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Concept of Themed Malls in Capital City of Pakistan


Pakistan is progressing and so as real estate industry in the last few years. New infrastructure and sky scrapers are becoming common in the main cities to compete with the rest of the world.

The concept of innovative themed malls has always been the center of attention for people not just in Pakistan but in rest of the world as well.

Whether it be Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Forbidden City in Beijing or The Shard in London. All of these building have one thing in common, their theme and uniqueness.

It is human nature that people get attracted and fascinated with different and outstanding things.

The developers in Pakistan are following the trend of thematic malls now. The following are first of its kind in Pakistan.

Thematic Malls

Thematic Malls

Amazon Outlet Mall

Immarat Group of companies have introduced themed malls for the first time in Pakistan. Amazon is the first of its kind. As its name suggests, it’s inspired by Amazon Rain Forest, Brazil. It is a one-stop destination.

A shopping experience with the best thematic environment with all brands at one place. The mall is planned to have all the recreational activities. The leisure facilities include restaurants, café, sauna, gym, kids play area, a spa, and library.

Initiated in: 2017

What’s Cool: It is the first Rain Forest-based thematic mall of Pakistan

Prime location: The Amazon Outlet Mall is situated at the entrance of the Defense Housing Authority(DHA) Phase 2. It is located on the main G.T Road.

The mall situated at the right-center of Bahria Town and DHA. It is considered as the ideal location of twin cities. The major other projects like Giga Mall and Swana International are in close proximity to Amazon Outlet Mall.

Project Investment Description:

  • The payment starts as low as Rs.18 Lacs only
  • The investment will have 20-26% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It is located at main G.T Road, Islamabad
  • A smooth buy-back options
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • A safe & secure investment

The mall also stands as the fashion hub for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a masterpiece of modern architecture. Top national and international brands have registered space with Amazon Outlet Mall. The developer aims it to be the center of commercial activities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Rainforest Food Court

The food court is based on the theme of the Rainforest, which will present the lush green flora and an Amazonian ambiance at your day out. A marvelous dining experience for its visitors on the rooftop Lily Pads.

Children’s Floor

A floor is dedicated for your children with everything your kid requires, so you can enjoy a hustle free shopping. The children’s floor is also based on the same theme.

Rooftop Restaurant

The breathtaking rooftop is waiting for you to experience its serenity. A view to refresh your day. The mall focuses to provide you luxury seating with breath-taking views.

Amazon Outlet Mall Features

  • It is the first ever Rainforest themed Mall in Pakistan
  • Top National and International brands are part of the mall
  • Exclusive entertainment area with cinema
  • Children’s play area comprises of the whole floor
  • The rooftop Lily Pads based on Rainforest theme
  • A triple story parking complex
  • A cinematic façade to project your brand


The project provides International standard facilities at the Amazon Outlet Mall. The amenities include:

  • 24/7 security & surveillance
  • Maintenance team
  • Efficient elevators
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Cinema hall
  • Kids’ play area
  • Earthquake resilient structure
  • Roof-top lily pads dedicated for restaurants, cafe, etc
  • Corporate offices
  • Themed floors

Themed Mall

The Builders Mall – Revisualize Luxury

The aim of the Builders Mall is to connect you with reputable builders. It is designed to incorporate a number of brands related to construction and building.

A variety of different brands will showcase their products. The expected costumers will range from project developers, construction businesses, interior designers and the general public. The approach is also meant to meet specific construction and building needs.

Initiated in: 2018

What’s Cool: It is Pakistan’s Biggest Builders Mall. All the construction and interior showrooms are available at one place to fulfill your requirements of a lavish home.

Prime Location: The Builders Mall is located at the other end of DHA Phase 2. It’s the prime location between multiple societies like Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens and DHA. The mall is on the main G.T road making it convenient for everyone to approach.

Project Description

  • The payment starts as low as Rs.17 Lacs only
  • The investment will have 20-26% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It is located at main G.T Road, Islamabad
  • A smooth buy-back options
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • A safe & secure investment

It is located in the prime neighborhood of twin cities i.e: Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The mall offers a viable opportunity for investments. The mall incorporates all the construction related requirements from a full Kitchen installment to modern-day sanitary fixing, from high quality furniture sets to proper lightning.

The Builders mall will also have a marble market to cater to the need of floorings. The wall designs, interior and exterior decorations all are available in one place. It will stand as a complete lifestyle solution to make your home magnificent.


  • Builders material
  • Furniture showrooms
  • Sanitary fixing
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Flooring

The Aquatic Mall Islamabad - An Underwater Experience

The Aquatic Mall Islamabad – An Underwater Experience

Initiated on: Feb 2017

What’s cool: It stands as the only underwater themed Marine Mall of Pakistan.

Prime location: It is located opposite the Giga Mall on GT Road near DHA and Bahria Town Rawalpindi. It is an easily accessible place for all the residents Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Underwater themed marine mall The Aquatic Mall is the first underwater themed mall in Pakistan. The Aquatic Mall is planned to have an underwater tunnel and a water zoo.

The water zoo will have a variety of marine life. The mall will also house the tallest cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the deluxe sites are planned on the top floors of the mall. The unique concept will make it stand out among a thousand others.

The residential part of the mall is based on world-class luxuries. The rooms will have an underwater theme as well. An aquarium will be placed in each room instead of a wall which will give an underwater experience.

It is a 10 floor mall where three basement floors are reserved for parking. The above two are dedicated for brand shops. The remaining floors are for the recreational activities, business space and food court.

Finally, the above three floors are the residential apartments. The apartments will have the sky view and lush lawns. The top most of the three will have the deluxe suites. All the floors are planned on same underwater theme.

The residential areas, shops, food courts and children play area are open for sale.

