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DHA Islamabad


DHA Islamabad is the most renowned and versatile housing society that originated with a vision to upgrade the living standard of every individual who dreams of improving their lifestyle.

However, it reflects the ambitious vision for the twin cities where the majority of people envision their better future, in terms of education, healthcare, fun activities, and numerous trivial purposes.

The vision of this project was to build and design an exceptional place in twin cities to build a suitable infrastructure and modern design. DHA-Islamabad has been offering multiple plots and commercial options according to customer demands if a person wishes to buy a plot for their residence or rather to build any commercial areas.

Alongside, DHA Islamabad offers such a unique and comprehensive insight to satisfy the whole community in everything and to make it unique and appealing for the whole community, while adding comforts, luxurious amenities, and timeless elegance.

About DHA-Islamabad

Additionally, this society promises to provide all the luxuries having a mission to sustain the lifestyle of people from average to elite ones. However, the very first and fundamental core step of this society is to introduce an easy and comfortable lifestyle to all the community out there.

The area of DHA Rawalpindi is spread over 1100 Kanal area, which is then divided into six fully developed sectors that currently is home to more than 300 residents.

Residential plots of 5 Marla and 8 Marla in each Block were provided at a very minimum price for the general public on a 3-year installment plan. Further other projects of DHAI were launched in 2008, and thousands of plots (around 50,000) were allotted to the applicants of this project.

A large number of allotments were later introduced to one of the major parts of the Defence Housing Authority, which were intended to overcome the certain ambiguities of property.

Initially, the Defence housing society emphasizes on each individual. It tends to rejuvenate the living standard of the community, because, in this rapid world, everyone seems to devour the luxuries of life and attempts to move ahead.

Highlights of DHA-Islamabad

The Defense Housing Authority is a housing society located within the Islamabad and Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area. The neighborhood is divided into six parts that overlap Islamabad Capital Territory to Punjab provincial border.

The neighborhood was specially established for military personnel in 1992 by the Pakistan Armed Forces Welfare Department, known for delivering outclass residential projects.

Before DHA Islamabad obtained the entirety of the land and requirements for this project, solid foundation and advancement in the region go beyond the realm of imagination.

The development work at the society is continuous and at a stable pace with trustworthiness and reliability.

History of DHA-Islamabad

DHA Islamabad, or else known as DHA Rawalpindi, was primarily established for personnel from the military in 1992 by the Pakistan Armed Forces Welfare Department. The Groundbreaking ceremony of DHA Islamabad was held in May 1992.

The development of the project was handed over to the most reputable real estate development group in Pakistan, Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd. Since then, DHA Islamabad has come a long way in terms of location, facilities, and living options.

Since then, the society has expanded, and different phases and Extension areas have become a part of this initiative.

Currently, DHA Islamabad is known to be the most sought out housing societies in Pakistan for purchasing and renting property throughout the country due to its reliability, advanced features, and security. You can read more about the society and its origin from the DHA Islamabad official website.

Governing Authorities of DHA-Islamabad

The focal person who owns and governs this entire society is the Secretary Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. Following are some reputable members that are responsible for the maintenance and affairs of the society

  • Vice Chiefs of Staff of three services or Principal Staff Officers of the three services (Nominees of respective Service Chief).
  • DCAS (Admin), AHQ.
  • President Executive Board DHA.
  • DG, ML & C, Min of Defence
  • The administrator of the authority
  • Secretary-Secretary of the Authority

The Governing Body meets at least once every year for examination progress, unqualified down policy guidelines, and approves the budget and review report of the authority.

Developers of DHA Islamabad

DHA societies came into existence after the astonishing development from Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited, the housing developers went all out to signify the master plan and keep their commitment by meeting the extraordinary needs of their clients.

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited has developed many prestigious projects in Pakistan, along with Defence societies, which turned into an amazing success in a short period.

Under this efficient reward, they won the trust and confidence of their clients and established a solid reputation for themselves in the real estate market of Pakistan.

Not only this, but they have also etched their name in the field of engineering by incorporating the latest techniques in their infrastructure along with other disciplines.

Location of DHA-Islamabad

Following is the DHA Islamabad map for your better understanding of the location of the project.

DHA Islamabad Location

As seen from the map, DHA Islamabad is a housing project developed by the Defence Housing Authority in Islamabad, is situated right next to Fauji Foundation Hospital close to the Grand trunk road.

The society is connected with Islamabad Expressway through a six-lane DHA Expressway that covers the major phases of DHA Islamabad; hence, some parts are under construction but are expected to be completed soon.

Nearby housing societies

DHA-Islamabad is built upon the residential area, which is at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the main city to give you a comfortable environment. The following are the main housing societies and colonies near situated near DHA Islamabad.

  • Gulraiz housing society
  • Naval Anchorage
  • Zaraj Housing Society
  • River Gardens Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Gulshan-e-Sehat Islamabad
  • Fazaia housing society

Phases of DHA-Islamabad

DHA- Phases are strategically designed and planned to present the residential lifestyle and living quality of people encompassing beautiful mountain areas with breathtaking views.

