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DHA Peshawar is another fascinating housing project under the tag of Defence housing Authorities. It is the first project of the Defense Housing Authority in KPK territory.

It is a perfect opportunity for people of Peshawar and nearby areas to invest in safe property or live in a solely peaceful family residential area.


Before the DHA Peshawar project, DHA authorities are already working on 5 other projects and giving perfect dwelling and contemporary services to its residents.

About DHA housing societies

DHA is the series of residential housing society and is in the list of the most reliable hand modern living areas in the country. DHA Lahore is the first project of Defence housing Authorities and ended as a successful project. The first project of DHA was DHA Lahore, which is going successfully.

Right now, DHA has many popular and profitable operating projects in several major cities of the country.

Their initial project was in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. But after the huge success, they launch much society in the same period on the same code of conduct. They are under development in Bahawalpur, Multan, Peshawer, Gujranwala, and Quetta.

This series aim to deliver society in less than the promised time and they never failed to achieve this aim.

DHA housing societies were first established for families of armed forces only, but now it is a residential society for the public also.

About Peshawar city

Peshawar is the capital of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the sixth biggest city in Pakistan and first in KPK. Most of its residents are Pathan and has the largest number of Pashtun in Pakistan.

It is the oldest city in Pakistan and is full of traditions and old cultures, buildings, and areas. They are relatively more Islamic than other major cities of Pakistan that’s why DHA Peshawar is built in a way that it encourages religious aspects.

About DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar is the first project of defense authorities in KPK providing a sustainable, international class housing society for the population of KPK.

Even Though there are many Askari colonies built in Peshawar city but the quality and features of these housing societies are not as good as those present in DHA.

It was just a matter of time before the decision was held and the Defence housing society in Peshawar was officially launched to accomplish the necessities of soldiers and civil officers to live in a better place.

This the main reason that DHA is launching various projects all around the country and so in Peshawer.

It is convinced to offers the world-class living atmosphere in a gated society with the provision of all the needs of life, hopeful development, and innovative progress. Hence, this society would be an exclusive benefit to Peshawar which enables you to make your investment in the society concerning real estate.

This grand housing project in Peshawar by Defence Housing Authority is perfectly placed in the major location and offers a variety of residential and commercial plots and many luxurious facilities.

DHA Peshawar Official Launching

DHA Peshawar was planned in the year 2007 and it is the first project of DHA in Peshawar, KPK. It was launched in 2009. In this interval of 2 years, they went through the procedures of comprehensive deliberations, identification, and choice of the range of land sites, Legalities- both the legislative essentials and acquisition of land area.

It is approved as a statutory body formed under an Act of KPK and is known as DHA Peshawar Act 2009. With business legislative and legal acts, the authority decided to sign an undertaking of supplying a sustainable, healthy, and the first modern residential society for its people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This home society will make the reality of all the remarkable development plans and preparation and scrupulous urban growth will soon fundamentally evolve because it is the biggest and leading home society of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

History and vision statement of DHA Peshawar 

The administrator supervisor is Syed Mazhar Hussain. The undergoing work will be going under the supervision of him.

This society was proposed as a regulated housing society in the year 2007 under the name of Defence Housing Authority and is known as DHAP also. It was planned and developed with the provided vision statement stated below:

“To provide state of the art neighborhood equipped with all essential amenities contributing to the quality of life in a peaceful and secure environment to enable its residents to live their dreams to their utmost satisfaction.”

During the early years of its setting up, the Defence Housing Authority began the process of choosing, classifying, zoning, and obtaining land.

Progressively, it turns out to be the country’s most-demanding housing society that presented determination and commitment on the way to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Other than this, the most vital thing is that local real estate experts have reported that properties and land in DHA Peshawar are providing the highest returns if you compared to other DHA housing schemes all around the country.

Demography of DHA Peshawar

Peshawar is the capital city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is the most urbanized city in the province. DHA Peshawar housing society will give a new look and high rank of the society. It also improves its sociality.

The population of the Peshawar is more than 3.4 million people while KPK has more than a population of 3 crores which mostly live in towns and village areas.

