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DHA Quetta is the first-ever project by the Defence Housing Authority in the vicinity of Baluchistan. It is located within the proximity of almost 16 kilometres from Quetta International Airport. The NOC of this development is yet to be approved by the relevant authorities. However, Property News agents will update the status as required.

DHA Quetta scheme guarantees its residents to deliver all facilities and amenities of basic life. It also assures its people to deliver a stylish and state-of-the-art living standard to secure the future of its residents.

At A Glance:

  • Well-planned community
  • Wide roads
  • Basic amenities
  • Academic institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Horticulture plan emphasizing on large tree plantation
  • Environment-friendly
  • Sports zones
  • Water resource management plan

Main Entrance DHA Quetta (DHAQ) Smart City Phase-1:

The first-ever Defense Housing Authority (DHA) housing scheme for Baluchistan has launched in Quetta City called DHA Quetta Smart City (Phase-1). The Grand Entrance of DHA Quetta seeks to give a representative & up-to-date architectural uniqueness to Quetta City.

Just like Capital Smart City, this DHA Quetta Smart City is going to represent all of the smart features within the society.

The motive of the developers is to construct the grand entrance of DHA Quetta is to deliver an impressive entranceway, which will provide a wonderful sense, with an amazing first impression and an appealing welcome.

It also offers countless commercial options such as offices, Food courts, Banquet halls, Conference rooms, Departmental stores, Banks, Joyland, hotels, and other relevant services; including DHA Quetta reception areas, marketing, and site offices, and other notable commercial activities.

Thus, it is a one-of-a-kind groundbreaking project, which will deliver elegant & secure facilities to all of the upcoming residents as well as non-residents that they will appreciate before they even enter DHA Quetta.

Grand Entrance Characteristics:

  • Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Showrooms
  • Joyland
  • Food Court
  • Department Store
  • Banks
  • Hotel
  • Banquet Hall
  • Fuel Station

DHA Quetta Owners and Developers:

The developer of DHA Quetta is Defence Housing Authority. It is a public-benefit organization that directs housing and municipal services for Defence neighbourhoods all over Pakistan. DHA allows the construction of houses and commercial constructions.

DHA Quetta Owners and Developers

DHA Quetta NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of DHA Quetta may allegedly be considered approved because of the legality of the DHA Quetta Act. The Act has been passed with the help of the provincial law-making authority, namely the Balochistan Provincial Assembly.

However, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has permitted the DHA authorities to develop schemes in Quetta following the establishment of the Defence Housing Authority Quetta Act, 2015.

DHA Quetta Location:

The location of DHA Quetta is situated near Quetta International Airport. The location is ideally situated in Quetta, with just 5 min drive from the Quetta Airport.

DHA Quetta Location

DHA Quetta’s main office is situated next to BA Mall and Askari check post of Quetta cantonment on the Airport road.

The location of Taj Residencia is also called a prime location as it is located in the main CDA sector of Islamabad. Thus, the location of DHA Quetta is important as it resides at the main point near Quetta International Airport.

DHA Quetta Location

The development also continues its uniqueness by prevailing at the western route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and including the areas DHA Quetta includes following areas Kateer, Samali, Gadazai Malazai, Karak, Tarkha Gordat Singh, Mehtarzai, Chashma Baleli, Chashma Achozai, Sra Ghurghai, Sra Khula, Hanna, and Tor Ragha, including uninhabited areas of the valley astride Shaban Road up till Shamozai Dam.


The accessibility points of DHA Quetta are as follows:

  • 15 min drive from Quetta International Airport
  • 30 min drive from Quetta Cantt
  • 30 min drive from Jinnah Road Quetta
  • 35 min drive from Quetta Railway Station
  • 20 min drive from DHA Quetta Head Office
  • 38 min drive from Quetta GymKhana
  • 25 min drive from Serena Hotel Quetta
  • 12 min drive from BUITEM
  • 10 min drive from Balochistan Agriculture College
  • 25 min drive from Provincial Assembly Balochistan

Nearby Landmarks and Places:

The Nearby Landmarks and Places of DHA Quetta are as follows:

  • It takes just 9 min by car to reach Sheikh Manda Station
  • It takes about 14 min by car to reach Quetta International Airport
  • Khalid Base Quetta is located at a drive of nearly 16 min
  • The Beleli Railway is at a drive of almost 24 min

DHA Quetta Master Plan:

The master plan of DHA Quetta has already acquired a large amount of land. Just like Park View City Islamabad, the master plan of this development is easily understandable. It will be an up-to-date residential structure with health, education, and other allied facilities that will be developed as part of the housing project.