This community, namely DHA, incorporates with this planned and end up building this society with various phases comprising of DHA Phase 1, DHA Phase 2, DHA Phase 2 Extension, DHA Phase 3, DHA Phase 4, DHA Phase 5, and DHA Valley.


DHA Islamabad Phases


Let us discuss these phases in-depth for your better understanding

  • Phase 1 DHA Islamabad is situated in a peaceful and scenic bridge of Soan River close to GT road; this phase is further divided into multiple sectors with full luxuries facilities. It is the oldest phase of Defence, located near Morgan.
  • Phase 2: DHA phase 2 is located between Islamabad express and GT road; this phase is a bit compact with the bustling locality. Therefore the prices of this particular phase are drastically increasing with all amenities. Major of all phases, between Islamabad Expressway and N-5 National Highway. Home to the World Trade Center Islamabad
  • Phase 3: phase 3 is situated a short distance from GT road alongside Bahria Town phase 8; it’s a bit undeveloped area; therefore, people are immensely investing in this it for their future investment. Previously Bahria Garden City, located east of Bahria VIII
  • Phase 4: DHA phase Islamabad is underdeveloped to some extent and located alongside with phase 1; however, it’ll feature with advanced infrastructure and with all the essentials such as healthcare centers and educational institutes.
  • Phase 5: DHA phase 5 is a developing housing society. This phase is situated at the Islamabad Expressway across DHA Phase 2 and is an appealing investment opportunity. This area is spread over 1670 Kanal with a full carped road that goes towards Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Defence Valley Islamabad: On hold, located adjacent to Defence phase II on Islamabad Expressway, is a collaboration between Bahria Town & DHA. The project offers s unmatched facilities with a free & secure environment that showcases beautiful views of nature and promoting international standards of living.

Amenities at DHA-Islamabad

As we know, DHA has played a major role in the real estate industry in Pakistan both in terms of purchasing a plot or buying a house for residence. It is famous for offering all the essential amenities to its resident with a guarantee of a comfortable life.

Undoubtedly, DHA is the most stable society when it comes to providing facilities to the people; it holds a massive landscape for establishing residential options while providing the facilities.

DHA islamabad sale

This flowchart distinctly demonstrates the highest rates of the property being sold in the different areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Without the shadow of a doubt, the Defence housing society is top searched and purchased housing projects in the area that provides quality living style and therefore is top-ranked.

The following are the most fundamental characteristics of DHA housing society:

Hub of Educational Institutes

Considering the future and feasibility of its residents, the following are the top of line educational institutions that can be found in the premises of DHA housing society are as follows:

Roots international school.

Roots international school is the one famous world-class academic institution of Pakistan with a proud history plan of achievement and focusing on nurturing the personality of its students.

Beacon house school system

Beacon house school system is a private school system almost operating throughout Pakistan. Originated in Pakistan in 1975 with a mission to nurture the potential of each individual and to resonate with the importance of academic stability.

City school system

The city school is an independent Pakistani English medium educational institute that offers primary and secondary education to the students. With numerous branches established across Pakistan, it is one of the most preferred Schools. It also has a successful venture project functioning in UAE.

Al-Huda international school

Al-Huda school international was established back in 2000, which has now turned into a chain of religious schools and campuses in Islamabad and Karachi; the ideology behind this development is to incorporate religious education amongst young people.

Electricity, Gas, and Water Accessibility

DHA-Islamabad brings all the necessities of life, which makes it easy for every individual to sustain their lifestyle. These facilities include basic such as electricity, gas, and water, among other advanced facilities.

DHA Islamabad

Wide-Carpeted Network of Road and Advance Management System

Wide-carpeted road and proper management system is the key component of DHA-Islamabad since providing feasibilities to people would be the basic concern of this entire organization.

Advanced Sewerage system

Proper sewerage system and providing a clean environment is always the major and important concern of any residential area; therefore, DHA-Islamabad has well-maintained sewerage and water drainage system.

Modern infrastructureDHA Islamabad Infrastructure

DHA-Islamabad has originated an excellent infrastructure for its aspiring audience to maintain the living standard of people, which has many developed sectors and few underdeveloped sectors with versatile having an urban infrastructure.

Sui Gas network available

DHA Islamabad has developed its own Sui Gas system and proper meter segregation for its residents so that there is no shortage of Sui gas, the residents of this society do not have to encounter any difficulty.

High-speed Internet Access

High-speed internet is the focus feature for DHA Authorities, they have ensured to provide a vast and speedy internet connection to its residents

Pleasant and Surreal Environment

DHA showcases a pleasant environment for its residents and helps the residents to be able to benefit from the clean and natural environment. This helps people to nurture their lifestyle, health and plays a vital role in their daily activities.

Mosque in DHA-Islamabad

Most of the people prefer investing in DHA Islamabad because they have easy access to all kinds of housing amenities along with many mosques in every block that include the main DHA mosque, Jamie Masjid Noor, and Syeda Amina Mosque.

