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DHA Karachi is a unique and versatile residential project which is rapidly escalating its development in accordance with the contemporary engineering and experienced architecture practices.

It has been planned tremendously to have a mission to uplift the living standards of each individual who seeks to improve the lifestyle in terms of health care, education, family entertainment, and reliable liabilities.

DHA-KARACHI is endeavored to have all living luxuries and all essential things of life that have been well planned in this masterpiece of modern development. It is going to have a central business district that will have all major health and educational institutions.

Alongside banks, corporate and government offices, the housing project also has parks, graveyards, masjids, petrol & gas stations, playgrounds, nurseries, and more.


Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority was first originated for the welfare of notable officers of the Armed Forces of Pakistan. Therefore the major concern was to provide exceptional standards of life to the officers who have been serving themselves for the enhancement for the country for so long.

It has begun with an allotment of 76.2 acres of land with remarkable planning and conscientious urban development. Hence it has been evolved as the largest and leading residential estate of the country.

DHA profoundly holds the privilege of being the only housing authority that provides a great environment with a well-guarded community with essentials liabilities by promising versatile advancement through leadership, vision, and innovation.

Therefore, DHA has composed itself to be the preferred housing provider in the country, which manages to deal with several relevant other projects. DCK has been envisioned as ‘The First Sustainable City of Pakistan,’ which will serve as an ideal and dreamland place for people for future independence.

The aim is to plan and build a city, which provides its citizens a safe, comfortable, productive, and beautiful lifestyle. DHA City Karachi

Therefore, the authority controls functioning with a well-managed and governed administration that opts to provide the best educational, cultural, and civic commodities to the residents, thereby.

DHA has achieved a reputable status serving as a target for providing suitable living standards in Pakistan. Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority currently owns and manages over an area of 8,797 Acres, serving several families

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DHA is located on the Karachi -Hyderabad highway at the eastern border of Karachi, bordering Thatta district in the south and Jamshoro district in the east.

It is 56 km away from the heart area, zero points of Karachi, 35 km away from Karachi Airport, 26 km from the Toll Plaza, and 120 km away from Hyderabad city.

DHA Karachi Location Map


DHA Karachi started its journey quite a long ago. It comes under the topmost renowned residential projects of Pakistan that comprise of all the living essentials, its spread over an area of 20,000 acres of land, which is developed as a planned, Sustainable, Green, and the Smart City of Pakistan.

Hence, its venture has all the potential to provide an ambiance of modern, secure and comfortable living to its residents, more importantly, the fast ongoing tracks developed with industrialized consistency.

Therefore, worldwide master planning, provoking world-class liabilities, and the globally recognized s status of DCK (DHA City Karachi) are the remarkable features that have given an international posture to DCK.

Since the last one year, it has remarkably influence interventions in DCK, which has given a new dimension and added chunks to the project. Therefore numbers of establishing and well-reputed renowned educational institutions and medical setups in DCK have been introduced.

Focal persons of DHA Karachi

DHA Lahore is the housing society under Defence Housing Authority; hence it is clear that it comes under Armed forces, but to enhance developmental purposes, senior army officers are controlling this project.

  • Chairman of the society is Lieutenant General (Retired) Ikram ul Haq, HI(M), who is Secretary Defence, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan.
  • The vice-chairman is Lieutenant General Majid Ehsan, HI(M), who is Commander 4 Corps.
  • Project managers are Brigadier Waheed Gul Satti and Colonel (Retired) Sajid Javed, (Retired) Brigadier Ahmad Abbas, Mr. Nawabzada Babar Saleem Haider.


DHA- Karachi has spread all over an area of 4151 Acres of reclaimed land and remained developed for the last three decades. A new Master Plan for Development was prepared by a renowned consultant that has been based on solid and legitimate infrastructure development is going on at full pace.

There is various Sector, and the beginning of an infrastructure development work has been finalized, and the Sectors have been opened for construction.

Infrastructure Development of Sector A & B includes road carpeting, sewerage, water supply, electric works, and street lights. Construction of major arterial roads in the entire Sector has been finalized; simultaneously, the development of other sectors has been marginalized and soon to be announced.

