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DHA Bahawalpur

A complete analysis of DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bhawalpur


DHA societies are the famous and exquisite housing societies developed in Pakistan to enhance the living standard of people and to provide them a sustainable lifestyle.

DHA Bahawalpur is endowing the concept of premier society, which becomes the epitome of developing and creating residential and commercial societies for several large people for a few decades.

Moreover, It promises to bring a royal life with all luxuries facilities; along with this project, DHA societies brought many other successful projects in Pakistan, such as DHA-Islamabad, DHA Karachi, DHA, Lahore, and DHA-Bahawalpur, which brings fundamental changes in the society.

Therefore, DHA-Bahawalpur introduced a progressive, growing project with a sustainable pace, modern infrastructure, and a well-equipped environment that focus more on reliability, consistency in further developing societies around the country.

DHA-Bahawalpur is quite famous amongst all the southern Punjab societies due to its outstanding features that inevitably provide a normal lifestyle to its residents. Therefore DHA societies become a brand that sheds a huge responsibility for growth and expansion in the field of property.

The core idea behind building these societies is to build housing societies in twin cities with a suitable infrastructure and modern design.

Therefore, DHA-Bahawalpur offers multiple plots and commercial options according to customer demands if a person chooses to buy a plot for their residence or rather to build any commercial areas.

DHA-Bahawalpur offers unique and reliable opportunities for investors, which utterly intrigued them to invest in their future investment.

About DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA- Bahawalpur endeavored to provide an opportunity to spend an innovative and modern lifestyle for the residents who tend to sustain their living standards in DHA-Bahawalpur.

By introducing modern infrastructure and daily life essentials are the basic concern of DHA authorities, therefore whoever happens to live there in DHA abandoned their prior life and completely delved into this lifestyle.

Residential plots of 5 Marla and 8 Marla in each block were provided at a very minimum price for the general public on 3 years installment plan. Further other projects were launched in 2008, and thousands of plots (around 50,000) were allotted to the participants of this project.

Various other allotments were introduced later to overcome the certain ambiguities relevant to this society.

Initially, the Defence housing society emphasized on each person who wanted to rejuvenate the living standard, because, in this rapid world, everyone seems to devour the luxuries of life to sustain their lifestyle.

Background knowledge of DHA-Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur holds a special place in the history of Pakistan for several reasons. The 11th largest city in Pakistan, Bahawalpur, was the capital of the former state of Bahawalpur ruled by the family of Nawabs until 1955.

Hence, it is known as the City of Nawabs. This state was the first to join Pakistan and also supported the country socially and economically at the time of Independence.

Due to its ancient history, this city is enriched with cultural heritage and infrastructural art. Thousands of people reside in Bahawalpur City, and the rapid shift in real estate market trends and housing developments, the living standards of the Community inevitably get advanced with respect to its planning and property value.

Even the elite class and middle-standard families are investing in the Bahawalpur property market as it guarantees a lifetime of customer maintenance and premium living experience with safety, future investment returns, and availability of modern facilities.

Aims and Objective of DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA-Bahawalpur was introduced in July 2015; before this project, DHA-Bahawalpur was a barren land with no daily necessities, but after introducing this project, it compelled many visitors and investors to envision the possibility of long term investment.

It is the first project in Bahawalpur with a magnificent plan where the residents are not familiar with the real estate trade of Pakistan but rather dealing with the aftermath of unprivileged life.

Still, after the development of DHA-Bahawalpur, it brings a large chunk of investment opportunities for investors from all over the world to invest in DHA Bahawalpur.

It aims to emerge as a self –sustained society, feeding itself with the primary aim to provide a welfare platform for Army and Civilians. DHA-Bahawalpur attempts to be the factor for all the ranks by taking care of their future, with diverse security measurements.

DHA-Bahawalpur-The most renowned project

Furthermore, DHA has always been a famous name in the real estate industry. The developer is qualified to introduce a modern concept of living in Pakistan through an inclusive and progressive initiative.

All the past and current projects are designed and implemented by DHA are the evidence for their superior infrastructure.

DHA-Bahawalpur is a large scale residential development spreading over 5200 Acres of land with modern development and state-of-the-art amenities; besides, it also introduced various commercial development plans within the projects.

