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Ichs town Islamabad

Islamabad Corporate Housing Society (ICHS)’s new project, ICHS Town, is a high- quality addition to different housing schemes options in the city.

In the circle of high class societies like DHA Islamabad and Bahria town Karachi, it is the first society which is affordable and aimed to target middle class.

ICHS Town lies in Islamabad. Islamabad always comes in the list of most beautiful federal capitals of the world. The lush green mountains, the quietness, and the eye-catching beauty of the federal capital Islamabad cannot be ignored. The beauty of the city is that it features diversity.

It has housing of all kinds which are available to slums and to the most allied class. ICHS Town is situated within the locality of the New Islamabad International Airport, offers every basic amenity and soothing living experience with the peaceful surroundings of Islamabad.

It is located on 1500 kanal land and explicitly develops to provide services to middle-class families who prefer a high-quality lifestyle.

The housing society promises the typical facilities, comprising of health centers, schools, entertainment centers and community centers, parks with jogging track and 24/7 security surveillance, Shopping center, sports complex, mini golf clubs and mosques.

Builds have also reserved some land approximately 9-15 kanals for parks only. Stakeholders should also not have concern about water supply, electricity, and suigas supply.

Location of ICHS

ICHS Town is a housing project of Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme. ICHS lies in the proximity to the new international airport, and also located near to State Life Society and Sawan Garden. This locality prospects great future.

Society is at an advantage with its location as it is situated close to CPEC route only at a distance of 3 km and only 4 km from New Islamabad International Airport.

The society will have direct access through the Kashmir Highway Extension which in turn will give it an easy approach to the Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

ICHS Town is situated near Fateh Jang Road at approximately 24 kilometres out of Zero Point and it’s supposed to be developed within a place of 9000 kanals of land. This society could satisfy 35 to 40 million individuals.

Location Map Of ICHS Town:

Location Map Of ICHS Town

As you can perceive from the map, you can easily reach this spectacular housing society via Ternot and Qatbal Village located on the main Fateh Jang, Attock Road.

Neighborhood of ICHS

Following are the different cities located near the ICHS society.

Cities Distance
Islamabad 42km
Rawalpindi 37km
Fateh Jang 20km
Motorway 15km
Murree 77km
Gandhara 42km
Abbottabad 112km

Different societies located near ICHS are Capital Smart City, University Town and blue world city.

Official launch of ICHS

ICHS was started In 2004, however, the society goes far back with the launching of its first home project in E-11/3 called Islamabad Gardens at 1989 and E-11/1 at 2001. Approval of design plans for the society is a specified principles and regulations of the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Noc and Permission

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration cooperative societies department has registered this project and its registration number is 313. ICHS is fully authorized with different department. Following NOCs have been obtained by ICHS from concerned departments:

  • Registration No. 313, Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad.
  • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jang.
  • NOC No.6/53/Misc/D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.
  • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS(P/C) 2693 from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi.
  • NOC  No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab.

Development of the project

ICHS map distributes the society into 6 residential blocks including mainly residential plots of 1 kanal. Business and commercial plots are also present in the society. There are various forms of industrial plots also accessible from the industrial markaz of their society.

ICHS growth is allegedly about 70% complete and the main gate and streets are constructed. Booking started on October 1 and remains available for interested investors.

But, possession is scheduled to be given within a span of 2-3 years since a significant amount of installations still has to be manufactured and development work has to be finished.

For the previous few decades, the speed of growth in ICHS was fairly slow, however, the direction of this society has picked up the speed considerably after the launching of fresh International Islamabad Airport.

The enhanced economic activity in the area because of this CPEC Route falling near by the particular society has doors to a lot of prospects and are effective in bringing a great deal of investors and developers into investing in this home enterprise.

The greater costs in society will be the consequence of the current development in the area. Connections of gas, water, underground power, and phone lines are installed locally.

The job on shore streets is finished that connect all areas of the society together with state of the art 160 ft.wide main Boulevard. The building work on the main entry gate and the border wall enclosing the housing project can be finished.

The solar lights are set up on the Main Boulevard to produce the home society more unfriendly and suitable. Back-up generators can also be available to Take Care of any power outs

ICHS Town has recently revised its master plan and included more blocks with different sizes of residential plots. We are sharing a copy of the revised master plan below:

Development of ICHS Town

Amenities and facilities

ICHS Town offers the following basic amenities to its residents:

  • Beautiful main gate of the society at Phase 1 is ready.
  • All NOC’s from relevant departments have been obtained.
  • Jamia Masjid of the society has been inaugurated.
  • ICHS Town Phase 2 link road is currently under construction.
  • Gate no. 2 of society towards New Islamabad Airport is near completion.
  • Access to the society will be easier after completion of Metro Bus Route.
  • Carpeting of roads is complete, and base/sub-base of internal roads is complete.
  • Green Belt among roads
  • Sewerage system has been completed.
  • Overhead water tank of 100,000 gallons capacity has been completed.
  • Water storage tank of 200,000 gallons capacity has been constructed.
  • Water supply lines are currently being laid across the society.
  • Possession of plots at Phase 1 is being given to members.
  • Commercial plazas and houses are under construction.
  • IESCO has approved a dedicated grid station for the society.
  • Under Ground Electricity is available
  • Street Lights are installed
  • Grid Station civil work is currently in progress.
  • Application for gas supply is proved with SNGPL.
  • Society own Schools and College will be developed
  • Jamia Mosque in every block
  • Parks and Play Areas
  • Health and Shopping Centers

The society is fully engaged in development work on the project. You can visit the location and see the development work yourself before you make your decision.