People from other cities want to come to Peshawar for living as well as investing for better and secure living. The fruitful development of DHA Peshawar has facilitated people with better living.

Location of DHA Peshawar

DHA Peshawar is situated in a purely residential area which is surrounded by different living societies. But, this is the only housing society in Peshawar that has all the essential necessities of living.

It is situated near Nasir Bagh road just across the Northern Bypass access and is close to Askari 6. It is Sited near Sheikh Abad and is just a few km from Hayatabad,

DHA Peshawar Location Map

DHA Peshawar will be connected to Islamabad –Peshawar motorway as well as with the National Highway, N5.

It will also be beneficial from CPEC as well as Peshawar Islamabad motorway act as a junction for all the routes converging from the Eastern and western routes of CPEC. It means CPEC will be passing directly to DHA Peshawar.

Accessibility of the housing society

DHA Peshawar is accessible in many ways.

  • 1 min drive from Nasir Bagh Road access
  • 15 min drive from University Road (N-5)
  • 1 min drive from Northern Bypass access
  • Warsak Dam Road on its north-western division
  • N-5 running near its feet

Nearby housing societies

It is also near to other successful residential societies like

  • Yaseen town,
  • Hafiz town and
  • runs parallel to the Regi model colony.
  • Askari VI Peshawar

Defence Housing Authority Peshawar is under an extreme burden to perfectly develop the project as it is the only defence housing project in the whole province.

DHA Peshawar at a glance

  • Situated at Nasir Bagh Road
  • Underground electric wiring
  • A wide network of roads
  • Gated and secure Community
  • Ultra-Contemporary society planning
  • world-Class Infrastructure
  • High Standard of living facilities
  • Beautiful and scenic views
  • Premium Institutes of different sectors
  • Modern sewerage management system

Salient Features and amenities of DHA Peshawar

  • Innovative infrastructure and a wide network of roads
  • Availability of water, suigas, internet, and electricity
  • Number of public libraries registered with the HEC
  • Cinemas with the latest accessories and sound system
  • Emergency medical centers and surgical hospitals
  • Contemporary sewerage management system
  • Waste management system disposal systems
  • State-of-the-art business and shopping areas
  • 24/7 hours of security and gated community
  • Recreational and entertaining areas
  • Eminence educational institutions
  • Beautiful and theme parks
  • Sector and Jamia mosques
  • Jogging and pay grounds
  • DHA Graveyards

Provision of necessities

Nobody can survive without 3 necessities in life: water, electricity, and suigas. Developers of DHA Peshawar make sure to provide these 3 basic facilities in abundance so nobody can suffer and can live a comfortable life.

Society will provide these services on a 24/7 hours’ basis. Other than this, the internet is also freely available for residents. Maintenance services are available on-demand and a special team is hired on a contract basis for this purpose.

Water sewerage system

DHA Peshawar is comprising of a suitable sewerage system for the disposal of water waste through the proper underground installation of pipelines. Conduits will be finished with extra ancillary work and sanctuary measures from its point of origin to the discharge point for the provision of a clean environment.

Emergency medical and surgical centers

DHA Peshawar will contain first-class emergency medical centers and surgical hospitals which will facilitate their patients for 24/7 hours with highly experienced doctors and staff members.

Contemporary infrastructure and carpeted roads

The housing society is constructing wide and carpeted roads. The main road in DHA Peshawar is of size 130 feet and sector streets and other roads are mainly up to 80 feet wide.

1 Kanal houses will be developed at 50 ft roads, 10 Marla houses will be at 40 ft road, 5 Marla houses will be at 30 ft roads. The international level infrastructure of roads and houses is developed to build for betterment and comfort.

Recreational spaces and parks

Specific land is designated for recreational areas for the development of tranquil and scenic architectural spaces. DHA Peshawar also has modern parks and jogging tracks.

Quality educational institutions

As DHA Peshawar is the most luxurious and posh society of Peshawer, so they have planned many high-quality educational institutes in order to provide high-class education to children as good schools and colleges are not easily available in Peshawar.