DHA Quetta Zones:

DHA Quetta is divided into the following zones:

  • Zone A (Business & Residential, 8000 Acres):

Zone A (Business & Residential, 8000 Acres)

  •  Zone B (Education, Health & Sports, 2200 Acres):

 Zone B (Education, Health & Sports, 2200 Acres)

  • Zone C (Farmhouses & Recreational, 1800 Acres):

Zone C (Farmhouses & Recreational, 1800 Acres)

DHA Quetta Phase 1 will span over 8000 Acres of land, however, it will develop in different phases. The first phase will develop over 4000 Acres. Also, all 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial blocks are distributed at Main Road, like:

  • Zone-A (Business & Residential) 8000 Acres, and located near Kuchlak Bypass
  • Zone-B (Education, Health & Sports) 2200 Acres, and located near Zarghon Housing Scheme
  • Zone-C (Farms Houses and Recreations) 1800 Acres, and located near Hanna Lake

DHA Quetta uses 33% of the land on a large road network, which includes several features:

  • 316 feet Expressway
  • 240 feet Parkways
  • 180 feet Main Boulevard
  • 120 feet Avenues
  • 60 feet Street

DHA Quetta Payment Plan:

The payment plan of DHA Quetta is very easy to understand. Recently, the ballot of DHA Quetta Smart City Phase 1 has been launched. For that, filler residents have to pay 1% advance tax on each payment; however, non-filler has to pay 2% advance tax on each payment.

DHAQ Installment Plan FBR Tax1% (Filer):

Following payment schedule Residential Plots 1 % file, while the price is inclusive of Advance Tax on Purchase for filler and non-filler both:

DHA Quetta Residential Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax1% (Filer):

DHA Quetta Residential Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax1% (Filer)

DHA Quetta Farmhouses Installment Plan FBR Tax1% (Filer):

DHA Quetta Farmhouses Installment Plan FBR Tax1% (Filer)

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax 1% (Filer):

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax 1% (Filer)

DHAQ Installment Plan FBR Tax 2% (Non-Filer):

The Installment Plan FBR Tax 2% (Non-Filer) DHAQ is as follows:

DHA Quetta Residential Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax 2% (Non-Filer):

DHA Quetta Residential Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax 2% (Non-Filer)

DHA Quetta Farmhouses Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax2% (Non-Filer):

DHA Quetta Farmhouses Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax2% (Non-Filer)

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax2% (Non-Filer):

DHA Quetta Commercial Plots Installment Plan FBR Tax2% (Non-Filer)

DHAQ Property Type-Wise Balloting Fee & Plot Rates:

DHAQ Property Type-wise Balloting Fee & Plot Rates are as follows:

DHAQ Residential Plots rates & Ballot Fee:

DHAQ Residential Plots rates & Ballot Fee

DHA Quetta Commercial plots rates:

DHA Quetta Commercial plots rates

DHAQ Farmhouse Balloting Fee:

DHAQ Fee Structure of Development Charges of Service Benefit Category:

DHAQ Fee Structure of Development Charges of Service Benefit Category

DHAQ Fee Structure of procedures T&R Directorate:

DHAQ Fee Structure of procedures T&R Directorate

Facilities and Amenities:

DHA Quetta includes several amenities that enhance the importance of DHA Quetta. Following is the list of facilities that this housing development comprises:

Public transport:

The prime location of DHA Quetta recommends taking a car or public transport at closer accessible points, comprising Samali Bus Stations in Samali, Kuchlak, and Pishin are 15 min away by car; Killi Umar Bus Stop on Baleli Road is 27 min away by car; Brewery Bus Stop in Hazara Town is 32 min away by car; and Kakazai Syedan Bus Stop on Ghaza Band Road, Baleli is 33 min away by car.

The project Rudn Enclave Islamabad also provides easy accessibility to its people just like this project is offering to its customers.

Jamia Mosques:

All DHA projects have exclusive mosques in different phases to boost people’s commitment toward religious commitments easier for residents. Meanwhile, when the project will be fully developed, people will have a reasonable variety of mosques situated in the neighbouring areas.

