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Chiniot GPO building in ramshackle condition

Chiniot: According to a recent news report, the roof of the General Post Office (GPO) main hall has developed cracks, but the higher authorities are not taking any measure to get it repaired. The staff said they feared the roof may collapse on them anytime and would result in an eventuality. Two dozen staff people sit in the hall and hundreds of visitors visit the place daily.

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The GPO was built during the 1960s. It comprises a lobby, two storerooms, a private quarter, yards, and limit dividers. This primary mailing station offers postal types of assistance, service charge assortment focuses, money withdrawal and store administrations from the neighbourhood and unfamiliar records, electronic cash request administration, postal saving financial balances and postal extra security offices.

The post office is where 2,000 resigned military staff of the city pull out their annuities. After pieces of the rooftop a few years prior, the staff kept in touch with higher experts for its nearby fix and to make the structure safe however without any result.

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A couple of days ago, some concrete parts of the roof also fell during office hours. The staff said the hall was not fit for use as an office, but they have no other option.

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