Security and vigilance

Initially, new security and vigilance policies have been installed to ensure a comfortable life at DHA Islamabad. These policies are implemented to observe unique protection arrangements in the project to combat and serve its citizens by all means.

The CCTVs camera is installed and enabled at all major parts of the society to record all the activities around the society.

For the security patrolling, deputed police officials are appointed at different locations to ensure complete order. High-alert safety and safety measures ensure that there is no criminal activity takes place in the town.

Healthcare & Medical Services

Healthcare is the core and fundamental need of any residential area. Hence it was essential for DHA-Islamabad to focus on facilitating its residents with the top of the line medical and health care there is.

DHA Islamabad Hospital

Some of the most famous hospitals found in the society include Riphah global, Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, and DHA department. Professional personnel and well-educated technicians ensure that each patient is provided with first-class clinical services.

Pakistan International hospital

Pakistan international hospital is one of the most renowned international hospitals that have been providing the best health care for its residents for a long time he public health for a long period; you can have access to everything under one roof with available services.

Shifa International hospital

Shifa international hospital is a well-equipped international hospital that provides ample health facilities for the residents and fulfills the needs of people with integrity and honesty.

Riphah International hospital

Riphah international hospital is the most notable international hospital situated nearby DHA-Islamabad; this hospital comprises various room which is well equipped with reliability. This possible services they can to each individual.

Attock hospital Ltd.

The hospital is situated on Morgah Road near the GT Road leading straight to DHA and Bahria Town. This is one of the oldest hospitals and medical care services in town, working towards excellence since the 1930s.

The hospital’s buildup was aimed towards providing facilities to the less fortunate and financially weak sectors of the public.

However, it now also caters to corporate clients as well and provides panel services for many insurance companies and organizations. They have expertise in all departments relevant to health.

Famous restaurants in DHA-Islamabad

As we know, the food culture an outing trends has been rapidly increasing in Pakistan. Lately, people love to dine in restaurants and are starving to spend time outside.

Though you can find good restaurants across the city, however, restaurants in DHA Islamabad are particularly famous for providing customers with a chance to choose from a wide range of delicious cuisines from all around the world.

No matter what trends comes in, Pakistan serves the best international fast-food chains like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s to local franchises such as BBQ. Tonight and Tandoori Express, DHA houses are some of the finest places to eat in Islamabad.

This large variety of dining options in the area make perfect sense because when it comes to living or investing in the federal capital, DHA Rawalpindi appears to be the most popular option both among local and overseas Pakistanis.

Nearby banks in DHA

Undeniably, banks are the most fundamental and essential amenity and are deemed to provide convenience to all the people who happen to visit banks for their core purposes. DHA Islamabad has many banks located in the society and nearby.

The following are some of the big banks near Phase 1, DHAI

Askari Bank is situated near TK Mart, just a minute away from main Defence Avenue.

Meezan Bank near DHA PTCL Exchange. You can easily reach this bank in 5 minutes from any sector of Phase 1.

Allied Bank near Sarfraz Masjid is just 3 minutes’ drive away, while Summit Bank in Sector F can be extended in 5 minutes by car from any nearby sector. A little further away, Standard Chartered on Bahria Expressway near Clock Tower Square can be reached in 8 minutes drives away.

Faysal Bank and Meezan Bank, situated on Service Road, are only 7 minutes’ drive away, while Askari Bank near Rasheed Sweets is accessible by car in 10 minutes.

List of most popular restaurants in DHA-Islamabad

Besides a few major outlets that spread the best quality throughout Pakistan, here are some of the most popular and renowned restaurants as well.

  • The jacaranda family club
  • Jade Café by China Town
  • Tandoori Express
  • Bar BQ. Tonight
  • Pepe’s Piri Piri
  • Sizzlers Grill & Coffee House
  • Mattany’s

The Jacaranda Family club in Defence.

DHA Islamabad Jacranda

Jacaranda family club is the most notable family club in DHA Islamabad foe all of those who want to spend quality time with their family; having been considering one of the best places to have desi grill food made with quality in Islamabad; this place is located nearby DHA Islamabad.

While the eatery is famous for its delicious barbecue and traditional dishes, the club is also extremely popular among those living in the area. The club offers members and visitors a variety of lavish facilities and amenities.

However, besides all the food essentials this restaurant provides a family to move around with security this family club spread over an area of 20 acres also houses banquets and party halls, cafes, bakeries, cinema, bowling alley, children’s play area and much more

Numerous guestrooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, and health centers for male and female guests are also there on the premises.

Jade café

Jade café offers a collection of appetizers, soups, burgers, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches on its broad menu. Because of its effective rates and perfect area, the diner has likewise become a famous hangout place.

However, just In case you’re in the mood for something light, the menu at Jade Café incorporates a wide range of refreshments, for example, frosted teas, smoothies, espressos, and likewise. It is additionally referred to for its delicious sweets, for example, French toasts, cakes, and biscuits.