Cogeneration plan agenda in DHA-Karachi:

Karachi has finally appeared to be the leap of hope for almost everyone who lives in that country’s therefore, the first privately installed power generation and water desalination plant will resume operations as its operator, DHA Cogen Limited, says it is trying to make the plant functional.

However, The Cogen plant is currently under litigation, as the bank that lent money years ago to DHA Cogen Limited has taken it to court for recovery of the loan and the latest development.

DHA Cogen Limited has approached the Sindh High Court (SHC) against a decision by its single bench, which had dismissed the company’s applications for granting of leave to defend in the matter in which it had been ordered to pay Rs165 million to IGI Investment Bank.

IGI Investment Bank had filed a lawsuit demanding the return of the Rs165 million lent to the company. The purification plant was installed over 10 acres of land in Defence Housing Authority’s (DHA), but it has yet to start full-fledged operations.

Eventually, the banks have started lending money for its operations started demanding their investments back. Hence, this plant could produce 94 megawatts of energy and approximately 14 million liters of drinking water per day.

It was considered to be a key component of the $600-million infrastructure project undertaken by DHA.
Upon completion. This project was supposed to cater to the water and power needs of approximately 800,000 people.
Unfortunately, the dispute over delays in initiating its commercial operations has taken the matter to court. Amongst them, IGI Investment Bank went to court in April 2014, seeking the recovery of the Rs165 million through liquidation of the company’s assets.

Cogeneration plan agenda in DHA-Karachi


Another significant characteristic includes DHA Oasis (Farmhouses and Chalets) project, which is set to uplift living standards in a resort in a surreal environment around city suburbs.

The landmark project is in an active stage of execution. All these exciting and influential interventions are indeed evidence of DHA’s credibility, which makes it a strong organization in the field of property.

DHA is fully equipped with luxuries and has been indulged with a notion of making revolutionary changes for their interested participants.


  • All the essential such as electricity, gas, and water are available

DHA-Karachi brings all the necessities of life, which makes it easy for every individual to sustain their lifestyle. Such as electricity, gas, and water.

  • Wide-Carpeted road and proper management system

Wide-carpeted road and proper management system is the key component of DHA-Karachi, since, providing feasibilities to people would be the basic concern of this entire organization.

  • Lavish spaces with different intervals

Lavish spaces with multiple intervals are to be taken importantly in DHA-Karachi to bring solidarity in people.

  • Easy access to public transport

Easy access to public transport is predominately favorable throughout this journey. Therefore, DHA-Karachi has an emphasis on it initially.

  • Proper sewerage system

Proper sewerage system and providing a clean environment is the major and important concern. Therefore DHA-Karachi confesses all the issues that a person encountered meanwhile.

  • Modern infrastructure

DHA-KARACHI has originated a marvelous infrastructure for its aspiring audience to maintain the living standard of people.

DHA Karachi Essentials

  • Easy access to medical facilities

Easy access to medical is also taken important for this case; whoever feels unwell will get access to the clinic, and hospital and get this approach.

  • Availability of parks and playgrounds

Parks and ply grounds re essentially important for people to evaluate themselves in an appealing environment. Therefore, DHA-Karachi considers this factor in front and made beautiful parks alongside.

  • Safest and most secure localities

Providing the safest yet cool environment is the foremost important concern of authorities. Therefore DHA-Karachi brings an exclusive security system for their people.

  • Commercial activities

C Mini Market in between Defence View Housing Society’s Phase 1 and 2 features grocery stores, vegetables and fruit sellers, stationery stores, eateries, mobile phone and accessories shops, and a lot more. This market is around 3 km away.

  • Easy access to the fuel station.

Easy access to fuel is predominantly the major concern since whoever comes all the way long in Karachi ought to drive a car to reach there, therefore giving access to petrol should be taken serious issue while analyzing the land

  • Top educational institutions in the vicinity

According to multiple kinds of research, properties located nearby educational institutions hold a better name and price than the properties situated far away. The findings make sense since having academic institutions nearby brings peace of mind.

Also, another fundamental and significant factor is that the DHA head office is located here as well, and NADRA Mega Center is located in DHA Phase1.

  • Sophisticated transportation access.

