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Harradine Golf – Unique Golf Course in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is one of the most modern projects in the history of Pakistan. It is one of the first smart cities known as Capital Smart City. It is the 23rd smart city worldwide. The society strives to become the most desirable construction in twin cities.

As a smart city, Advanced Information and Communication Technology are used to increase competitiveness & facilities to a high degree of development. Specifically, this particular super housing scheme aims at raising living conditions and fostering regional economic growth.

Capital Smart City Area:

The area spans over 55,000 Kanal providing unique services that can only be expected from smart societies.

About the Owners of Capital Smart City

Please note that Habib Rafique (Pvt) Ltd (HRL) is finishing their Royal Orchard project in a year and a half from scratch if you’re interested in how this massive project works to reward you. Now, the development process is already begun in Capital Smart City.

So if you believe that it will be difficult for the developer to build this society in due course, you might be mistaken. The real estate marketing companies and agencies agree that the developer has a critical interest in this project and looks forward to the official launch of the venture.

Capital Smart City Perks

CSCI offers all residential and commercial properties in all three blocks, such as Overseas, Harmony Park, and the Executive ones. Besides, the broad housing scheme provides villas fully designed and completed.

Thanks to outstanding and well-designed residential project planning, it delivers plots and villas for all income classes. Whereas “Smart Villas” and “Overseas Block” provide the Pakistanis and the Overseas Pakistanis with ultra-modern and smart living options. The “Harmony Park” block offers the same quality of living with an inexpensive variety of goods.

Capital Smart City Location:

The location of CSCI is situated at about 10 kilometers from Thalian Interchange at the Lahore-Islamabad International Airport, a 5-7-minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport (M2). Capital Smart City can be accessed from Islamabad and Rawalpindi within 25 to 30 minutes utilizing a dedicated interchange of the M2 motorway.

Although Capital Smart City’s exclusive interchange has not yet been built, Frontier Workers Organization (FWO) has approved it, and construction will start soon. The project is currently accessible via the road to Chakri. Also, on Chakri Road near Blue World City, there are field tours arranged by designated officers.

The dedicated exchange of motorways has also been authorized. Eventually, the Capital Smart City location is located at the eastern route of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Capital Smart City NOC:

NOC of CSCI was released by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for first phase in 2018.

After being awarded the NOC, in December 2019, the organization hosted the first balloting event in which more than 6000 participants of Phase 1 were allocated to plot numbers from overseas and executive blocks. By the end of this year, the next balloting is scheduled.


Capital Smart City Official Launch:

Sources state that by the end of April or May this year, the developer plans to launch Smart City formally. Capital Smart City is recognized as the ‘smart city’ because it has smart features that set it apart from the other projects.

Also, the deadline for the opening of the International Airport of Islamabad has been set. The reason behind this timing is that buyers from this neighborhood will be offered the best choices in Islamabad’s beautiful location.

The businesses are also expected to find Capital Smart City capable of reinvesting for even better returns for investors, looking to leave some projects that reap huge profits from the airport’s opening.

Development Update:

The developers have to finalize the specifications regarding this. However, experts agree that approximately PKR 100,000 can be accomplished per Marla space. The dues are paid under a payment schedule on which a judgment remains to be made.

Furthermore, the project’s unique features make it worth it for the investors to invest a considerable amount to get returns in the future. One component can be recognized as “Construction of Harradine Golf Course” within the boundaries of Capital Smart City.

Harradine Golf Course Development:

The Agreement was signed on August 14, 2018, between Harradine Golf and Capital Smart City. It will be the first-ever signature golf course in Pakistan. It will be 18-hole. The site was visited personally by Peter Harradine, who is the chairman of Harradine Golf.

Furthermore, he was very much excited about such an incredible idea. He felt this was an entirely new adventure for his team to work on such a problematic nature of the property full of mountains and rough terrain. Also, unforeseen weather shifts are another problem as well.

About the Chairman of Harradine Gold

Harradine Gold was first developed in 1929 by Don Harradine. He has not stopped planning, building, and renovating over two hundred golf courses worldwide since then.

It has considerable experience designing over 200 golf courses on nearly all continents. He is considered to be the master of his area. The Golden Capital Club has a Golf School, driving, and green training.

To some extent, the debate regarding golf is not considered seriously to date. However, for golf lovers in Pakistan, this would therefore be a golden chance.

