Home Energy Conversation-Tips and Tricks

What is Energy conversation?

Energy conversation is a word that you hear from almost everyone nowadays. Energy conversation is not about making limited resources last as long as they can, but is a process of reducing demand and enabling the supply to rebuild itself. On various times the best way is to use an alternate or to replace it with another source of energy.Home Energy Conversation-Tips and Tricks

Here we discuss different ways and how to reduce energy usage techniques in the long run.

Get rid of luminous bulb:

 Since the last decade technology has been changing rapidly and so are the light bulbs. In the 19th century the Thomas Edison bulb was invented and is still used to date. Then came the fluorescent tube light, energy savers bulbs and now the LED technology light bulbs and tubes.Led technology is highly efficient and last for 3-25 times longer and uses 25-80% less electricity than traditional bulbs.

 Maximum Daylight:

During the day turn off the light and use daylight as much as possible. This helps in reducing energy consumption and also the burden on the power grid. Another way for maximizing daylight is by constructing homes with bigger windows for easy access to more daylight.

Fix Air Leaks:

Performing proper insulation of air leaks in windows, doors reduce the cost of heating homes in winter. During the winter month, a lot of heat may be leaking if proper insulation is not done. You may insulate the air leaks yourself or take the services of a professional.Home Energy Conversation-Tips and Tricks

Energy Efficient Appliances:

When buying new home appliances, prefer to buy those which have a good Energy star rating. These appliances consume less energy and help you save money. For example, Energy Star certified washing machines consume 25% less energy and 45% less water than conventional ones, whereas ENERGY STAR refrigerators use only 9% less energy.

 Planting Shady Trees:

Planting shady trees protect your home from intense heat in hot summer days and during harsh winter’s seasons. They help in keeping your home cool during summers and reduce the use of Air conditioners.Home Energy Conversation-Tips and Tricks

Switch off when away:

Make it a habit to switch off appliances when they are not being used. Such as Microwaves, electrical kettles, Iron and Television as they consume energy when they are on stand-by as it can help save money in your pocket.


Energy conversation can be beneficial for many reasons.Making small improvements in your home can make a lot of improvements in energy saving. By simply upgrading to new energy-efficient appliances can save one a lot on the bills and also improve your living standards.

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