Despite this fact, it is located in D HA Islamabad inside shopping with a separate setting area along with a well-trained staff providing quick services; moreover, the fancy and contemporary environment gives a lavish feel to its customer.

Public transport in DHA-Islamabad

Altogether, DHA, Islamabad is connected to many notable routes, quite a few modes of public transportation are readily available near the society since the area is quite massive and is on the peripheries of the city, therefore quite a few minivans operating on a set route, which can be found all day near DHA, Islamabad.

As for separate phases, Phase 1, DHA, is connected to Defence Avenue and Bahria Expressway, and a couple of bus stops are present nearby. These include Noor Colony Chauraha Bus Stop, situated near Green Fresh Mart, 5 to 10 minutes’ walk away, while Aiman Car Station Bus Stop, located near Defence Phase 1 Head Office, can be walked to in around 6 to 7 minutes.

Providing access to transport is the foremost concern of DHA authorities; therefore, Bahria Town Bus Stop, which is located on Bahria ExpressWay. It might take some 5 minutes’ drive to reach this bus stop from Defence Phase 1.

Famous markets in DHA-Islamabad

Above all, DHA highlights devoted business regions that have a triumph with the two financial specialists and representatives.

The business spaces are being occupied to business sectors, banks, workplaces, and everything else alongside. Correspondingly, DHA, Islamabad, has numerous business sectors inside for its accommodation.

All the phases of DHA, Islamabad are home to at least a couple of general as well as medical and other retail stores.

Residents of Phase 1 can comfortably go to DHA Green and Fresh Mart in Sector B. It will hardly take some 5 to 8 minutes’ walk to reach this store.

Moreover, well-occupied shops with quality groceries, vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy items are present in all markets at the society. Besides, Omnia Grocery Store is situated adjacent to Fresh Mart. You can conveniently reach the store in 8 to 10 minutes on foot.

Surreal view from DHA-Islamabad

DHA Islamabad View

Numerous beautiful places are dwell in DHA Islamabad; considerable research has found out the importance of living and nurturing your soul around nature. DHA residents love to walk and preserve their fitness to some extent.

  • Big grounds and parks and health facilities are being situated throughout the DHAsocieties.
  • Family Park outside the gymnasium is an extraordinarily famous spot. Because of the call shows, with an open-air fitness center with a strolling tune outside.
  • Tennis courtroom, a basketball court docket, a wall mountain climbing club in addition to it, in case you need a blow from all of the burnings of calories, you’ll end up finding the tranquillity here.

DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Islamabad valley

DHA Valley is a well-furnished housing project produced by Defense housing authorities launched in 2008 just opposite to the DHA Islamabad highway.

The project is a joint venture of DHA Islamabad, developed by Habib Rafiq Private Limited. It is deliberate to be a secure gated community with parks, utilities, shopping, and commercial areas, schools, mosques, and hospitals.

Furthermore, the project master plan is designed by California-based Company OJMR Architects. The focal persons of this authority, Habib Rafiq Private Limited, are responsible for building the necessary infrastructure like roads, sewerage, and bridges, etc.

It is taken to be the most popular community where amenities of life are being provided with an extraordinary approach to its residents. DHA valley has access to become a world-class international housing society whose services are exclusive for its residents only.

DHA Valley Location

Some area of DHA house Islamabad is located in DHAValley Islamabad along with its Lily Block and Oleander Block.

If you happen to visit these homes, you might have access accessible from Kallar Syedan Road, where you find temporary access from SHAH Baagh and from Oleander Block, where a little billboard of DHA Homes is pitched on the ground.

The main access of DHA Valley, for example, DHA Expressway, is as yet under development, although the much greater part of the development continues. Also, the under advancement connect on railroad tracks has been completed.

The accommodations at DHAValley are beautifully designed with all the luxurious wide space room and accommodations which showcasing the contemporary lifestyle.

DHA Islamabad Valley Blocks:

The housing society is divided into Famous blocks.

  • Lilly Block
  • Oleander Block.
  • Magnolia Block
  • Sunflower Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Zinnia Block
  • Marigold Block.
  • Bluebell Block
  • Lavender Block

Most of the basic work in these blocks is completed, and the remaining work is under progress.

The Master Plan of DHA Valley Islamabad

  • DHA Valley Block
  • DHA Overseas Block
  • DHA Homes
  • DHA Commercial Block

DHA Valley block

DHA Valley Islamabad initially offered 5 Marla and 8 Marla residential plots for PKR 6.50 Lac and PKR 8.80 Lac, respectively, with a periodical installment plan for Pakistani residents according to their feasibility since the comfort of the investors was the core concern of authorities.

DHA-Overseas Block

This block is particularly designed for the overseas expats; they are settling abroad and are ready to invest in their country.

Considering this element in mind, DHA Islamabad offered plots to exclusively overseas Pakistanis in overseas blocks such as Sunflower, Magnolia, etc.,

Overseas Pakistanis booked plots, and payment was made in dollars. The overseas block offered have 5 and 8 Marla residential plots.

This venture helped to bring in good foreign investment in the country. DHA Islamabad combines quality, excellence, and International standards to provide a luxury living for Overseas Pakistanis.