Location of DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bhawalpur Location

DHA-Bahawalpur is located on the southern bypass nearby the airport, which is accessible from all sides of Bahawalpur easily.

  • 5 min drive from Bahawalpur International Airport
  • 22 min drive from Railway Station
  • 20 min drive from City Bus Terminal
  • 20 min drive from N5 GT Road
  • 22 min drive from Model Town Bahawalpur

Master plan of DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bhawalpur Master Plan

This is the latest master plan of DHA-Bahawalpur, which comprises of various residential plots and commercial plots in reliable prices; every phase divides into sectors and then sub-sectors.

Phase1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5

These phases are further divided into many sectors.

The master plan of phases in DHA Bahawalpur is developed separately, as earlier only 1 phase was developed. Still, then due to the rapid development of the society, many other phases start their development that encourages many investors to invest in DHA-Bahawalpur.

DHA-Bahawalpur blotting process

The balloting system has been launched in this society. DHA Bahawalpur balloting compels everyone to have a plot and possession excitingly.

There are multiple sizes and categories of plots that are being added to this balloting process. The balloting date of 31 December 2019 has been changed to the first week of January 2021.

Plot sizes available in DHA-Bahawalpur

  • 5 Marla plot with dimensions 25 X 45 Square Feet
  • 7 Marla plot with dimensions 30 X 52 Square Feet
  • 8 Marla plot with dimensions 30 X 60 Square Feet
  • 10 Marla plot with dimensions 35 X 65 Square Feet
  • 1 Kanal plot with dimensions 50 X 90 Square Feet
  • 2 Kanal plot with dimensions 75 X 120 Square Feet

Commercial plot sizes in DHA-Bahawalpur

  • 4 Marla plot with dimensions 30 × 30 Square Feet
  • 8 Marla plot with dimensions 30 × 60 Square Feet

Sectors of DHA Phases 1,2,3,4 in Bahawalpur

DHA Phase 1 has 14 sectors named as sector A, sector B, sector C, sector D, sector E, sector F, sector G, sector H, sector J, sector K, sector L, sector M, sector N, and sector P which are completely developed.

DHA Phase 2 has 6 sectors named as sector Q, sector R, sector S, sector T, sector U, sector V

DHA Phase 3 has 5 sectors named as sector W, sector X, sector k XX, sector Y, sector Z.

DHA Phase 4 has 9 sectors named as sector AA, sector BB, sector CC, sector DD, sector EE, sector FF, sector GG, sector HH, sector JJ.

Commercial sectors In DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur has 3 commercial sectors that are located in different sectors in the DHA phase2; these sectors are made with a master plan to provide comfort to residential families. These commercial areas are named as follows:

  • The commercial area of sector A is very close to the main entrance of DHA phase2 housing society
  • The other one is CCA- 1. It is located in sector D of Phase 3.
  • The last one is CCA- 2. It is located in sector H of Phase 4.

These commercial areas bring ample opportunities due to its commercial and nearby residential plots. Further, all these commercial plots have their mini markets and community parks.

Price distribution of files in DHA-Bahawalpur

The DHA Bahawalpur files are mentioned below:

For 1 Kanal affidavit file price is 28lacs on cash

1 Kanal allocation file price is 26.75 lacs on cash

10 Marla installment file booking price 22 lacs and 1 lac is own profit

1 Kanal installment file booking 38 lacs

2 Kanal installment file booking 90 lacs and 2 lacs are own profit

4 Marla commercial installment booking file price 150 lacs and 10 lacs on

6 Marla villas booking price 70 lacs and 4 lacs own profit

9 Marla villas booking 85 lacs and 5 lacs own profit

12 Marla villas booking 99 lacs and 6 lacs own

Blotting process for a residential plot in DHA-Bahawalpur

The blotting process for the residential society has already been completed and developed; DHA-Bahawalpur developed a society where one can get the best investment and sustain a luxurious life ahead.

The property in DHA Bahawalpur can be found in different sizes that vary from 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 2 kanaals residential plots, and 4 &8 Kanal farmhouses.