 DHA Karachi Transport Easy access to public transportation is a vital convenience for many property buyers, even if they have no intention of using them.

However, the availability of public transport signifies the importance of an area, and purchasing a property to commute hubs offers added convenience and evaluate property’s value.

Being an elite residential society, residents of Phase 1, DHA usually use their conveyance or ride-hailing services for their intra-city commutes.

However, rickshaws, taxis, and a few bus stops are also easily accessible nearby. Some of them include:

  • Pindi Chowk Bus Stop in Akhtar Colony Sector-A, about 1.6 km away
  • X9 Old Stop in Akhtar Colony Sector-B, 1.7 km away
  • Akhter Colony Bus Stop in D.H.A Phase II Extension Commercial Area, around 3 km away

Moreover, residents of Phase 1, DHA, can also move ahead to Karachi Cantonment Station of Pakistan Railways, which has been located on Dr. Daud Pota Road, Karachi. It is one of the biggest railway stations in the city, frequently used to travel to other cities of Pakistan; hence, the train station is around 4 km away from DHA Phase 1, Karachi.


 DHA Karachi Markets Initially, DHA Karachi is an entirely evolved and fully-equipped residential community located nearby the busiest roads and commercial areas of Karachi. You might find tons of supermarkets, general stores, marts, and markets in and near Phase 1.

DHA, Karachi. Residents freely enjoy the convenience of groceries, home essentials, and various other products. Some popular markets in DHA Phase 1, Karachi are:

Golden Tower/Gold Mark II is located on main Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road. This mall is quite famous and considered an excellent option for eco- friendly shopping.

These markets sell stitched and unstitched variety of casual and semi-formal women and men’s clothes and possess verities of sandals, nonetheless, book shops and access to books shops.

Pak Paradise Store in Centre Point Building, DHA Phase 1, Karachi, is the go-to option to shop for groceries and everyday use of products.Moreover, residents can also visit several markets located near Phase 1, DHA, Karachi. Some of the nearby markets include.

Mini Market in between Defence View Housing Society’s Phase 1 and 2 features grocery stores, vegetables and fruit sellers, stationery stores, eateries, mobile phone and accessories shops, and a lot more. This market is around 3 km away.

Imtiaz Super Market on main Korangi Road, Qayyumabad, Karachi, is easily accessible after covering an estimated distance of 4 km. Imtiaz Super Market is one of the most famous markets quite familiar with selling imported and local products at wholesale prices.

The store stocks everything from a wide range of groceries to apparel (women, men, and kids), newborn – toddler products and variety of toys, crockery, and kitchen accessories, home appliances, and electronics,

Nonetheless, cosmetics, artificial jewelry, bakery items, snacks, footwear, stationery items, sanitary products, all sorts of meat, in-season fruits, and vegetables. Imtiaz Super Market is always being occupied at the beginning of the month and before special yet occasional events.

Education as a prime concern of DHA-Karachi.

According to research, properties located nearby educational institutions hold a better name and price than the properties situated far away. The findings make sense since having academic institutions nearby brings peace of mind.

Several schools are situated near Phase 1, DHA Karachi, are obliged to provide quality education. Some reputed schools near the society include St. Mary’s Public School is about 1.2 km away from DHA Phase 1, Karachi. The school’s curriculum is based on Aga Khan Education System (AKES). You can enroll your kids here from Playgroup to Class IX.

High Rise Academy in Akhtar Colony’s Sector A is considered one of the best schools, according to the community’s residents. It is quite approachable to everyone who lives in this place. The school admits students from Play Group, Montessori, Elementary, Primary, and Secondary to O-Levels. It conducts sessions for Toddlers as well.

The Educator School, a project of Beacon House, is not more than 2 km away is situated on 14th Commercial Street of DHA Phase II Extension. The Academy is a project of Iqra University, and its Defence View Campus is located at an estimated distance of 3 km. This campus offers classes from Playgroup to Class X and O-Levels.

Further, Allied School, managed by Punjab Group of Colleges, is situated in Phase 3, Defence View Housing Society, Karachi, about 4 km away from DHA Phase 1. It follows a conventional curriculum from Montessori to Secondary.