Public Libraries registered with the HEC

DHA Peshawar has officially permitted HEC for constructing numbers of public libraries in various phases of the housing society. Books and electronic information are available in these libraries related to the interest of people of different age groups. Students can also get a great deal of help from these libraries.

Commercial and industrial areas

DHA Peshawar is delivering 1 and 2 Kanal commercial areas in every district for business purposes. Several national and international brands are available in these blocks.

DHA Graveyard

DHA Peshawar have some allocated some area for Graveyard. Only families which are living in the society can have a piece of land in this graveyard.

DHA Mosque

Many mosques are built in all sectors and phases of DHA Peshawar. Other than this all the sectors also have schools, parks, and shops so that residents should not face any problem.

Master Plan DHA Peshawar

The masterplan of DHA Peshawar has shown the excellence of development. We can discuss the plan in the following parts.

Area of DHA Peshawar
DHA Peshawar is spread over an area of 17,000 Acres or 136,000 Kanal. Among which the only Phase 1 is developed which is comprised of 2600 Acres and is divided into Sectors which are named alphabetically from A to J.

Sizes of Plots of DHA Peshawar

Categories of plots which are available in the society: Plots are not obtainable randomly, they have defined the strategies and separate the land according to sizes of plots.

Available different sizes of plots are:

5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential.

2 Kanal, 4 Kanal residential plots will be available in the future.

4 Marla to 4 Kanal Commercial will be available in the future. 4 Kanal sizes of plots will be mostly for high rise and tall buildings.

1 Kanal plots are in separate sectors while 5,8 and 10 are in different sectors.

Not a single plot in entire Phase 1 is diagonal or samosa size.

Road Structure:
main boulevards of DHA Peshawar are of wide 130 ft and other streets and roads are of up to wide 80 ft.

1 Kanal plots are located on more than 50 ft wide roads, 10 Marla plots are on 40 ft, and 5 Marla plots are on 30 ft roads.

Development Work in DHA Peshawar

Initiated with a thought of being home to retired army personnel of Pakistan and their families, DHAP opened its gates to common citizens as well quite recently. Currently, DHAP is in the developmental phase, and the construction of several amenities is underway.

Previous year DHA Peshawar sign the bond for development of this venture with famous FWO and NLC.

After this agreement, these companies have taken the responsibility of getting the housing society into the required form and they committed to deliver the project as soon as possible.

Lately, the DG of Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and DG of National Logistics Cell (NLC) have a site visit to inspect the ongoing development work.

In this visit, they have vowed again to fulfill their promise of quality development within the project and not to compromise on an eminence. Strict guidelines were provided by them to their crew for early completion of development but with quality.

At present, development work in sectors A, B, and C is going at a fast pace. But, in sectors D, F, and G the development work will start soon.

DHA Peshawar is divided into 7 big sectors from A to G. Here is the description and sector vise development details.

Development in Phase 1

Phase 1 is spread over 2600 acres of land and is divided into sub-sectors from sector A to J. Construction in sector A is already 100 % completed. This phase of the housing society is located on the major site of the society near the entrance of the society. It has a beautiful natural sight which is located in the major position of society.

Following are the latest development

• Architectural and Structural Design of Office Tower

• Architectural and Structural Design of Bridge on Canal

• Architectural and Structural Design of Sector Mosque

• Visitors Briefing Stand

• Landscaping at the front roadside Solar Electric Streets Lights

DHA Peshawar Development

With an innovative 3-tier safety method, the citizens will have all urban services here for example health and fitness, education, and entertainment. It is growing as first of its kind residential scheme not only in the city but in the whole province with worthful living in a safe community environment.

Along with the development of this venture is continued on the project site and other procedures are also running.

The whole development timeline of DHA Peshawar

Here is a complete list of developments which are already done in DHA Peshawar:

• In the Year 2007, the Inaugural ceremony of the housing venture which comprises of events related to land identification, selection, and land acquisition was held.

• In December 2014, Registration of property dealers, marketing companies, and real estate agents was completed

• In November 2015, Booking was announced for 1 Kanal and 10 Marla residential plots

• In December 2015, Booking for 1 Kanal and 10 Marla residential plots was closed.