Tight security

It’s a gated community with border walls and assesses articles. Aside from that, authorities trucks patrol the region to guarantee the security and safety of occupants in ICHS..

Recreational facilities

Living in ICHS signifies using abundant recreational amenities. There’s a theater, shopping mall, golf course and several household parks. People today love their favorite movies with their family and friends in cinepax cinema.

One of those important attractions of ICHS is the golf course and country club. It’s an 18-hole golf course that’s a great recreational place for golfing fans. Other than this, there’s a golf academy too, where professional teachers coach pro golf players and mentor them via innovative golfing methods.

For households, there are parks as well in such sectors. These parks are generally known as Ichs community parks. These green spaces have running paths together with specific soccer, tennis and basketball courts.

For your recreation and pleasure of kids, there are swings too. Among the important attractions of ICHS is your trampoline park.

Sports facilities in the neighborhoods

For residents of ICHS, there are loads of choices and facilities for sport fans. Aside from the golf course, there’s also a fitness center inside the center.

It’s professional coaches who guide you during your coaching sessions. People who have enrolled for the membership of this golf course may also get into the club, driving range, gym lockers and lounges.

Well-equipped hospitals and clinics nearby

Individuals that reside in ICHS will have access to well-equipped clinics and hospitals located nearby and at the society.


Price of New Plots

New Plots are found in Quaid Block. The established plots comprise 5-marla, 7-marla, 10-marla, and 1-kanal residential plots, together with 4-marla industrial plots.

The Amount payable is split into two components, with nearly half the sum payable because the deposit, and may be regarded as the purchase price of the property, whereas the approximate remaining half will be payable in installments during the next two and a half a year, also may be counted as development rates.

There are different classes from the 4-marla Industrial plots which were launched. These plots are available on cash payment only.

One is your Front Commercial that’s situated on the primary street and is priced approximately PKR 2.8 million. The next group is Corner Plots that can be priced approximately PKR 2.5 million, whereas the other plots are priced between PKR 1.8 million and PKR 2.2 million.

Costs for Old Plots

The Costs for older plots endure as follows:

In Stage 1, the 5-marla plots are priced between PKR 800,000 and PKR 1.1 million, while 1-Kanal plots are priced approximately PKR 2.2 million into PKR 3.5 million.

In The Extension, the 5-marla plots are priced involving PKR 300,000 and PKR 400,000; and, 1-Kanal plots are all offered for approximately PKR 1.2-1.3 million.

The housing society is unique and offers discounted rates to Government and Semi-Government employees, Overseas Pakistanis, Retired Pakistani Officers, Disables, Widows, and Orphans.


Buyers Interest

Investors and potential residents in the market of Real estate Islamabad are showing healthy curiosity about the ICHS society and property activity is presently steady.

Once connect streets and the main boulevards are assembled, which provide the society easy accessibility to other areas of the town, rates of those plots are most likely to double.

Presently, smaller plots like the 5-marla ones are far somewhat more popular among investors as they’re more affordable and nicely within the budget of several.

Some may assert that this society doesn’t have a competitive.

Advantage along with other emerging societies like Bahria town Karachi, Bahria town Peshawar, Dha Peshawar, but we have seen again and again how embracing the very simple and economical approach frequently becomes a more viable alternative.

Economy Trends

The marketplace of ICHS has been kept occupied by long-term shareholders as it Is a golden chance for long-term investors in the industry of real estate Pakistan to put money into home schemes around Islamabad International Airport.

But, remember that this investment needs to be long-term. If you maintain the property for more — let us state for 4-5 years that your gross income for returns will be higher.

Development function in ICHS Town is happening in a lively pace. In Stage 1, development is already completed by 70 percent — sewerage lines are laid, roads are finished, and grid channel has been set up.

Likewise, in Stage 1-Extension, important development has been occurring that’s a fantastic indication for those that have already spent and for those seeking to spend too.

Moreover, infrastructure has been developed around ICHS as Both CPEC Street and Kashmir Highway are all nearby. Additionally, more roads have been assembled. Each one these variables are great signs for the strategy.

Finally, as ICHS Islamabad will continue to grow its value because it’s situated near Islamabad International Airport.

Options & Affordability

Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (ICHS) has and creates a great deal of attention due to its worth and the fact it is in near proximity to Islamabad International Airport.

The project is split into 5 blocks termed Blocks A, B, C, D, & E. The society comprises 5-marla, 7-marla, 10-marla, and 1-kanal plots that could be bought in three and a half a year repayment plan. The plots are priced very efficiently.

