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Latest news of DHA Merger with Capital Smart City

Many rumors have been circulating in the real estate market about the upcoming partnership of DHA (Defense Housing Authority) with Capital Smart City. If this news turns out to be true, there is going to be a huge advantage for the investors of this housing project.

It has been rumored that DHA has bought 35% of the land from the developers of Capital smart city and the land will be allotted to defense personnel as per their DHA’s policies. As reported by the sources the new anticipated name of the society will be “DHA Smart City”.

The story behind the partnership between the two managements was due to the damaging campaign designed to defame and discourage the potential investors to invest in the smart city.

The management of smart city took a step to dissolve the situation and partnered with DHA to secure them in the extensive period, which will strengthen the project and also gives a sense of security to the investors.

The booking prices of the capital smart city have been revised with effect from 24th June 2019.With the merger of Capital Smart City with DHA the price rise is certain and it will also increase the activity in the smart city after the official announcement is made.

DHA is a highly reputable project which delivers marvelous development and has successful projects all over Pakistan. The merger will surely facilitate smart city Islamabad and there will be an increase in economic activity in the near future.Capital Smart City

So far there has been no official announcement of the scenario but the sudden increase in prices of the project has left everyone wondering.

Although the booking of plots in Capital Smart City have been put on hold but there are a few authorized marketing companies that are offering bookings on old rates to the investors who want to grab this golden opportunity and invest in the project before the new prices are put into effect.

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