• In March 2016, Application submission for the first balloting and its result was declared on the 4th day of the same month

• In March 2016, intimation letters were issued for 1 Kanal and 10 Marla plots within Phase 1, DHA Defence, Peshawar to successful applicants, and had provided the payment schedule and membership forms

• In May 2016, the process of plot transfer was started

• In August 2017, the masterplan of developmental work which comprises road networks and footpaths, water supply systems, overhead water tanks, drainage, waste management, and sewerage systems was completed.

• In December 2017, MoU was signed between FWO Brigadier Ashfaq Maitla and Administrator DHA Peshawar Brigadier M. Riaz Ahmed to start a developmental work. It was started on the date od 25th of the same month

• In December 2017, the Second part of balloting was started

• In September 2018, the Inaugural ceremony of the main entrance of the housing society

• In October 2018, Developmental work in Sector A and B entered in its final stages.

• In May 2019, Development work for Sector C and Sector D was started

• In November 2019, possession of the plot in Block A and Block B

If anyone who desires to secure their investment in DHA Peshawar housing society then the society compromises of a broad spectrum of choices for property seekers and also investors.

Prices Trends of DHA Peshawar:

Firstly, at the start, the beginning price of 1- Kanal plot was almost 60 Lacs but after a while, it became less as low as 40 – 42 Lacs. But in a little time, prices rise again, almost up to 55 Lacs subject to the type and zone of plot. This happens just before the balloting of plot numbers, which was held on Dec 25, 2017.

10 marla plots for sale in DHA Peshawar can be obtained within the price of PKR 28 lakh to PKR 60 lakh, here, the location and type factors of plots also matter Plots of size 1 Kanal in DHAP can be obtained for PKR 1.35 crore to PKR 1.6 crore.

Price trend of Nearby Housing Schemes Comparison:
if we look around, then we can judge that nearby societies are more costly but have fewer facilities. The 1-Kanal plot in Regi Model Town is almost 1- 1.25 Crore and in the Hayatabad housing area, the prices are around 2.50 to 3.5 Crores.

DHA Peshawar Residential Plot Prices

At present, 5 Marla Plot price starts from rupees 30 To 35 Lacs. Likewise, 8 Marla Plot Prices are from rupees38 to 47 Lacs. And 10 Marla Plot amounts start from rupees 50 To 59 Lacs. Lastly, the 1 Kanal Plot Prices range start from 68 To 130 Lacs.

Block Wise Prices

5- Marla Plots 8- Marla Plots 10- Marla plots 1 Kanal plots
Prices of Block G are from 30 to 32 lac Prices of Block G are from Prices of Block G are from 50 to 52 lac Prices of Block A are from 100 to 130 lac
Prices of Block F are from 31 to 35 lac Prices of Block G are from 38 to 47 Prices of Block H are from 53 to 59 lac Prices of Block B are from 100 to 120 lac
Prices of Block C are from 95 to 125 lac
Prices of Block D are from 79 to 85 lac
Prices of Block E are from 79 to 80 lac
Prices of Block J are from 77 to 83 lac
Prices of Block I are from 68 to 72 lac

Development Charges in DHA Peshawar

Development charges in these plots are separate from these prices. These charges are as follow

  • 5 Marla plot have development charges of Rs 9.50 Lacs
  • 8 Marla plot have development charges of Rs 11.50 Lacs
  • 10 Marla plot have development charges of Rs 13.50 Lacs
  • 1 Kanal plot have development charges of Rs 22.50 Lacs

Transfer Charges in DHA Peshawar

Another additional cost which you need to pay is Transfer Cost which is around

  • 5 Marla plot have development charges of Rs 55,000
  • 8 Marla plot have development charges of Rs 65,000
  • 1 Kanal plot have development charges of Rs 95,000

DHA Peshawar Commercial Plot Prices

On 28 Feb 2020, High Administrators of Defence Housing Authority has stated that the commercial plots of DHA Peshawar are ready to launch right away on 15th March 2020.