At DHA Valley Overseas Block, the plots are strategically located at a prime location to create a self-sustaining living environment that is truly world-class.

Overseas Block gives beautiful, breathtaking garden areas and a secured gated community where everything gives feel exuberant for Overseas Pakistanis.

Occupied with excellent schools, preserved green spaces, and diverse parks, in addition to recreational opportunities, is what makes this residential development unique and amazing.


DHA homes offer 5 Marla and 8 Marla residential houses to individuals on an easy installment; however, this project was offered to both Pakistani residents and overseas Pakistanis. 5 Marla house was priced at 22.99 Lac Rupees while 8 Marla house was priced at 41.99 Lac Rupees.

DHA Commercial Avenue

DHA Commercial Avenue offered 4 Marla and 8 Marla commercial plots at PKR 20 Lac and PKR 40 Lac, respectively, with a quarterly installment payment plan DHA Valley commercial plots, which are located on the main boulevard of commercial avenue adjacent to the phase-II extension.

The Possession in DHA-Islamabad valley

DHA Valley has handed over with the possession of re-balloted plots in the first months of 2020, and before this year, indeed, they will tend to facilitate the residents with all the essentials in the well- developed blocks.

Moreover, DHA valley also determines to complete the Islamabad express bridge; they ought to complete it within a given period; however, the best privileged of this bridge is that it would connect DHA valley with other DHA phases of Islamabad.

With response to it, DHA valley raise demands and expectation and fully assured that the cooperation and commitment to work are possibly inclined with an early possession in blocks.

However, DHA valley only possesses those plot which is under the legitimate possession, and they are willing to build their homes. Therefore, it seems essential for them to submit their application for a plot.

Investment scheme in DHA-Islamabad.

Depending upon the investment budget, one needs to wait ample time to invest with extravagant outcomes. Therefore DHA-Islamabad brings long term investment options for their customer available in Pakistan.

If we split down the investment options according to the highest profit potential without considering any budget constraints, we come down to the following list:

Commercial Plots

Commercials always have high-profit potential. If we check the prices of commercial plots, we will get to understand that maximum profit rates are still demanded in commercial plots. Current profits on commercial plots range from 10 lacs up to 35 lac rupees, while the potential is much higher accordingly.

DHA Home

Houses can be considered as the second-best option for investment. If you compare prices of these homes with those built-in Bahria town phase 8, you will have a clear idea of profit potential in this investment.

Minimum double of the profit potential is still to be achieved, and homes are the project which is expected to get the earliest possession in DHA valley. Therefore it can be considered a good medium-term for investment.

DHA Islamabad Homes

Residential Plots

If you have a limited budget or else you want to buy a plot for the construction of your house in the future, you should invest in residential plots. The central area is most appealing for investment as prices in the overall DHA valley is much lower.

The maximum profit is not more than 5 lac rupees in Bluebell Block, which is the best Block for investment. Other better options could be Rose, Tulip, Daffodils, Oleander, Jasmine, Lilly, and Jasmine.

Affordable prices in DHA-Islamabad

Affordable payments plan are feasible investment plans are the major features of DHAsocieties; truth to be told, DHAsocieties are being famous for its affordable payment strategies having the best infrastructure, and hosting the other factual facilities to encourage buyers to invest no matter whatever the background they might belong from.

Expected prices are mentioned below:

  • 5 Marla Plots: minimum price=2.50 lac profit, maximum price=7.50 lac profit
  • 8 Marla Plots: minimum price=3.50 lac profit, maximum price=9 lac profit

The Minimum estimated price belongs to Iris, Lotus & Lavender blocks while the maximum price belongs to Bluebell, Rose & Tulip blocks, which lie at the entrance point, and more development work is done in these blocks.

The remaining blocks come in between these prices, i.e., an average profit of 4 lac for 5 Marla and 5 lac for 8 Marla. There are still verities of plots left for sale in the market that seems to take a very long time before a constant rise in prices may be realized.

Possession of land in DHA-Islamabad

When it comes to analyzing the land thoroughly, Roads and streets are at least 40 feet wide. Here developers of phases have installed their electricity system to avoid load shedding. Overhead electricity cabling is applied in DHAPhase 1 to 4.

All of these phases are in an outstanding location with close immediacy to all facilities and amenities. Ever/A

Phase-II DHA Islamabad


Phase-II occupies a prime location between Islamabad highway and Grand trunk road, which tends to covers an area of almost 15,075 Kanal. In this way, all the districts in Phase 2 are immensely developed, and several families have occupied homes and residential areas.

This exclusive phase of DHA Islamabad is a chief example of security, peace, luxury, harmony, and convenience when it comes to finding a peaceful land in this contemporary world.

Situated in the middle of the Potohar Region, it promises to enlighten the lifestyle of people and compel them to see the possibilities around them, Authorities has been intelligently planned and designed this town for commercial and residential areas

According to recent research, DHA- Islamabad turned out to be the best and most luxuries places for the consistent lifestyle where a theme park, golf course, and a lake have already been developed essentially; however, the infrastructure of Phase 3 has been ongoing since January 2017, as far as rampart earthwork of approximately 3,800 Kanal has been completed, out of which 1,050 Kanal is ready for further development.