DHA-Bahawalpur file prices

DHA Bhawalpur file rizes

Famous residential Areas in DHA- Bahawalpur

DHA-Bahawalpur society is designed with a vision to create something different with the luxury amenities. However, there are many plots available for sale in DHA Bahawalpur, and many sectors are going to be developed start likewise.

Al-Noor Gardens Bahawalpur

Al-Noor Garden Housing society is a project by Al Noor Builders Developers & Town Planners and one of the top residential communities in Bahawalpur.

Al Noor Garden is located just opposite to Hashmi Garden, near Cant Area and Noor Mahal Bahawalpur.

It is deemed to be at the top of the list for its modern infrastructure and availability of modern-day facilities and its supreme location. This project is both recommended for luxurious and peaceful residence for profitable investment.

Plot sizes available in Al-Noor Gardens

  • 7 Marla plot available in 39.9 lacs to 43 lacs
  • 10 Marla plot available in 45.6 lacs to 48 lacs.
  • 5 Marla plot available in 57 lacs to 59 lacs
  • 6 Marla plot in 9.12 lacs to 94 lacs
  • 17 Marla plot available in 96.9 lacs to 1 crore.
  • 1 Kanal (corner plot) in 1.36 crore to 1.42 crore.

Cheema Town

Cheema Town is a popular neighborhood in Bahawalpur for numerous of reasons. This is the only famous residential area nearby DHA-Bahawalpur where can find access to everything.

The best town in Bahawalpur that possesses every facility, this area has access to the best transport facilities, markets, schools, and other amenities. What makes this area a more prominent and better choice for its residence.

Even railway station Bahawalpur and Daewoo Express terminal are located very near to this area. One can easily find the best and modern houses for sale or rent in Cheema Town Bahawalpur at reasonable prices.

Model Town

Model Town in DHA-Bahawalpur always reflects other areas with its advancement; this is considered to be the best residential areas in Bahawalpur, Model Town is arguably the best one out there.

There are three blocks in Model Town Bahawalpur A, B, and C, each of them being completely developed with exquisite luxuries.

This is a well-equipped residential area in the city because of its highly developed infrastructure and proximity to almost all the areas of the city.

Some of the houses are contrasted, which gives a modern glimpse of its infrastructure and modern essentials into consideration.

Plots sizes available in model town Bahawalpur

  • 3.5 Marla available in 10 lacs to 11 lacs
  • 5 marla available in 15.75 lacs to 17 lacs
  • 5.5 marla available in 8.50 lacs to 20
  • 10 Marla 33 lacs to 35 lacs
  • 10.5 Marla 34,65 lacs to 36 lacs
  • 1.8 Marla (Commercial) available in 10.65 lacs to 13 lacs

Zaman Villas Bahawalpur

DHA Bhawalpur Zaman Villa

Zaman Villas Bahawalpur is a well-developed area nearby DHA-Bahawalpur; it is a state of an art housing society in Bahawalpur, which is considered as a unique and developed society with all the luxuries amenities while offering the best ready-to- live residential flats.

However, Zaman Villas has the privileged to introduce a state art housing project at Bahawalpur That has broaden the horizons of the construction industry and ensure the sustainable urban growth of Bahawalpur people besides providing an aesthetic sense and an amazing skyline, with a blend of contemporary and rich local architecture for its people.

Layout of Zaman villas in Bahawalpur

The layout plan of Zaman Villas is engrossed with a concept of making wide, airy apartments and well- equipped shops with modern town planning techniques.

Hierarchy of metaled roads with right of ways 80’, 60’, 50’ and 35’ with ample parking spaces, green belts and arboriculture, standardized sewerage system as per public health standards, electrification design (both underground and overhead designs).

Moreover, the main gate and boundary wall, shopping malls, scenic Disney Land standard/ quality central park, Jamia mosque that will revive the grandeur and glory of the old Islamic period by taking inspiration from the “Blue Mosque” of Istanbul all these have contributed a lot in enhancing its status especially in context to urban development.

Location of Zaman Villas in DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bhawalpur Zaman Villa location

  • Zaman Villas is located at 5 minutes’ drive from Farid Gate at Jhanghi Wala Road Bahawalpur. The proximity of the site to administrative, commercial, residential, and institutional zones of the city has contributed a lot for enhancing its status, especially in the context of Residential area used.
  • These luxurious villas are located at one unit Chowk, Jhanghi Wala Road. You can easily access the project from Farid Gate with only a drive of a few minutes from it.

