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List of LDA-approved housing projects in district of Lahore

Lahore: Recently, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been working against illegal housing societies and is carrying out many crackdowns to seal illegal residential structures. In addition, to appease the inhabitants and protect the investment of the people involved, an amnesty program was also implemented by the authority to regularize these projects following payment of the fine.

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The Lahore High Court suspended the scheme later in January to discourage dishonest elements from taking advantage of it. To help interested buyers make secure and risk-free investments in Lahore city, LDA has notified a list of 256 LDA-approved housing projects (as per the official website of the authority) to bear in mind all these recent developments:

  1. Abdalian Society Phase I (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 972.55-Kanal)
  2. Abid City (Mouza: Khamba & Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 1,532.3-kanal)
  3. Abid City (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 134.3-kanal)
  4. Abid Town (Mouza: Jogeenpura, Land Area: 200.15-kanal)
  5. Abouzar Housing Scheme (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 134.35-kanal)
  6. Abpara Housing (Mouza: Ameer Pur & Bhuptian, Land Area: 635.15-kanal)
  7. Accounts Group (Mouza: Bagrian (Dharamchand), Land Area: 313.8-kanal)
  8. Agrics Town (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 203.58-kanal)
  9. Agrics Town Phase II (Mouza: Khamba, Land Area: 219.85-kanal)
  10. Agrics Town Phase III (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 104-kanal)
  11. Ahbab Cooperative Housing Society (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 168.7-kanal)
  12. Ahmed Housing Scheme (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 442-kanal)
  13. Ahsan Park (Mouza: Julkey, Land Area: 162.95-kanal)
  14. Air Lines Housing Scheme (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 884.2-kanal)
  15. Aitchison Col.Staff Coop.Phase-I (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 331.55-kanal)
  16. Akhtar Estate-1 (Mouza: Attari Saroba, Land Area: 102-Kanal)
  17. Al-Asar Housing Scheme (Mouza: Manak, Land Area: 415.6-Kanal)
  18. Al-Hamd Forts (Mouza: Jiabaga, Land Area: 375.8-Kanal)
  19. Al-Hamd Gardens Land Subdivision (Mouza: Ameer Pur, Near Valencia Town, Land Area: 83.47-Kanal)
  20. Al-Hamra Town (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 917.27-Kanal)
  21. Al-Noor Orchards (Mouza: Moranwala, Land Area: 307.95-Kanal)
  22. Al-Rehmat Housing Scheme (Mouza: Kaut-Lakhpat, Land Area: 661.34-Kanal)
  23. Ali Town (Mouza: Raiwind Road, Land Area: 399.2-Kanal)
  24. Alia Town (Mouza: Baghbanpura, Land Area: 256.8-Kanal)
  25. Al-Janat Housing Scheme (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 486.15-Kanal)
  26. Al-Kabir Town (Mouza: N/A, Land Area: N/A)
  27. Alpha Coop.Housing Society (Mouza: Niazbeg, Land Area: 148-Kanal)
  28. Angoori Bagh Scheme (Mouza: Baghban Ra, Land Area: 111-Kanal)
  29. Arch. Engineering H. Scheme-Ii (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 480.95-Kanal)
  30. Arch. Engineering H. Scheme-I (Mouza: Rakh Khamba, Land Area: 558.25-Kanal)
  31. Ark Villas (Mouza: N/A, Land Area: 49.77-Kanal)
  32. Army Welfare Housing Phase-I (Mouza: Rakhpura, Land Area: 650-Kanal)
  33. Army Welfare Trust Housing Phase-Ii (Mouza: Asal Lakhowal, Land Area: 5603.2-Kanal)
  34. Avecinia City (Mouza: Tarrogil, Land Area: 915.9-Kanal)
  35. Awaisia Housing (Mouza: Satto Katla, Land Area: 265.72-Kanal)
  36. Ayubia Town (Mouza: Jogeen Pura, Land Area: 250.65-Kanal)
  37. Azam Garden Scheme (Mouza: Niaz Beg, Land Area: 734.87-Kanal)
  38. Azizia Town (Mouza: Khamba, Land Area: 226.25-Kanal)
  39. Bagh E Iram (Mouza: Sadhoki, Halloki, Land Area: 1402-Kanal)
  40. Bahria Town Sector A (Mouza: Mouza Maraka & Mauzajaliana, Land Area: 684.6-Kanal)
  41. Bahria Town (Safari Town) (Mouza: Mouza Paji, Tehsil City And District Lahore, Land Area: 446.1-Kanal)
  42. Bankers Avenue Cooperative Housing Society (Mouza: Mouza Dera, Land Area: 1,272-Kanal)
  43. Beacon House (Mouza: Aasal Lakhowal, Land Area: 578.67-Kanal)