According to the published masterplan of the housing society, commercial plots in DHA, Peshawar comprise of two sizes: 4 marlas and 8 marlas. If somebody wants a commercial plot, then he needs to first pay10 percent down payment of the initial price.

There is only a limited number of 4 and 8 marla commercial plots in this super housing scheme at the launching time of these plots.

Commercial plot prices and payment schedules have also been disclosed, so interested parties can submit their application forms along with processing fees at the nominated banks to avail of this exclusive offer.

DHA Peshawar has proven to be a successful project, and it has rendered high returns on investment over the past 2 years or so. Therefore, this exclusive commercial launch is deemed highly rewarding in terms of the return of income.

Given below is the table which consists of the sizes and prices of commercial plots, DHA Peshawar with all other necessary information.

It is the whole payment plan.

DHA Peshawar Prices of Commercial Plots

Commercial plots in DHA Peshawar reservation has happened from the 15th of March, 2020. Allotment of plots, on the other hand, will be happening on the platform of the computerized ballot.

Investors and individuals can give more than one application at a time but they need to pay a separate registration fee for every application. This fee will be non-refundable.

DHA Peshawar Files

DHA Peshawar has presented only files of residential plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. They are available on whole cash payments and installments

Plots Quota

DHA Peshawar has kept particular land for the general public, overseas Pakistanis, and Retired Army officers. These quota plots are divided in the following way:

  • The General Public quota is the Largest and is about 85%
  • Then Retired Army Officers quota comes which is about 10%
  • While for Overseas Pakistanis, reserved land is about 5%

Retired Army Officers will be needed to provide the application form and an undertaking that confirms their designation in the forces. The undertaking can be obtainable from the Administration department of DHA Peshawar.

Overseas Pakistanis need to give evidence of their dual nationality.

Possession of DHA Peshawar
At this time, as already discussed that development and growth work is going in a full swing especially in Sector A, B, and C by NLC. Possession of plots in A, B, and C is also happening soon, most probably it will happen at the end of the year 2020

Transfer of plot in DHA Peshawar

The transfer and allocation of plots are now available. The simple process for the transfer of plots is explained on the DHA Peshawer official website. There is a piece of good news also. the sellers do not need to pay transfer fees and the buyer will have to pay this cost.

DHA Peshawar plans to include highly efficient facilities to provide a remarkable lifestyle to its residents in a master-planned community.

For its coming series of development progress, the administration has attained the services of many reputed consultancy companies because DHA Peshawar intends to make this project done in a justly iconic manner and would like to leave no stone unturned.


It is suggested that apply for plots within your precise quota. This will deliver you very higher chances to gain a plot of your choice in the balloting phase.

The balloting results of residential plots and commercial plots in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Peshawar have been declared already.

For the convenience of customers, the management has developed a distinct page on the website for checking the results of the commercial ballot which was held on August 20. The procedure to check the outcomes is very easy and simple.

What you can do is to enter their Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) number on the block where CNIC is required and also provide your date of birth.

Other than this is, Overseas Pakistanis will also required to enter their National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) number along with their date of birth.

How to Apply in DHA Peshawer

The procedure to apply for commercial plots in DHA Peshawar is rather simple. All you need to do is download the application form, fill out, attach the required documents and send them via courier, or personally submit at DHA Peshawar Head Office.

If you wish to apply for plots in DHA Peshawer, then it is a simple process. You just need to follow the given steps:

  • First, you need to download the application form.
  • Fill all the essentials and important blanks
  • Attached all the required documents and undertaking with the application
  • Apply to the DHA Peshawer head office personally or via courier

“ You can download the DHA booking form from the Offical Website of DHA Peshawar”

  • You need to submit the Bank challan also for processing fees which will be attached to the application form.
  • You can get a hard copy of the fee challan and then submit your challan fee at the given banks:
  • Askari Bank, UBL Bank, Bank Alfalah, MCB Bank
  • Along with the processing fee, you must attach given documents with your booking application form
  • Original Deposit Slip/Screenshot of Online Payment
  • 2 Photocopies of CNIC or NICOP of the applicants
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs of applicants
  • If you are retired army officers then you will submit 2 copies of the release book and undertaking.
  • Overseas Pakistanis will attach 2 photocopies of their passport with exit and entry stamps and a copy of NICOP
  • You can deliver your documents via registered courier services at the given address given on the official site

“Do not forget to mention the size and type of plot on the top of courier”


Just after the fruitful and profitable accomplishment of DHAs in major cities of Pakistan, Defence Housing Authority had started its first project in the Peshawar, capital of KPK with the title of DHA Peshawar.