Launch of Harradine Golf Course

With the latest trend in Pakistan, golf course owners ensure that players can play at an international level with all the requisite facilities. With the deep curiosity in golf, the youth aim to include golf courses in their proposals for future housing societies in Islamabad.

This society is on the top of the list while offering an 18-hole Signature Golf Course set up to meet international criteria, surrounded by nature hills and beautiful landscapes. It is expected that with its perfect location and unbelievable conception, the 18-hole golf course in the Capital Smart City will attract regional and national tournaments.

So, this article will explain to you more about Capital Smart City Islamabad’s beautiful golf course.

18-Hole Signature Golf Club

Capital Smart City, once again, is dignified to give its residents the best. The first golf course to be opened in an 18-hole configuration has been introduced. Capital Smart City claims to be Pakistan’s first smart city and has proven this consistently by having particular characteristics, luxury services, and remarkably sustainable facilities.

The forthcoming masterpiece of Capital Smart City will be their “18-hole golf club.” This Islamabad golf course blends intelligent architecture with an aesthetic climate. The first authentic hill-style course planned and operated by globally recognized advisor “Harradine Golf” will be Islamabad.

Harradine Golf Course Location:

It is an outstanding 18-hole golf course, situated on the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and close to Pakistan’s new International Islamabad Airport. It is a project of future construction holdings and HRL.

Harradine Golf Course and Capital Smart City

Again, Capital Smart City has shocked us by their excellent decision to design Islamabad’s Golf course with the Signature 18-hole. Capital Smart City developed the best of its type. Indeed, since 1929, Harradine Golf has been an excellent contractor that provides world-class services. It is a worldwide name with a portfolio of over 200 golf courses on nearly all continents. The project is indeed getting massive now.

View of Peter Harradine:

A world-class builder of the golf course, Mr. Peter Harradine was amazed to see the 18-hole Signature Golf Course location. He toured the site personally and emphasized that the site is implausible. “The 18-Hole Signature Golf Course is a great golf course in Pakistan,” he commented. Not just that, he was fascinated by the natural site with its characteristics. In the long term, Capital Smart City’s 18-hole signature golf course will contribute by drawing professionals from the world over to the Pakistani national economy.

Harradine Golf Course Features:

On July 18, 2018, an official ceremony was held in the UAE between renowned “Harradine Golf Designer and Capital Smart City.” The golf course construction is nearly complete due to accelerated work.

So, real estate developers and customers have strong confidence in Capital Smart City. Below are some of the incredible characteristics of the 18-hole signature golf course:

Exceptional Aspect in Pakistan

Golf Course will be in Islamabad, to be the first-ever Signature Golf Course. According to its creator, Peter Harradine, the upcoming golf course follows international criteria and is up to date for professional players.

Furthermore, it will be the first golf course in Islamabad in the 72-Hills theme ever. It’s a fantasy come true for golf fans. With all the requisite facilities and features in the grounds, the 18-hole signature Golf course is planned effectively. Thus, golf fans! Get set for a beautiful experience in golf.

Surrounded by Beautiful Scenery

The natural elegance is surrounded by the signature golf course. It’s in an outstanding natural location. The CSCI golf course is very close to one of Cairo’s popular Harradine golf courses.

Imagine playing in a golf course surrounded by hilly valleys. Isn’t this the best opportunity to get rid of the Monday Blues in usual?

18-Hole Golf Course is developed on a Blessed Land

According to designer Peter Harradine, “the golf course is indeed ideal.” The golf course offers outstanding natural features, making it the ultimate place to play golf since it requires a shallow level of bunker use. Such a blessed natural area is surrounded by wild hills and terrain, which provide the players with a calming atmosphere and perfect condition.

Appealing Composition of Signature Golf Club

The 18-Hole Golf Course is very similar to a dream structure where 1-3 of the game area is reserved, one-fourth of the more is covered by forests, whereas the one-third is covered with grandiose plains. It is built for an outstanding golf experience. It has enormous fairways. Such a spectacular golf course is built not just for seniors but also for young players to enjoy the best experience.


Harradine Golf Course is state of the art housing society, planned and developed with internationally followed standards.

Capital Smart City is Islamabad’s fastest-growing housing venture that is why real estate investors are so involved in this project. Investors don’t want to lose out on future profits because of the fast-paced growth, high liquidity, and growing benefit.

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