The Gol Masjid is located on N 50 main highway, Bostan, Pishin; Quetta International Airport Mosque is located on N 25 main highway, and the Jamia Masjid BMCH on Bolan College Road is 25 to 40 min drive away.

Educational Points:

The accessibility of educational institutions from ICHS society is also nearby as its residents would enjoy up-to-date knowledge experiences just like this particular scheme.

Following are the Several remarkable schools that can be found in the vicinity:

  • Beacon House School System Juniper Campus
  • Pak-Turk School & College
  • Dar-e-Arqam School Chiltan Housing Scheme Quetta
  • Army Public School
  • College Seven Stream
  • Iqra Residential School and College
  • PAF College on Samungli Road
  • University Law College Quetta
  • Model Town Balochistan University of Information and Technology
  • Engineering and Management Sciences
  • Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University

Electricity Backup:

The Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) is going to supply electrical power to DHA Quetta after it is developed. Residents can fix generators or UPS’ in their residential properties in case of power failures.

Healthcare Points:

Hospitals and clinics offer specialized medical services, which are going to be developed in DHA Quetta.

Following important hospitals and clinics situated near DHA Quetta comprise:

  • Al-Saeed Hospital
  • PAF Hospital in Samungli
  • Bolan Medical Complex Hospital
  • FC Hospital
  • Akram Hospital
  • Yasmeen Homeo Clinic

All these hospitals are located at a drive of 16 to 45 min from the society.

Shopping Malls:

There are several mega-malls and commercial zones that have been constructed for DHA Quetta. Once the residential properties are ready, people who chose to live in DHA Quetta can go to the malls located nearby.

Following are the shopping malls that can be found near this development including:

  • Bolan Welfare Shopping Complex
  • Achakzai Shopping Centre
  • CSD Shopping Centre
  • Jan Mall
  • Hashmi Shopping Centre
  • Millennium Mall Quetta

Also, Nova City Islamabad is also the exclusive venture where you can find amazing shopping malls just like this development characteristics.

Salient Features:

The salient features of DHA Quetta Smart City are as follows:

  • Intelligent Transport System
  • Laying of fibre optic
  • Infrared Sensors for TFC Signal Management & CCTV Cam
  • Integrated with DHA Quetta Mobile App
  • Smart Waste MGMT
  • Use of embedded Sensors / GPS on waste bins
  • Dynamic waste management & routing
  • Indigenous recycling with min environmental impact
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Primary Source QESCO
  • Establishment of 225 MW Grid
  • 20 MW Solar (Project Cost: USD 285 Million). 225 MW Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) with high thermal efficiency
  • Smart Electric meters.
  • Smart appliances
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Efficient transmission media
  • Pipeline Water Resource Projects for Quetta
  • Pet Feeder / Kachhi Canal 60 Mgd
  • Burj Aziz Khan Dam 23 Mgd
  • Halak Dam 4 Mgd
  • 100 Check Dams – TWs 28 Mgd
  • Available Dams in the vicinity of Zone C
  • Shamozai Dam
  • Kach Dam
  • Mangi Dam (Location: Mangi Dam is proposed to the constructed near Mangi Village on Khost River about 76 KM from Quetta City)

Note: There are a lot more facilities and amenities that can be found in DHA Quetta.

DHA Quetta Graphic Development Work:

Property News brings you the DHA Quetta latest updates. Following are the several highlights of the development work going at the field.

DHA Quetta Graphic Development Work

DHA Quetta Graphic Development Work

DHA Smart City Phase-I Grand Entrance Building 1 Facilities:

DHA Smart City Phase-I Grand Entrance Building 1 Facilities

DHA Smart City Phase-I Grand Entrance Building 2 Facilities:

DHA Smart City Phase-I Grand Entrance Building 2 Facilities

Procedure for sale of land to DHA Quetta:

Following are some of the useful procedures for the sale of land to DHAQ:

Documents Submission:

Following are the document submission:

  • Land offer form singed and filled by the landowner and land provider
  • Original Malkiyat form attested and stamped by the tehsildar but not older than 15 days
  • Attested copy of the transformation
  • Copy of field book
  • 6 photographs of the owner of the land
  • 6 copies of NIC
  • Owner’s undertaking
  • Paid challan
  • Land offer form can be downloaded
  • Deposit the offer form in the land directorate
  • DHA revenue staff would review the documents, and tehsil revenue staff would verify it
  • For any final verification of any official documentation, plz visit or contact the DHAQ administration