Underwater Restaurant

The dining area has the underwater close to nature theme. It stands as the major tourist attraction. The area is all covered with water, marine life, flora and fauna. A soothing and unique experience, as you dine.

Water Park

An exotic area for you and your family to have relaxing time. Water is what makes you fresh. An experience close to nature.

Kids Area

The kid’s area is the most productive floor for your child. Now, without any stress you can go free for shopping while your chil enjoys the most secure and creative space.

Sky-walk & Infinity Pool

The topmost of the Aquatic Mall comprise of a Sky Walk made of glass and an infinity pool. Conquer your height phobia now with the fun spot. The infinity pool and Sky Walk gives a scenetic view which one cannot resist.

The Aquatic mall is offering other several conventional amenities; all are based on its Marine theme. It includes:

  • Underwater Tunnel
  • Infinity Pool
  • Marine Restaurant
  • Water Zoo and Indoor Water Park
  • Sky Walk
  • Blue Mosque
  • Helipad
  • Tallest Aquarium
  • Deluxe Suites
  • Shopping complex
  • Apartment with Lawn
  • Kids Area
  • Food Court
  • Gym & Spa
  • Cinema
  • Business Centre

Mall of Arabia – A Connection with Arab World

Mall of Arabia – A Connection with Arab World

Initiated on: It started in 2017

What’s cool: It’s an Arab World Around You

Prime location: The mall is located at entrance of Jinnah Gardens on Islamabad Expressway. It is one of the most versatile area of Islamabad. The mall is right next to DHA and Bahria Town. It can also be reached through Koral Chowk, T-Chowk and PWD.

The Mall of Arabia is located near major residential area on Islamabad Expressway. The highway connects all the residents of twin cities as well as other neighboring areas and districts. The area mall acquires 15 Kanals of space on the major route.

The project represents the relationship between Pakistan and the Arab region. The architecture of the mall is based on rich cultural heritage of Arab world.

The Mall of Arabia depicts the friendship of both nations. The Grand Faisal Mosque and Faisal Avenue are already standing monuments of friendship.

The developers of Amazon rain forest mall have come up with the idea of Mall of Arabia. It will give you an essence of Arab world around you.

The rich culture, the historic architect, the lavish lifestyle of Arab region now at the themed mall. Its location makes it accessible for the residents of twin cities. The major housing societies and commercial area are right next to the mall.

Project Description

  • The payment starts as low as Rs.18 Lacs only
  • The investment will have 20-26% Return on Investment (ROI)
  • It is located at main G.T Road, Islamabad
  • A smooth buy-back options
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • A safe & secure investment

The developers of Mall of Arabia plans witness it as the fusion of history, innovation and modern state of art. The visitors will experience the exquisite architect and living beauty with unique shopping experience. The architect also reflects our Islamic heritage.

Masterpiece of Architecture

The malls’ architect is based on rich culture of Arab. The mall supports world class shopping and entertainment under the lavish roof of Mall of Arabia.

Media Façade

The media façade is the digital engagement tool. The façade is used to channel the brand to the audience. The façade is the latest trend to commercialize the products and brands.

Mall of Arabia Features

  • The first Museum Mall of Pakistan
  • Themed Food Court
  • Opulent Interior
  • Open Air Theatre
  • Luxury Suites
  • Exclusive Office Spaces
  • Fashion Floor and Exhibition Area
  • Children’s Play Area


It is offering exclusive and modern facilities in order to reflect high standard of urban development. The salient features of this mall include:

  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Efficient Elevators & Escalators
  • Centrally Air Conditioned Mall & Offices
  • Spacious Corridors
  • High Quality Construction
  • Well-managed Parking area spread over 2 basements with 220 & 240 car parking’s on each floor respectively
  • Cuisines, Spa & Gym Facilities
  • Cinemas
  • Children Parks & Entertainment Center
  • Business Offices
  • Thematic Floors

Panda Mart

Panda Mart

Initiated On: Oct 2018

What’s Cool: It’s a Chinese world outside China.

Prime Location: The Panda Mart is located at Capital Smart City Islamabad. The Capital Smart City is a residential project in Islamabad. It is at a distance of 5-7 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Islamabad.

It is the first ever Chinese themed mall in Pakistan. The Chinese theme Mall is name as ‘Panda Mart’. It is situated at Capital Smart City. The Capital Smart City is the first ever smart city of Pakistan.

The Panda Mart is initiated to meet the needs of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the provide extra support to New International Islamabad Airport.

The New International Airport will support a total of 16 Million passengers daily and thus the Panda Mart will cater the needs of airport. Furthermore, the top brands will also be part of the mall.

Panda Mart Features

  • The mall covers the area of 1.2Km.
  • The area will have all the entertainment and recreation activities at one place.
  • The mall will have above 2000 retail shops from around the world.
  • The provides large-scale .



  • Swimming pool
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Efficient Elevators & Escalators
  • Centrally Air Conditioned Mall & Offices
  • Cuisines, Spa & Gym Facilities
  • Business Offices


These themed malls have so far been successful in grabbing attention from both investors and onlookers. There is no doubt that if these malls succeed in providing the environment and structure as planned they will hold great interest of citizens of the twin cities as well as tourists from other regions.

The question that arises here is that how well these projects will be executed, whether the developers of these projects will be able to keep their promises or will they be a big disappointment. If you are interested to invest in these themed malls you should always consult a professional prior to making any decision.

It is the best time to invest in the themed mall. It stands as the trend of future. The prices of the themed malls are increasing day by day thus, the Return of Investment is on increase.

Many other societies are also planning the themed malls. The societies to start new projects are Blue World City, Capital Smart City and Park View. The societies and malls will be the perfect integration of technology and nature. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the malls family.

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