Flashback of DHA Phase-II

Initially, it was launched in Feb 1994 having an aim to establish the one most renowned societies in Pakistan, therefore DHAdeemed to be the most popular societies with a marvelous infrastructure,

In terms of design, the focus varies from urban planning to the residents of twin cities, amongst Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

However, not only does it offer the provision of basic and to provide modern amenities, but also to fulfill the need of both commercial and residential lifestyles. DHA is a keen investment choice with a fruitful return on investment.

Specifically, All the DHA sectors are well established and ready to serve its purpose. The location of the DHA 2 Zone of Islamabad is one of the most eye-catching sectors as compared to other phases.

DHA Phase 2 encompasses an acute development insight and still planned its amenities. It is big as compared to the other, having almost 17 sectors from Sector A to Sector Q.

Phase 2 of DHAIslamabad is located in the famous Kahuta Triangle with one side resting along the Islamabad highway while Gate 1 of it at the Grand Trunk (GT) Road.

It varies on an actual large area, which starts from GT Road broadening along Islamabad Highway towards Rawat.

It has an entrance that exists at all three sides for better accessibility and horizontal traffic flow. Phase 2 comprises nearly 15075 kanals, and over 90 percent of the work has been completed.

Location of DHA-Islamabad phase 2

DHA Islamabad phase 2 location

Undeniably, DHA is the well-developed society occupied in Islamabad; it comprises any number of phrases to accommodate the desirable clients and to either provide a well furnish a plan for their residents.

It has a total of four gates, namely, Gate 1, 2, 3, and 7. Gate 1, 2, and 3 lie on the Grand Trunk road with Gate 3 being the closest to Gate 3 of the Phase.

The whole connection to the phrases interlinked with each other, which connects to the other area of Islamabad through T- Chowk and is the main highway for those who have their daily work assemble towards Saddar.

The sector of DHA Phases 2,3,4,6, in Islamabad

DHA comprises more than 12 sectors in the periphery, namely as Sector A, Sector B, Sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector I sector H, sector I, sector J, sector K and prolong to the sector p, which is seemingly developed and well equipped with all the luxuries.

DHA-phase 2 has been further spread with phase-II extension, conspire to have a lot of well maintain and developed sector meanwhile.

DHA Phase-II extension

DHA Phase-II Extension associates with Rawalpindi. This phase was driven and then published in March 2005, which covers a region of more than 55,000 Kanal and moves back and forth, incorporating a couple of few more overseas sectors such as DHAExpressway, and DHAValley. However, the development work is advancing at a comestible pace.

Since all the arranging and improvement of this phase has been dealt with universally having a mission to build and create a prestigious town while arranging the organization, this phase further provides contemporary yet remarkably and astonishing infrastructure.

Besides, all basic services like water flexibly, sewerage, and streets are being grown quickly, and meanwhile working on the framework of DHAValley to enhance its ambiance.

DHA- Islamabad homes sizes

DHA Islamabad possesses an exclusively lavish and well-equipped setting for the residence.

  • 5 Marla home in DHA

Specifically, in DHA societies, every single plot is measured accordingly to the resident’s demand. Such as, 5 Marla homes are essentially established for independent families having two bedrooms with a car porch and kitchen; this kind of setting is an ideal one, which tends to fulfill the need of a family.

DHA Islamabad Home

  • 8 Marla home in DHA-Islamabad

Initially, 8-Marla DHA homes are the second story, which has single unit 3-bedroom with attached bathrooms, independent houses with car porch, drawing, dining, lounge, kitchen, store, terrace, and a servant room. 8 Marla house is well suitable for a medium size 4 to 6 members families.

The price breakdown of DHA-Islamabad

DHA homes Islamabad is popular amongst all the small yet exuberant residence society having an excellent Investment yield options for investors.

If you tend to compare DHA homes Islamabad prices of construction with elite standards of DHA Homes, you’ll be astonished to identify that your construction cost will be almost equal to the general cost of those prefabricated homes.

All the installments have been subsidized, and merchants who have paid the full payment and disdain their dues may exhibit their houses in DHA houses Islamabad.

Moreover, all these homes are in re-selling at full ALL Dues Clear payment term. Current prices of DHA homes are quite feasible; therefore, DHA-Islamabad is one of the first recommended investment options in Islamabad.

Nearby banks in Phase-II

Moreover, in DHA-phase 2 branch of Dubai Islamic Bank is present on Tipu Boulevard, which is nearby by foot in 7 minutes. Likewise, a couple of banks are present on Iqbal Boulevard, including Bank Islamic Limited near Hot and Spicy,

Soneri Bank Limited near Jamia Masjid, and Allied Bank and Meezan Bank near Sales Mart Cash and Carry. All of them are accessible in 6 minutes.