Due to the job’s requirement, we can say that the home societies introduced by the Defence Housing Authority are becoming the same society with brilliance in Pakistan. And, for most folks of their provincial funding and neighboring cities, getting a place in DHA Peshawar has ever been among the very wise and wanted individual accomplishments.

Being the nation’s most reliable name in the property industry and real estate market, we’ve taken this opportunity to compile a list of reasons why the location of DHA Peshawar is nothing short of ideal and why you should consider living or investing in the community

Giving to the official website of the residential housing venture and previous successful record, Defence Housing Society Peshawar features a high maintain living atmosphere with a natural and healthy environment with the whole lot features which you need to live a better life and to have a quality lifestyle. It makes suitably available all of the luxurious amenities at your doorstep.

The DHA is a gated community which promises reliable home and constant growth and improvements with respect to services and facilities to improve the living standard of its inhabitants. This society will create several investment opportunities because of high maintenance, successful developers, an ideal location, and a safe environment.

Given below is a list of amenities in DHA Peshawar that creates it number one in the list of top living areas in KPK province:

  • DHA Peshawar is the first-ever walled and gated community in the province of KPK.
  • Provide state of the art and modern infrastructure.
  • Deliver amenities which support international standards of living
  • The wide network of well-planned and carpeted road
  • Developed and planned by Defence Housing Authority

If we keep in mind all of these facilities, it is justified to reveal that the defense housing society in Peshawar is an epitome of brilliance in all housing Society.

Other than files and plots, some readily built houses are available to sell out in DHA Peshawar.

These houses are planned and mapped from DHA Authorities, Private houses with owners own architectural map are also under construction at some places in the society. While many are yet to start.

DHA Peshawar Investment

Investors and other people who are interested in living in the society will shortly have some of the more choices to select in DHA Peshawar guaranteed investment return on their hard-earned money.

Now we have a comprehensive description of what DHA Peshawar. Now the next quest is that why you should choose and invest in this perfectly described society. So, the following reasons are your answers.

  • The main reason is that DHA Peshawar is not only a smart DHA housing project in KPK province but this housing society comes on number one in the list of the biggest societies like Bahria town or Capital Smart City.
  • Peshawer has almost 3 million residents and KPK has more than 3 million 30 million people who are living in KPK. DHA Peshawar has created an elegant chance for all residents of the city to invest and live in the first smart city.
  • Due to successful developers, they can safely invest their earned money and can buy their place which will provide high living benefits.
  • It is the only smart city in the province, so it is not only for the people of Peshawar but it is a golden chance for the whole of KPK in fact for the whole of Pakistan to invest in the biggest housing project which itself showed a great motivational picture.
  • The housing society comprises all necessary and luxurious features which any family will ever need.

Presently it seems though that the local investors are probably not very keen about investing in Peshawar DHA.  This may be because they have yet to experience how real estate societies like DHA can turn you into an instant millionaire.

However, people in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi who have seen how investments in DHA have changed the lives of people already know that the potential in Peshawar is huge and therefore are already investing in the opportunity to take advantage of its launch.

One of the greatest facts about DHA Peshawar which enhances its investment is that it is the first venture of a housing society in KPK and comes among the other huge national development like Bahria Town and DHA City. But, it’s a perfect investment option with high-profit return because plots prices are very low when compared to inland societies.

DHA Peshawar is motivated to finish the development procedure at a fast pace earlier than the actual time so can increase the percentage of investment opportunities.

Expectations and Prospect

When you are devoting your savings and money in real estate, then you should probably do some research first and do not get confused at any point in the investment process.