Nonetheless, schools mentioned above, you can also consider enrolling your kids in DHA High School System (1.8 km), located in Sabir SRE Karachi Cantonment. Besides, you can also pay a visit to Model Public School, which has been in DHA Phase 1 and Sector A, Akhtar Colony, Karachi.

For all those students who live in DHA Phase 1, Karachi brings many fascinating options in the vicinity. Government and private colleges are located near Phase 1, DHA Karachi, which isn’t more than 6 minutes’ drive. Some of them are mentioned below. Such as Benazir Bhutto Govt. College for Women in Azam Town, Karachi SMBB Govt. Girls Degree College Azam Town, Karachi

Pakistan Educational Foundation College is about 3 km away. It is sited in Block 6 of PECHS Karachi

Luckily, students seek option for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees which they can choose from some of the most popular higher education institutions positioned near Phase 1, DHA, Karachi, somewhat 2 km to 7 km away

Experienced medical specialists and doctors living in DHA Phase 1, Karachi may head to the following medical colleges and universities located nearby:

Bahria University Medical & Dental College (BUMDC) is situated on Sailor Street near PNS-SHIFA in DHA Phase 2. It is about 2 km away from society’s location. BUMDC is a project of the Pakistan Navy, and students can enroll in MBBS, BDS (Dentistry), DPT (Doctor in Physical Therapy), or for MPhil in Anatomy, Pathology, and Pharmacology.

DHA Karachi Education Significantly, the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) on 7th Central Street in DHA Phase 2 is approximately 2 km away from DHA Phase 1, Karachi, and is known for its postgraduate certifications and training programs in surgery, dentistry, and medicine.

Being a public regulatory college, CPSP also oversees postgraduate medical education in different medical colleges and universities. The college offers admissions in FCPS and MCPS degree programs.

Moreover, Fatima Jinnah Dental College (FJDC) is another private institution positioned in Azam Town near Phase 1, DHA Karachi, which is managed by Fatima Jinnah Dental College & Hospital Trust and being recognized as the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC).

Also, it is affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University, and the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan has the college’s postgraduate faculties. FJDC offers only a Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS). You can reach here after a 3-minute drive from DHA Phase 1, Karachi.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University, one of the renowned universities on Rafiqi Road, Karachi Cantonment, accredited by the Higher Education Commission and the University Grants Commission (Pakistan).

Further, It can be covered an approximate interval of 4 km from Phase 1, DHA, Karachi. It offers several degree programs, such as MBBS, Pharm D., Bachelors of Dental Surgery (BDS), Certificate course in Health Professions Education, and MS in Public Health and Health Professions Education.

Additionally, Jinnah Medical Sindh University is associated with the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, and National Institute of Child Health.

Other than medical universities, there are plenty of other academic institutions that begin with Iqra University’s (IU) main campus is about 4 km away, situated adjacent to Shaheed-e-Millat Expressway, Phase 1, Defence View.

Iqra University has been chartered by the Government of Sindh and accredited by National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC) for its business degree programs.

Besides, affiliated with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). The university offers a degree in computer sciences, education, health sciences, business & management, engineering, media sciences, and fashion designing.


 Entertainment in DHA Karachi As far as entertainment is concerned, DHA-KARACHI focuses on the entertainment agenda, which helps people to think outside the box to enhance their lifestyle. Therefore the majority of the people cover a whole distance to seek fun part and end up making their residence in Karachi, specifically in DHA-Karachi. The following are some fun sneak-peak places of fun.

  • Tombola on every Wednesday
  • Friday BBQ Buffet
  • Sunday Brunch
  • Sunday BBQ Buffet with live music
  • Cricket matches on a big screen
  • Kids summer camp

DHA Karachi activities

Nearby Famous restaurants and tuck shops

DHA Phase 1 is surrounded by several renowned eateries and full-fledged restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. Moreover, some options in the vicinity are frequented by people from across Karachi. Some restaurants located in Phase 1, DHA, Karachi include:

McDonald’s Restaurant & Drive-Thru positioned on N Circular Avenue on main Korangi Road. Masala Inn, known to serve lip-smacking barbeque. The well-known Biryani Centre, located on 8th E Street of DHA Phase 1 Karachi. Their tikka biryani is quite popular.