Furthermore, a branch of MCB Bank, Askari Islamic Bank Limited, Bank Alfalah, and Summit Bank is situated on Sheikh Zayed Bin Usman Road. It is approachable in 10 to 12 minutes.

Besides, a branch of HBL is situated on Potohar Avenue, which might take you 8 to 10 minutes’ drive to reach this bank from Central Park.

Following are some leading banks present on Commercial Avenue:

  • Bank Alfalah near Ryder’s SuperBike is 7 minutes’ drive away
  • Silk Bank near Nana Chaye can be reached in 8 minutes
  • Dubai Islamic Bank near Civic Centre is only 8 minutes’ drive away
  • Summit Bank near Subway is only 8 minutes away
  • United Bank Limited near Pappu Chai Wala is 8 minutes’ drive away
  • Habib Bank Limited is near Maryam Hospital.

World trade center in DHA-Islamabad

DHA giga mall

The world trade center is a triumph of imagination that has been depicted into the reality which has been developed earlier, having an amazing outlet of all the renowned brands with ample of food stalls for people who come all the way long for full filling their desire

  • Entire infrastructure.
  • Record-breaking heights
  • A dream come true project
  • Significance feature of DHA Islamabad
  • Fully equipped with luxurious commodities.

D.H.A., Phase-4, 5 Islamabad

These sectors of DHA Islamabad are located in the middle of Islamabad to make a great benchmark amongst many housing societies, which is developed by the approval of Defence Housing Authority Islamabad’s.

Further, this society has a vision is to provide quality homes for the people of Pakistan to create a benchmark for property development in the Country.

In the vibrant capital city of Islamabad, there are immense demands for luxurious homes that provide to every need of its elite. These are few people who claim and deserve the best, and DHA Islamabad is committed to meeting their needs.

DHA has set new standards in residential and commercial projects, thus changing the scenario of construction in Pakistan from traditional & torpid to modern and progressive societies to sustain their lifestyle.

Location of DHA Phase 4 & 5

Since the entire area that has an association with this society is already built, as this is the main road that associates all the sectors of DHA Phase 4 and 5 to the Islamabad Highway, these commercial plots are completely developed and ready for possession.

DHA Islamaabd Phase 4 5 location

It is situated in the middle of the Potohar Region, which promises to enlighten the intelligent town planning for the commercial and residential areas.

According to recent research, a theme park, golf course, and a lake have already been developed here for the exuberant feedback.

Moreover, Phase 4 of DHA, Islamabad, is situated near Soan River and covers over an area of approx. 4,000 Kanal. Boasting eye-catching natural landscape and beautifully set in a semi-hilly area with beautiful terraces, the phase provides attractive views to residents.

Phase 4 and 5 of DHA, Islamabad, will feature several entertaining facilities with high-end amenities and several green spaces for alienation.

An area of about 7,000 Kanal, which was formerly known as Commoner’s Town up till 2006, has now been retitled as DHAPhase 5.

According to its master plan, this phase will have eight sectors, including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, which is further expended in phase is situated near main Islamabad Highway, with more than two entrances via LAK Boulevard and DHAExpressway.

Master plan of DHA Phase 5

As given above, the detailed plan has been shown on the master plan. The commercial area which sets long with sectors

Property Trends In DHA-Islamabad

Undeniably, DHAproperties seem to be always favorite amongst all the comparative societies that are famous in Islamabad. However, the propriety trends here in DHA are a remarkably feasible package.

  • Most importantly, 5 Marla house rent starts at PKR 22 lakh in DHAValley and goes up to PKR 2.15 crore. However, there are a few 5 Marla houses in DHADefence Phase 2 that cost over two crores.
  • Similarly, 10 marla house rents are deemed to be in a budget of PKR 1.25 crore for DHAValley and PKR 2.6 crore to 3.8 crores for other Phases of DHA.
  • However, Kanal house cost anywhere from PKR 1.75 crore to PKR 7.5 crore, respectively.

Plot for sale in DHA-Islamabad

  • Plots here in DHA are among the fieriest properties throughout its journey; if a person wants to invest money in this society, the initial blotting begins from 5 Marla to onwards, which cost at PKR 6 lakh going up to PKR 95 lakh.
  • However, there are certain plots in DHA Phase 4 and 5 that cost over a crore. The cost of 110 marl plot here cost nearby between PKR 30 lacs to PKR 3 crore.
  • However, Kanal plots are the most expensive due to its width length having an exclusive sale price of PKR 20 lakh to PKR 5 crore.
    Additionally, a few plot files are also available for sale in DHA Islamabad. 5 Marla plot file sale price is nearby between PKR 6.76 lacs to 28 lakh. Nevertheless, 10 marla plot file cost anywhere between PKR 12 lacs and PKR 75 lacs, and 1 Kanal plot file can be bought in PKR and PKR 85 lacs.

File opening procedure to buy land in DHA-Islamabad

As follows are the documents required for file possession.