Exclusive residential installment plan in Zaman Villas Bahawalpur

  • Zaman Mall has adopted practicable marketing methods to provide comfort to its customers. At the same time, it is offering duplex villas 5 Marla, 7, and 8 marlas in collaboration with Islamic financial institutions with an installment period of 5 to 25 years.
  • Zaman Villas is offering double story residential luxury villas of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 8 Marla at the reasonable prices.

Payment Plans:

Zaman villas have reasonable prices, so that every single person who has to sustain his life, it is easily approachable.

Double story Constructed villas on cash payment and 5 to 25 years easy installments on lease from a financial institution—a limited number of 5 Marla, 7 Marla plots are available on cash and 18 months installments.

Plot category 5 Marla 7 Marla

Total cost 2,735,375 3,823,125

Per month payment plan 117, 187 164, 062

Dawn payment 625,000 875,000

These prices may differ after few days as per Zaman Villas policy.

The master plan of Zaman Villas in Bahawalpur

Zaman Villas has a well-designed master plan of the project and for its peaceful environment, which inevitably enhance its residential options for people who opt to live in. It is designed with beautiful, attractive, and modern infrastructure to incorporate with the international living standard.

Tender work for finishing work for villas

Zaman villas have tender work of execution of development work of 9 & 12 Marla Villas are available in DHA-Bahawalpur, The whole process includes (flooring, woodworks, kitchen, cabinets, false ceiling, electric works, washroom works, distemper)

Alongside firms/contractors enlisted for DHA Bahawalpur with experience in finishing works are requested to collect tender from DHA Bahawalpur,

BOQs/Drawings will be issued at the cost of Rs. 5,000/- along with bid issuance letter. These documents can be collected till 9 December 2019, and bids duly signed/stamped should be deposited in the same office till 1300 hours on 10 January 2020.

Installment plan for zaman villas in DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur has 10-marla, 1-Kanal, and 2-Kanal residential plot and 4-Marla commercial plots with a three-year installment plan.

Property file rates are not supposedly competitive but are also increasing steadily, which supports sustaining the market pressure triggered by the new tax regime.

DHA Bahawalpur plots for sale, discerning property investors, and long-term buyers are well aware of the projects’ importance. The developer has made it easy for buyers to purchase property in DHA Bahawalpur by offering an easy 3-year payment plan.

The following are the installment plan.

1st Installment Rs. 1125000/-
2nd Installment Rs. 1125000/-
3rd Installment Rs. 1125000/-
4th Installment Rs. 1125000/-
5th Installment Rs. 1125000/-
6th Installment Rs. 1125000/-
7th Installment Rs. 1125000/-

Possession in these villas

DHA Bahawalpur has offered some plots for possession. During starting the development in 2017, the developers and owner agreed to finish the work by December 2018, so the owners will be handed over their properties by the time of installment plan is paid in March 2019.

The owners or buyers are very excited to have their possessions and enjoy their best profit by reselling their properties. The residents are excited to for having their royal and normal life here.

Silent features of Zaman Villas Bahawalpur:

Following are the advanced features of zaman villas

  • 80’, 60’, 50’ and 35’ Roads
  • Modern and sustainable infrastructure.
  • consistent sewerage system
  •  advanced electric system (both underground and overhead designs)
  • Wide Community with 24/7 security access.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Scenic Disney land standard
  • Theme parks
  • Grand Mosque inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul
  • 24/7 Electricity

Terms and conditions for buying a plot in DHA-Bahawalpur

The higher authorities of DHA societies have decided to ease possessions for the residents of blocks A, B, and C that are under development.

They have decided to generate some rules for them too. The residents who tend to pay 1st installment will be able to begin the construction of their home.

Following are the terms and conditions one needs to abide for plot possession

Confirmation of plots

The resident will need to confirm their plot checked by the owner in the list of DHA Bahawalpur, either it’s available for possession or not. After this, the resident will have to pay 1st installment too.

The Application Process for Possession and Insight plan

The person will go through the application process for possession and site plan with required papers.