The first step is to know everything about the housing project in which you wish to buy a property. Keep in mind to take opinion from many numbers of advisors as different people have a different opinion, after that trust on your guts

But it is a fact that real estate investment is always advantageous, especially when the property is of Defence Housing Authority projects. DHA Projects from the start never disappoint its client and deliver desired results to the people of Pakistan. Almost 90 % of the promises, which the DHA team made, have always practically achieved.

This undoubtedly indicates the legitimacy and authenticity of the DHA housing societies and their culture. This promotes reliable and valuable real estate investments with a world-class living place within Pakistan.

Even Though the number of problems has arisen in the phase of acquiring land area for the DHA Peshawar society and it also took a lot of time but it had always found a way across to deliver the best results to clients.

That is why DHA comes on number one and is the chief real estate developer of housing societies in Pakistan and it stays to become better every year.

DHA Peshawar is going to be a milestone housing project and is likely to deliver a lot of profit returns to its beloved investors. First balloting is also held, and preparation of 2nd balloting is in process.

One thing that is important to reveal here is that the plot costs will differ depending on the locality of the plot. The balloting which was conducted by DHA Peshawar is entirely transparent and automated.

After 2nd balloting, it is anticipated that a common location plot will be about 90 Lacs and a plot located on a good site can rise to a crore.

With the file that you have bought, you will also pay the number of development fees to authorities of DHA Peshawar after the possession of your plot. Normally this fee is around 1 lac and has to payed in 2 to 3 years. You will get a full hold on your plot after that.

if you are not capable of paying these development charges then there is a chance that the interest rate of your plot installment becomes high.

It is thus advisable to submit all the installments according to the scheduled time. And if you need to resell your plot in DHA Peshawar then at that time you will again have to give a fee in the name of date development charges and transfer charges.

DHA Peshawar will likely finish the development work in 2 to 3 years. And then it is going to hand over the plots to its buyers.

Prices of plots are rising day by day and it will be double soon. That is why you need to consider investing in this super housing society

Best strategies to sell or buy

According to research, if you want to have a benefit from your investment in DHA Peshawar than it is sensible to buy and hold it for the long term and then sell it after getting the possession of plots. But, if you are not an occupant of KPK province than you should go along with these strategies.

Strategy no 1: purchase before balloting

If you are the outsider, then the perfect time to purchase a plot is prior to balloting and the best moment to sell will be in the next 6 months to almost a year after balloting. In this way, you will get the maximum profit return in a very short time period.

Strategy no 2: Purchase when property market low

According to this strategy, you purchase a plot at a good site after the balloting event. The good time to purchase it will differ with respect to the market conditions.

Generally, it is the period when the property market is slow and it is very difficult to find a protentional buyer. This situation will benefit you a lot. Then sell the plot just before the possession or little after that.

Best strategies to sell or buy in dha Peshawar


DHA Peshawar is the first venture of the Defence Housing Authority at KPK Province. It has a very unique spot at the hearts of these people of KPK in the present time.

They do not have to consider Punjab to get a secure investment in Real estate. We consider DHA Peshawar will probably be among the most booming DHA Projects in the whole country.

It is situated in an excellent location. As it is the only DHA society in KPK and as Punjab alone currently includes 5 DHA projects Notably in Islamabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan, and Bahawalpur.

So, this provides unique benefits to Peshawar DHA along with also a critical facet to consider earlier Choosing to buy.

DHA Peshawar is a perfect society with all amenities and resources which are essential for a person or a family for better and healthier living.

The housing society holds high educational institutions, gyms and sports complexes, hospitals, salons, libraries parks, and many more.
It is only 2 hours away from Islamabad and very near to Islamabad- Peshawar motorway and is located in the prime and residential area of Peshawar.

DHA Peshawar is the only society in KPK having the smart features, this is the bonus point for investors of the scheme as it is going to be way more worthful than other societies in the region.

So we can conclude that anybody can invest and live here in DHA Peshawar for betterment. This will provide the finest benefits to you just with a small investment.

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