  44. Campus Colony (Mouza: Sultanabad & Jogeenpura, Land Area: 213.1-Kanal)
  45. Campus View Town (Mouza: Jogeen Pura, Land Area: 1,263-Kanal)
  46. Canal Burg (Mouza: Naiz Baig, Land Area: 162.2-Kanal)
  47. Canal View Cooperative Housing Society (Mouza: Naiz Baig, Land Area: 1,865-Kanal)
  48. Central Park (Mouza: Julkey Badhukey, Land Area: 948-Kanal)
  49. Chahal Homes (Mouza: Chandrai, Land Area: 16-Kanal)
  50. China Town (Mouza: Halloki, Land Area: 152.95-Kanal)
  51. Chinar Bagh Housing Society (Mouza: Tarrogil/Janjate, Land Area: 3,296.8-Kanal)
  52. Chinar Courts Farm Housing Society (Mouza: Tarrogil/Janjate, Land Area: 595.45-Kanal)
  53. Chodary Khushi Mohammad (Mouza: N/A, Land Area: 0-Kanal)
  54. City Park H/S (Mouza: Manga, Land Area: 261.8-Kanal)
  55. City Star Residency (Mouza: Mouza Chunk, Land Area: 23.34-Kanal)
  56. Class Iv Employees Cooperative Society (Mouza: Ajudiapur, Land Area: 62.1-Kanal)
  57. Dilkhusha Colony (Mouza: Kot Lakhpat, Land Area: 78.95-Kanal)
  58. Dream Gardens (Monnoo Housing Estate) (Mouza: Fateh Singh Wala, Land Area: 612.73-Kanal)
  59. Dream Gardens Phase Ii (Mouza: Fateh Singh Wala, Land Area: 1,1577.83-Kanal)
  60. Dubai Town (Mouza: Dawood Residency, Raiwind Road; Land Area: 141.43-Kanal)
  61. E.B. Land Housing Scheme (Mouza: Shahpur Khanpur; Land Area: 613-Kanal)
  62. Eden Abad (Mouza: Raiwand Road Lahore; Land Area: 460.92-Kanal)
  63. Eden Abad Ext (Mouza: Halloki, Land Area: 453.45-Kanal)
  64. Eden Abad Ext-I(A+B) (Mouza: Janjatay, Land Area: 505.35-Kanal)
  65. Eden Boulevard (Mouza: Bagrian, Dharamchand; Land Area: 535.6-Kanal)
  66. Eden Canal Villas H/Scheme (Mouza: Amarkot; Land Area: 315.84-Kanal)
  67. Eden Lane Villas (Mouza: Halloki, Land Area: 334.25-Kanal)
  68. Eden Park (Mouza: Turka Alam Shah, Fateh Singh Wala Chak No 621,Kot Jawan Mal; Land Area: 840.3-Kanal)
  69. Eden Place Housing Scheme (Mouza: Kaccha, Land Area: 169.65-Kanal)
  70. Education City (Mouza: Rakha Ladhay Key, Land Area: 302.6-Kanal)
  71. Eme Coopperative Housing (Mouza: Rakha Ladhay Key, Land Area: 302.6-Kanal)
  72. Engg. University E:C:H:S (Mouza: Satto Katla, Land Area: 1,547.3-Kanal)
  73. Engineers Arch. H. Scheme-Iii (Mouza: Satto Katla, Land Area: 389-Kanal)
  74. EverGreen Housing Scheme (Mouza: Paji And Rakh Juddo Dheer, Land Area: 312-Kanal)
  75. Excise-Taxation (Mouza: Khamba, Land Area: 224.2-Kanal)
  76. Farooq Avenue (Mouza: Dhana Singwala, Land Area: 56.5-Kanal)
  77. Fazaia Housing Scheme (Mouza: Jeewan Mal, Bhaligil; Land Area: 4,319-Kanal)
  78. Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase-Ii (Mouza: Bhai Kot & Mauza Mal; Land Area: 1,444.11-Kanal)
  79. Fazal Elahi Colony (Mouza: Sattokatla; Land Area: 157.5-Kanal)
  80. Formanites H/S Ph-I (Mouza: Kamahan, Leel; Land Area: 1,191.3-Kanal)
  81. Gardiono Courts Farm H/S (Mouza: Sora; Land Area: 2,220.61-Kanal)
  82. General Sher Ali Khan H.Sch. (Mouza: Dhana Singwala; Land Area: 48.1-Kanal)
  83. Ghause Farm (Mouza: Rakh Jodhoo Dheer; Land Area: 675-Kanal)
  84. Ghee Corporation Of Pakistan (Mouza: Ghulam Ghouswala; Land Area: 174-Kanal)
  85. Ghousia Town (Mouza: Ajudiapur; Land Area: 267.65-Kanal)
  86. Gm Riaz (Mouza: Niaz Baig; Land Area: 29-Kanal)
  87. Gosha E Ahbab P2 (Mouza: Niaz Baig; Land Area: 160-Kanal)
  88. Gosha E Ahbab P3 (Mouza: Niaz Baig; Land Area: 306.05-Kanal)
  89. Gosha-E-Ahbab Coop. H.Society (Mouza: Niaz Baig; Land Area: 160-Kanal)
  90. Government Superior Services (Mouza: Miraka Multan; Land Area: 714.15-Kanal)
  91. Govt Officers Co Operative (C & D Sector) (Mouza: Pajia & Manak; Land Area: 1,582.82-Kanal)
  92. Govt Servant Housing Old (Mouza: Janjatay; Land Area: 318.7-Kanal)
  93. Green Acres Farm H:S (Mouza: Bhoptian Amirpur; Land Area: 591.6-Kanal)
  94. Green Fort 4 (Mouza: Chung Runjgrian; Land Area: 2,452.35-Kanal)
  95. Green Fort 1 (Mouza: Rakh Khamba; Land Area: 178.27-Kanal)
  96. Green Valley (Mouza: Chak No.37/UCC; Land Area: 181-Kanal)
  97. Green Fort 2 (Rev) (Mouza: N/A; Land Area: 2,487-Kanal)
  98. Guldasht Town (Mouza: Dugaje/Harike Road; Land Area: 686-Kanal)
  99. Gulfishan Town (Mouza: Sheikhupura Road; Land Area: 1,001.85-Kanal)
  100. Gulshan E Ahbab Housing Scheme P2 (Shadab Colony) (Mouza: Chandrai, Near Shadab Colony, Off Ferozpur Road; Land Area: 73.9-Kanal)

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