Discrimination paper process

Building control will give the demarcation paper to the owner. After providing the paper, the owner will be allowed to have the lot and start construction.

Construction of remarked plots

Staff will visit the site of construction from time to time. The development charges will be paid and checked regularly.

Permanent services connection

The person will need to apply for services connected with all documents after complete charges of development and NOC by the finance department.

Completion certificate

The resident will have to apply for a completion certificate after completion of the development and will wait for the permit of the occupation of houses. After going through all the formalities, the building control branch will approve and provide NOC of occupation of the house.

Fundamental laws of DHA- Bahawalpur

  • DHA, Bahawalpur, provides a Completion Certificate to all buildings constructed according to its bylaws
  • This DHA Completion Certificate is mandatory to buy or sell property in the housing society
  • DHA has the right to demolish un-approved structures
  • If an unapproved structure cannot be demolished, the owner will be required to pay a fine of PKR 2,500 per square ft.
  • One cannot convert a residential plot in DHA, Bahawalpur, into any other category without the approval of the Executive Board.

Key features of DHA-Bahawalpur

  • Modern infrastructure

DHA-Bahawalpur has the most exquisite infrastructure, 250 feet wide Main Boulevard which has a well-designed road network that will provide a convenient, hassle-free route towards the city of Bahawalpur

It provides Underground Electricity and a separate Power Supply system.

  • Sui Gas Network available

DHA-Bahawalpur has developed separate Sui Gas system and proper meter segregation for its residents so that in the shortage of Sui gas, the residents of this society wouldn’t encounter any difficulty

  • Green & Eco-friendly Living in DHA Bahawalpur

DHA-Bahawalpur has undertaken several initiatives towards making DHAB free from harmful pollutants while at the same time keeping its carbon footprint to the minimum international standards.

  • Theme Parks, DHA Clubs, Food Courts, and Grand DHA Mosque

DHA-Bahawalpur has theme parks and countless food courts in societies to provide easy access to its residents.

  • Modern & State-of-the-Art Security System

DHA bestows the utmost need to provide a secure, safe, and peaceful living environment to its residents. DHA –Bahawalpur Vigilance has been expanded and modernized to make it an effective force that can assist the police in enhancing the security and safety environment in DHA Bahawalpur.

  • Superior education institutes

DHA-Bahawalpur has introduced top educational institutes with a high-quality education system that contributes to paying the highest importance to quality education while providing open access and affordability to a wide variety of educational institutions.

DHA-Bahawalpur has access to Medical College to University Level Educational Institutions as well.

  • Malls and Commercial Areas in DHA Bahawalpur

DHA-Bahawalpur will revolutionize the leisure and shopping spots for its residents that is expected to attract a large number of visitors who happen to visit in shopping malls by adding amusement and attractive features into it.

  • Golf Course and DHA Clubs

DHA Clubs are designed on futuristic and high-tech infrastructure that will equally cater to provide leisure to its residents; features like modern cafes, international grade restaurants, private members and visitors parking area, walking trails, gorgeous centers make it more appealing.

Rules and regulation in DHA-Bahawalpur

Besides many other privileges found in DHA- Islamabad, one of the most fascinating and compelling components is the consistency of rules and regulations; it attracts everyone in the whole Community of Bahawalpur.

The residents of DHA ought to abide by all the disciplines and rules coming from the higher authorities, and those who tend to negate the rules will need to pay high penalties in this regard.

However, taking take care of all the essentials that authorities have provided them is another factor one needs to abide by living in this society. Taking care of cleanliness and hygiene of the environment in which they are living is the obligation on the citizens.

There is a mechanism designed particularly for this to deal with this issue also to deal with every house critically just to ensure that the process is followed accordingly.

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Why invest in DHA-Bahawalpur?

The investment in these villas is quite profitable and productive to switch your business to a well-reputed one. The villas will also have a golden time and life here. However, it’s not only a higher residential option as well as the commercial feasibility for the buyers rather than it provides an option to resell your villas or rent them to the best profit.

Also, once the possession is completed, the customer would be able to do whatever he wants to do with their profession, whether to sell it or make it residential.

The villas are being located and developed around the gorgeous views Zaman villas, which is undeniably a trustworthy housing scheme to invest for the everlasting investment.