Paradise Burger on 10 main Korangi Road in Phase 1, DHA is the nearest option for residents to satisfy their cravings for traditional bun kebabs and a variety of burgers.

When it comes to popular local eateries nearby, you will find desirable Snacks in the Commercial Area A of DHA Phase 2. They serve a huge variety of paratha rolls and fast food, which are quite popular among the foodies. The eatery is around 1.4 km away.

To fulfill the Craving of Desi Nashta and want to get the ultimate dose of Nihari, residents of DHA Phase 1 Karachi can easily move to Ghausia Nihari House. It is located in Commercial Area A, DHA Phase 2, hardly contains a distance of 1.5 km. Kaybees is a renowned name in the food business and serves a variety of cuisines, including Pakistani, Chinese, and fast food. One of its branches is sited

Commercial Area A on the main Korangi Road of DHA Phase 2. It is around 6 minutes’ drive away from society.


Some sports facilities are being located near Phase 1, DHA, Karachi are:

Sports Time Out, situated in upper Gizri, DHA, features well-maintained facilities for playing futsal, football, cricket, volleyball, throw the ball, and table tennis. The AstroTurf and Futsal Turf are quite well-kept. It is reachable at a distance of about 6 km from the community.

Karachi Sports Complex on Kashmir Road in Jamshed Quarters, Muslimabad, is approachable at an approximate stretch of 6 km. You can register here to access several facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis court, jogging track, and skating area. The complex has all the skating equipment and has appointed skating instructors as well to guide beginners.

KMC Sports Complex on Kashmir Road, Muslimabad, is another option close to DHA Phase 1, situated at an estimated span of 6.8 km. The facility features a swimming pool, a cricket ground, and a football ground.

  • Fitness hub in DH-Karachi

Fitness hub in DHA-Karachi Additionally, fitness buffs can choose between quite a few gyms and fitness centers located in and near Phase 1, DHA, Karachi. Some are sited at a walkable distance, while others take a few minutes’ drives to reach:

A well maintained and Smart Gym is located in Golden Tower on main Korangi Road, DHA Phase 1. It is a well-equipped gym with extraordinary machinery and a comfy environment that offers yoga, Zumba, and aerobics classes.

Besides, group exercise sessions are organized from time-to-time under the supervision of seasoned instructors. They also provide customized diet and exercise plans to members according to their body mass and weight.

However, when it comes to nearby options, 24/7 Gym Karachi is the closest to DHA Phase 1, as it takes about 6 minutes’ drive to reach. This gym is also well equipped and comfortable build on the first floor of the main market in Akhter Colony, Sector B.

The Force Gym & Fitness is also 6 minutes’ drive away from society, located in Karachi Cantonment.

Furthermore, Fitness Extreme on 11th Commercial Street of DHA Phase 2 is reachable within a drive of 8 minutes. Shapes Health Club/Gym & Fitness Centre on 139 McNeil Road in Karachi Cantonment is situated at an estimated distance of 3 km.

The fitness centers are made or designed for maintaining cleanliness as well as equipment and machinery. Shapes offer customized packages according to the customer’s requirements. It also features a swimming pool and a lush green garden.

Furthermore, The Sunset Club in Khayaban-e-Jami, DHA Phase 2, also features sports facilities and a gymnasium.

It has a women-only gym, men’s gym, swimming pools (separate for men and women), squash courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, table tennis, and tennis courts, jogging track, snooker, and a billiard room. This club is reachable in an 8 minutes’ drive from DHA Phase 1.

  • Surreal view enrich with natural beauty

Series of efforts have been made to maintain the natural beauty of the area in addition to maintaining a safe and clean environment. Parks, lakes, and bird aviary are only some out of the various approved plans so that future residents live and evolve into an entirely healthy atmosphere.

Therefore, certain services are quite essential for the community as well as outer beauty plays a major role in enhancing the lifestyle; parks and clubs are such amenities that are found in abundance in the vicinity of DHA Phase 1, Karachi.