  • Application for issuance of allotment
  • Membership form filled appropriately.
  • 2 Colored passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of CNIC (self and next of kin)
  • Statement of accounts verified from Finance Directorate DHA Islamabad.
  • Concerning approach Finance Directorate DHA Islamabad for the provision of a statement of account duly verified/signed.
  • File opening procedure is not required by Members who do not want to sell/transfer their Plots.

Future of DHA-Islamabad

Essentially, defence societies seem to be incorporated with the advanced characteristics of lifestyle so that people from every age group can find their purpose in lifestyle.

Therefore, In the coming years, it will be found in such successful societies which has a tremendous favorite for secure future seekers.

The remaining development work is going with the level of speed. It is anticipated that this society will be the demand of everyone on the base of actual affordable price holding the life facilities

Why should you invest in DHAI?

The most fundamental and striking outcome one gets in investing in these luxuries societies is the long term investment perks, unlike the other areas round in Islamabad where the violence is so common around.

DHA Islamabad has developed such an exuberant master plan for the luxuries housing societies having a mission to provide maximum essentials, and a well-equipped environment encompasses tranquillity and peace.

Additionally, A lot of interested clients who have the urge to buy property in the developed societies are certainly moving ahead to reserve land for themselves for the long term investment.

The responsibility of guaranteeing protection and safety is the core concern of defence societies, which is further being ruled and monitored by armed forces; therefore, this the basic reason the residents do not necessarily mean to invest money into any other security purposes.

However, it needs to be mentioned that, wherever you live, security expense needs to be taken as extra expenses. Still, in DHA Islamabad, one need not devote extra money into this matter.

Entertainment Activities in DHA-Islamabad

DHA Islamabad Parks

Along with numerous beneficial facilities in DHAI, entertainment seems to be the most fundamental part of this society. The following are some engaging activities found there.

  • Public events organized in the community
  • Occasional events celebration
  • Indoor games
  • Outdoor games and activities
  • Art shows and art festivals

Similarly, such events nurture the soul of each individual; gatherings and interacting with different groups of people enable them to widen their social circle along with other activities.

Due to its commercial characteristics being exclusive and extraordinary presents an ample opportunity for its community members.

Rules and regulations in DHA-Islamabad

Besides many other major amenities found in DHA Islamabad, one of the most fascinating and compelling element is its rules and regulations, which makes this community attractive and a safe environment to raise a family.

The residents of DHA ought to abide by all the discipline and rules coming from the higher authorities, and those who tend to negate the rules are obligated to pay high penalties in this regard.

However, taking take care of all the essentials that authorities have provided is another factor that one needs to abide by living in this project. Taking care of the environment and cleanliness, every member of the society must play their part and protect the environment.

A memorandum is particularly designed for every household located on the premises to ensure that the rules are followed accordingly.

Pros and cons of Investing in DHA-Islamabad

This society is considered to be the most popular community where amenities of life are provided with an extraordinary approach to its residents; DHA showcases world-class international services that are exclusive to its residents.

Initially, the whole project is designed to spread over thousands of Kanal of land. Until now, only 45% of the land acquired; however, before that, DHA Islamabad acquires all the land which needs for their project to create a new infrastructure, which seems not possible.

There are numerous reasons for the delayed development of DHA valley; one of the reasons behind is that the development of the Dadocha Dam on Ling River has caused this delay. Some investors announced that Dadocha Dam would further complicate this situation.

For those who are looking for long term property investment, investing in DHA valley might put them into complexity if one possesses any plot in DHA valley and find a reliable dealer to sell it the best option for him/her. For the last few years.

DHA Islamabad pros and cons

Perks of investing in DHA-Islamabad

As people from all over Pakistan venture into the city to find better career opportunities, there is an immense need for better and safer housing options for living a comfortable life in DHA Islamabad.

The population of Islamabad has doubled in the past few years. Hence, the current scenario in the capital city demands more and more well-developed projects to accommodate all residents.

Problems Faced by the Society

Since its launch, the project has come a long way has endured all plights while gaining its name in the real estate industry, the reason being that it was a project that took initiated in the field of property.

Later has been under immense trouble since its launch for not acquiring enough area to accommodate all the investors.

The land reserved for water supply from the dam to Rawalpindi was included in the project, which is still an unresolved issue. Moreover, some villages that are included in the acquired area by DHAare unwilling to leave their premises. As a result, the development can’t continue in the area.

Despite the issues, DHA has always been a famous name in the real estate industry. The project has been successful in introducing a modern concept of living in Pakistan through an inclusive and progressive initiative.

All the past and current projects that are designed and implemented by DHAare a testament to the attention to last detail and superior infrastructure.


However, it reflects the ambitious vision for the twin cities where the majority of people envision their better future in terms of everything, such as education, healthcare, fun activities, and to fulfill many trivial purposes of their lives.

The plan behind this project is to build and design such an exceptional place in twin cities in terms of suitable infrastructure, particularly design through the urban housing process.

It is taken to be the most popular community where amenities of life are being provided with an extraordinary approach to its residents; DHA has access to be world-class international services that are exclusive to its residents.

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