Precisely, In short, zaman villas are offering the best and only chances to avail of this endless opportunity for sustaining the future and earning a name in the field of property.

Necessary steps to be taken in DHA-Bahawalpur

DHA-Bahawalpur offers unique and reliable opportunities for investors, which utterly intrigued them to invest in their future investment.

After a speedy response from the applicants and huge investment DHA-Bahawalpur will increase the price of plots within six months or so due to its rapid advancement.

In this period, the development work that promises to be done in DHA-Bahawalpur amongst a few other places such as Askari phase 1 in Bahawalpur and national defense university will nearby DHA-Bahawalpur is yet to be developed.

Another important and fascinating initiative that is going to be implemented in DHA-Bahawalpur includes exclusive offers for the transfer of installment files in which customers can easily transfer their installment files without paying any remaining due installment.

However, the seller who is supposed to sell his property will have to pay the fee with the government charges and even pay additional charges.

The seller ought to pay the amount of the remaining installment in 60 days. After undergoing all the installment process, The transfer latter will be issued with all the formalities and installments with the customer name on it.

Term and conditions of buying plots in DHA-Bahawalpur

    The following are the essential steps one needs to follow for buying a plot in DHA-Bahawalpur:

  1. The name of the project shall be DHA Bahawalpur.

2. The Plots/Farmhouse to be offered to the buyers in the project shall be on ownership & allotment shall be through balloting.

3. Three-months installments shall be payable by the 5thof each month through demand draft/pay order. Prompt payment of installments on the due dates as per the payment schedule is the essence of this contract.

4. The applicant shall make the payment of installments within the period specified in the demand notice. If the applicant fails to pay the dues within the period in the final notice, the application will be liable to cancellation as perform.

5. In case of failure, on the part of the applicant, to make payments within the prescribed period or after FINAL NOTICE, the application/ allotment will stand canceled. The amount deposited by the applicant shall be refunded after the completion of the project.

An amount equal to 20% of the total cost of the plot/Farmhouse agreed will be deducted from the refundable amount.

6. The application in respect of the allotted plot/Farmhouse shall be executed only after payment of all the dues and other charges are made against the said plot/Farmhouse.

7. The applicant will pay transfer expenses, documentation charges and all other ancillary and miscellaneous expenses to the DHA Bahawalpur as determined by them for the fulfillment of formalities of various department/ agencies as and when asked by the DHA Bahawalpur within the prescribed period legal time, the cost of the unit does not include ground rent, lease execution registration and expenses electric, water and meter charges.

8. The applicants will pay all taxes and other charges levied by federal or provincial Govt, local bodies, and Municipal Bodies or any other authorities, including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by those mentioned above, and other authorities in the future.

9. Registered persons/ members are requested to make payments as per schedule. A surcharge @ 18% per annum for each day of delay shall be levied for the amount in default as per DHA regulations.

10. In the case of the corner Plot, 10% additional charges will be paid with the final installment.

11.DHA reserves the right to alter the allotment or make adjustments, relocation of Plots, if the need so arises, because of other essential reasons, additional development charges may be imposed if necessary, and the same will not be challenged at any forum.


Consequently, we have examined that DHA-Bahawalpur is quite famous amongst all the southern Punjab societies due to its outstanding features that inevitably provide a normal lifestyle to its residents.

Therefore DHA societies become a brand that sheds a huge responsibility for growth and expansion in the field of property.

The core idea behind building these societies is to build housing societies in twin cities with a suitable infrastructure and modern design.

Therefore, DHA-Bahawalpur offers multiple plots and commercial options according to customer demands if a person chooses to buy a plot for their residence or rather to build any commercial areas.

DHA-Bahawalpur society is introduced with remarkable ambitions and objectives. The developers and owners of this society have various aim and determination, one of them includes that the residents and businessmen should be happy and satisfied with all tye feasibilities that they ought to provide all of them are planned according to the hearts of the residents.

Moreover, many investors also select this society because of its imperial features at a reasonable price.

DHA-Bahawalpur envisioned the needs of each individual, such as mosques, hospitals, schools, colleges, theme parks, playgrounds, and so on.

The most fascinating is the process of vigilance and security in DHA-Bahawalpur.

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