Concerning lush green parks in and near Phase 1, DHA, Karachi, Local Park on 3rd N Street in Sector 5/I is positioned at the northern end of DHA Phase 1 and is about 600 m away from National Medical Centre Karachi.

The community park is ideal for morning and evening walks and features a lot of benches and spaces. Mother Park is situated at a distance of 2 km from the society. The park is found on 22nd Commercial Street, DHA Phase 2 Extension. Also, it can be approached from Solidarity Monument on Defence Mor after covering a distance of 1.3 km.

Besides, Other than the parks mentioned above, Nisar Shaheed Park in DHA Phase 4 is one of the most-visited parks in the locality. It is a well-maintained, lush green park ideally suited for families and features benches, seasonal flowers, and several well-kept trees.

However, It has a play area for kids and some small stalls selling different types of snacks. It is usually observed that people come here regularly to walk, jog, and do yoga exercises. The park is around 3 km away from DHA Phase 1, Karachi.

Additionally, people who live nearby this land urge to mesmerize the beauty of their native land or the place in which they have devoured certain memories; DHA-Karachi has introduced such a mind-blowing, surreal view that goes all the way from its beginning to its end, having majestic insight.

Security and vigilance: Security in DHA Karachi DHA Security & Vigilance equipped with state of the art weapons & wireless communication network and trained surveillance from all Armed Forces (Army, Navy & PAF) to devise tactical and strategic responses for meeting current and future challenges

To promote closer interaction between the DHA and the residents and prompt response on their complaints/ call, a Helpline (1092) established in Main Control Room linked with Police, Rangers, CPLC, Edhi, etc. through wireless/telephonic line.

Having been considering all the essentials of people, DHA-Karachi has considered the needs of the individual as their priority and managed to bring certain changes accordingly.

Enhancement of DHA-Phrases:

This entire plan was designed back in 2011, or perhaps in 2013, almost 5, 6 years has been passed, however, in the first couple of years, the market was completely isolated in real estate, and People were unfamiliar with the notion of buying and selling.

Therefore DHA-Karachi focal authorities introduced the first plot file transaction, and within a two parallel year, the entire society has been accomplished.

However, DHA-PHASE VIII is the biggest and most modern, well planned, and fastest-growing phase of the Defence Housing Authority, which constitutes 45% of the entire area of DHA.

They are undergoing with mega development activity, the mammoth infrastructure development work all its sectors has been completed with a degree of quality and excellence by the spirited project team of Phase-VIII.

Phase-2,3,4 has undeniably come up as a model and vibrant phase showcasing the progressive image of DHA.

This is envisioned to come up as a model and vibrant phase showcasing the progressive image of the DHA. The infrastructure development work has been done as per the international standards by following a progressive master plan and contemporary town planning concepts that will give hype to further development of the area.

The wide and spacious roads developed have all design features to cater to future extension, drainage problems, and incorporates suitable footpaths and service roads with all underground service utility network, including power cables.

Similarly, the sewerage and water supply systems are futuristic and cater to future expansion. The overall development can be termed as truly momentous, signifying an initiative for a quantum leap forward in the field of development and construction.

The DHA, however, is also mindful of the need for availability of utility services, including water, gas, and electricity in the area before it is opened for construction.

The DHA has already laid the utility services infrastructure in Phase-VIII to a large extent and has all the plans ready to lay the remaining electricity/gas infrastructure once it gets a green signal from KE and SSGC for the same.

The efforts for ensuring the provision of water, electricity, and gas in the area at the earliest are concertedly going on. The cherished journey of development and progress in the area continues with many new initiatives and interventions in the offing.


Consequently, The DHA is determined to give a qualitative lifestyle to its residents, having the potential to enrich their lives. In this regard, the DHA recently made some progressive interventions in Phase-VIII that have given a new dimension and added value to the area.

DHA City is the largest and most luxurious venture of the Defence Housing Authority, where a large number of resources and experts are employed to monitor the development work.

Some of them are currently carried out at different project areas, including the central business district, extension project of the main gate, the commercial zone of sector 3, and multiple other venues that are going to be delivered as per given timelines.

There is a huge potential still lying vacant, which might appeal to thousands of new investors who are seeking to invest in a safe project for their better and sustainable future.


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