This really is one of the very best low cost housing projects from the near area of New Islamabad Airport that is acceptable for long-term investment and future home.

Just lately, a book has announced the launching of new Plots in ICHS Town Stage 1 -Extension. This is a superb prospect for long term investment, particularly if you’re on the lookout for affordable plots on installments.

Getting located near Islamabad International Airport, it is Suitable for long-term investment and prospective residence.

The society will have immediate access throughout the Kashmir Highway Extension that will provide it an effortless way into the airport along with Islamabad.

Why invest in Ichs town Islamabad?

Investment in Real Estate is considerably rewarding if it’s done sensibly. Investment may be Small Term, Mid Term & Long. Including purchasing a plot, apartment or some other retails store or construction itself.

There are lots of aspects you have to consider before investing. Usually investors don’t acquire the principal point it isn’t all about just selling or purchasing a plot. Making the correct move at the ideal time is also quite important.

Investment in ICHS is a much profitable prospect. But, bear in mind the Capital Gain cannot be achieved immediately. Profit in ICHS will be twice or even triple in few years because of following properties of the society.


ICHS is legally authorized and got No Objection Certificate from the evolution authority also called NOC that is the most essential facet.

Usually investors dismiss the NOC & our afterwards seen whining about the scam & finally losing their hard-earned cash. Thus, so as to prevent such scams & scams, be certain that you confirm the NOC and other legal documentations of this society.

Capital Development Authority & Rawalpindi Development Authority would be the key institutes that provide NOC to the society.

Be Aware Of Zoning Restrictions

Certain regions have their own constraints concerning the purpose of story line. As an example, you can not purchase a plot in residential space for industrial function in specific regions of Islamabad. Therefore, zoning restriction is important.

Additionally, these constraints also need to follow specific building layout, floor area ration, and skyscrapers coverage & a lot more.

ICHS is located near new airport. This zone is fully residential zone as many new societies are developing in that specific area.


Location is the key point for investment in Real Estate business. It’s the place which makes your scheme investment a pile of rewarding or a reduction. Location of plot has to be

  • Readily accessible by public transportation
  • Close to commercial area
  • Connected to well-paved streets

The role of purchasing a plot is also a significant element. Just like if you’re purchasing plot for industrial function, it needs to be present near the crowded area or on a primary street.

On the flip side, for residential function, it has to be on quite isolated and also a calm location.

ICHS features residential block and industrial blocks separately. Residential area of society is located aside in calm and soothing environment, on the other hand Business hub is located centrally.

Overall ICHS is situated at ideal located which is easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Availability Of Utilities

ICHS ensure plots you’re spent in eased with utilities. The society contain the transmission of

  • Water
  • Sui gasoline
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Web
  • Access to grid station in area

These facilities are crucial for better living.

Availability Of Facilities

ICHS also ensure availability of certain daily life facilities and amenities which includes

  • School, Colleges, Universities & Tuition Centers
  • Markets & Retail stores
  • Shopping complexes/ Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Parks
  • Cinemas
  • Petrol Stations

They amenities play very fundamental role in increasing the worth of your property in ICHS. However, as mentioned earlier in place section, in addition, it varies depending on the objective of property.

What’s more, ICHS have cleared every taxation receipts and also other insurance claims, if any. It’s also suggested to talk about your preferred piece of property with locals.

As it can allow you to receive the insights regarding the conflicts or suits. Yes, it is going to demand a good deal of time to perform this type of invest. However, this checklist ensures that your investment is secure and also your advantage is protected.

Expert opinion

ICHS Town created in 1989 provides the business a great authenticity. A cooperative society generally deemed as a secure investment. Additionally, the place of in ICHS Town Is quite good.

Block A & B have been given possession while some are anticipated to get ownership shortly. This is only one of the only society that has especially cleared all legalities.

It’s by far the most economical and can be situated on a perfect place. All plots reserved possess a road and plot delegated to you so you understand just where your plot can be found in the map.

But given the moment, it’s carrying this society to come up with its plots that is more than 2 decades. Therefore, this is excellent alternative for anyone choosing to spend for 3-5 decades.

We have given it 3 stars, a Wonderful alternative near Islamabad and quite economical but want to be patient with the development


ICHS home society project Isn’t suitable for short term investor. It’s nonetheless somewhat appropriate for a midterm to long term investor that is able to allow the property remain in his ownership for five years at the least.

In the meantime that the job will probably likely be well on its way towards completion and CPEC will even have progressed or return to its guaranteed state.

Additionally, according to sources, a 100-foot street from the Airport that will join it to CPEC and will pass nearby will be crucial to the growth and attention of ICHS and increase the costs.

Yet, sources recommendation was to purchase a plot and allow it to be for about half a year. Let it grow on a slow burn till both CPEC and the surrounding regions, and of course ICHS, is manufactured.

Finally we shall see a considerable increase in costs. It’s a combined housing scheme using a amount of requisite NOCs, according to resources.

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