have a wide variety of options when choosing your apartment. In cities like Islamabad and Lahore, there is a wide range of apartments, so the costs will be to your liking.

  • Property over common areas:

By living in a departmental building by right you acquire joint ownership of the common areas. Some offer green spaces, games areas, business centers and other amenities that you can enjoy without problem.

  • A privileged view

Although it does not apply in all the departments of a building, but you have the option of choosing the highest floors so that you feel like the city prostrates at your feet every morning when you get up, this is something you will not achieve with a house, unless you are in the mountains, although there are cases that combine the two things, mountain and building which will give you captivating view.

Apartment minimal lifestyle

  • Convenience

One of the most obvious benefits of apartment living is its convenience. Most apartments are located in sought-after areas of the city, so you will probably have easy access to public transport, parks and a varied gastronomic and cultural offer. These benefits are not so common in peripheral or suburban areas, so take advantage of them!

Disadvantages of living in an Apartment

  • Smaller living space

Apartments are generally smaller than the average house. People who are claustrophobic or used to living near large green areas may feel trapped living in a small space. Therefore, before renting an apartment, it is important to consider whether you feel comfortable living in a more affordable space, although smaller.

While this can also work to your advantage as you will get less space to clean but that is only a small consolation for living in a small space.

  • Privacy and noise

Due to increased population in apartment buildings there is less privacy than that of living in a house. You might overhear noise from the apartment next to you.

Before shifting into an apartment keep in mind that there is a possibility that you might suffer from excessive noise from other tenants.

Disadvantages of lliving in Apartment

  • Loneliness

Apartment life is very different from that of a house. Houses are usually areas of constant movement since more people live in them.

The apartments are smaller spaces and with less movement, which may cause some people loneliness.

Also, an apartment in the city does not have the tranquility that a house in the suburbs offers – which is why some will feel lonely among so many people.

  • Pollution

Many apartments, being located in the city, are located in areas with a higher level of environmental pollution. Quito and Guayaquil are key examples of this: their urban centers are full of vehicular traffic and do not have many green spaces.

If you are concerned about pollution, you should consider the feasibility of moving to an apartment in the city.

  • Personalization

Most apartments are owned by a landlord or body corporate, so there is a limitation to which you can decorate and personalize your apartment. Some common restrictions include being able to repaint, replace or change fittings, and the installation of appliances.

  • Parking

Parking spaces can be at a premium in an apartment block, particularly if you do not have an allocated parking.

While apartment living is perfectly comfortable, there are some notable disadvantages one might want to take into consideration before deciding to move in an apartment building.

  • Less sense of belonging by tenants

It would be good that before buying an apartment you know what you want it for, because there are usually people who only buy the apartment as an investment and plan to rent it.

If you realize that 90% of your neighbors are renting, you shouldn’t buy to live there, but rather rent to stay temporarily.

In addition to conflicts, you will realize that the respect and care that tenants give to the building and common areas will not be the same treatment that an apartment owner can give them, this because there is no sense of belonging

  • Regulated use of common areas

Everything that is shared is regulated and regulated, since it belongs to everyone. Nothing serious but, you knows that you must request in advance the use of the common roof garden.

  • Dealing With Neighbors:

Neighbors can be a headache if you don’t have space-sharing habits. For example, if you always lived in a house. Remember that you share walls, floor and ceiling with other residents. Think about them before turning the music on full blast at 10pm.

  • Limited independence

If you don’t like the design, color or exterior shape of the building, you only have two options: Either you get used to it, or you get used to it.

Unless you use suggestive psychology or collective hypnosis with all your neighbors, get the idea that you can never change the exterior as if it were your home, you will have to settle for the interior only.

It could be the case that the facade of the building seems to be crumbling and if the neighbors do not agree to repair it, there will be no power over the land to have it fixed.

Apartment structure

  • No Pets

Some buildings do not allow you to have pets such as cats or dogs. You should review this question, if you have any of these pets as a member of your family.

  • Complicated coexistence

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of apartment. Who has not happened to hear strange noises when you go to a hotel? The same thing happens in the departments.

As we all have the same space, we must understand that we are not alone, and from time to time we will have to deal with the neighbor who has a party at his house, or the lady who always spends her time on the phone and even your living room can hear the gossip.

There are many departmental tower apartments that did think about it and make proper designs to avoid or lessen noise.

However, it is still a disadvantage, which in a single house will hardly happen. Events like this and many others can happen, and we have to be aware of this when deciding on a community lifestyle.


We help you? We hope so. Now the decision is in your hands. When you acquire the mortgage, remember that you should only allocate 30% of your salary to the monthly payments, to have a comfortable life.

When you decide on the house or the apartment visit our other related blog, there you will find décor other real estate tips.

However, before making the final decision, it is important that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of renting an apartment. These types of moves can be very easy – but also difficult for those who do not know what they are getting into.

For example, while some people are comfortable living in confined spaces in urban areas, others are incompatible with this lifestyle. Do you already know if an apartment is the best for you?

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