Field visit:

Following is the field visit and approval points:

  • The director land will further proceed with the case.
  • After getting clearance from the director, staff will visit the site with the landowner or land provider.
  • A day before, the landowner of the provider has to make all the arrangements regarding the land.
  • The staff will visit the land to measure it and to know its feasibility.
  • After getting the report prepared by the land visitors, the director land will proceed further.
  • The LAC would discuss the land exemption rate within the approved parameter of that land and demand for final approval from the authorities.
  • The possession officer with his team will get the possession of the land in the presence of tehsil revenue staff, land providers, and neighbouring owners after approval for acquisition is granted, and the exemption rate is approved in the light of the recommendation of LAC.
  • The staff would conduct resurvey and measurement for confirmation.
  • DHA Quetta team would take over all the structures, facilities, and improvements if the landowner did not remove them till possession. However, the owners will be allowed to have their crops cut at harvesting time.


Following are the documents you required for the registry:

  • An advertisement will be published in Urdu and English after possession, mentioning the name of Mauza and land area, khasra numbers, name of landowners, and land providers. The advertisement will last for 15 days.
  • A photograph will be taken while signing the agreement, undertaking an indemnity bond in the land directorate.
  • After 15 days, the original sale deed would be prepared in favor of DHA and also its two copies.
  • Mutation of the land in favour of DHA will be completed in the tehsil office after registration of the sale deed.
  • In the land directorate, attested copies of intiqal and original fard malkiyat in the name of DHAQ will be submitted after the registration deed with the sub-registrar.
  • The tehsil revenue office will receive the documents for verification from DHA revenue staff.

Documents required for verification of the affidavit:

Following are the documents required for the land sale to DHAQ:

  • Original affidavit file
  • Deposit slip
  • Procedure:
  • Submit in land directorate affidavit file along with deposit slip
  • The file and documents will be checked thoroughly.
  • The serial number will also be shown in the file
  • Without any unnecessary delay, the process would be completed in the presence of the possessor.

Note: For any further queries, you can also contact the Property News sales agent to get the latest information and solutions.

Why invest in DHA Quetta?

There are several reasons that you can also find in Park View City Lahore so that people would invest in it easily. So, here are a few reasons to invest in DHA Quetta:

  • The housing society is affiliated with the Defense Housing Society. It offers its people all of the services and amenities they are searching for.
  • Investing in this society would result in huge profits. The easy payment plan makes you able to invest regardless of your low budget.
  • If you wish to live in an established and well-known housing society, while availing yourself of all the regular facilities, this is going to be the best choice for you.
  • This society comes true on all of your expectations, even if you are considering for a big firm to invest in.
  • Furthermore, in Quetta, this is the first society of DHA, therefore the authorities would struggle to make it the finest as compare to other societies.
  • Likewise, there is indeed no chance of misusing your money or capital. Thus, this housing society would double your revenue and prove your assets earn for you by investing in DHA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this society:

Q1: What is the location of DHA Quetta?

Ans: DHA Quetta’s is situated near Quetta International Airport. However, the main office is located next to BA Mall and Askari check post of Quetta cantonment on the airport road.

Q2: Is that a government department?

Ans: DHA is approved by the Balochistan Assembly and is working under the GHQ.

Q3: What is the procedure to sell the land to DHA?

Ans: For this purpose, read the procedure section written above.

Q4: What are the names of affiliated banks of DHA Quetta?

Ans: Following are the affiliated banks of DHA Quetta where you can unique serial number of forms, namely Bank Alfalah, Allied Bank Limited, Askari Bank, Habib Bank Limited, and United Bank Limited.

Q5: How can overseas Pakistani buy a plot in DHA Quetta?

Ans: Overseas Pakistanis can buy plots through their respective representatives.

Q6: Where are the offices of DHA Quetta?

Ans: The offices of DHA Quetta are in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi.


DHA Quetta is already in the development phase. The map of this project hasn’t been finalized, and only 1 Kanal plot have been marked for sale in the housing society. Hence, investors are keen to wait until this development gets fully developed will gain the most profit.

The DHA Quetta project is a profitable venture. It is situated near Quetta International Airport, so investors will have a golden opportunity to invest in such an amazing project.


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