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Blue World City Islamabad – Project Details, Location And Plot Prices

Blue world city

Blue world city is Pakistan’s first housing project which is founded and developed with the joint help of Chinese investment organization. It aims to enhance Pak-China friendship in the region. It is one of the most appealing property projects in past years.

Moreover, Blue world city Islamabad is the iconic venture and is the main attraction for investment in national and international real estate markets.

BWC is open for fresh booking on easy installations plan. It has residential and commercial plots of different sizes

Article below will provide you detailed information related to the particular housing project.

Launching of Blue World City

At the launching event of Blue world city, many investors and dealers were invited to this event. Owners of the society have invited many Chinese investors and guests.

The important guests of the event were CEO BGC, Saad Nazir, Advisor at Centre of Excellence, CPEC Islamabad, Dr. HasnainJaved, Mr. Cui Yong (Deputy Secretary One Belt One Road Initiative), Ms.

DraganaOstic (Expert on foreign relations at Jiangsu University), China, Ms. Jennifer Fan Du (Investment Manager) amongst notable speakers.

Blue world city launching ceremony featured an aerial round of the development site via Helicopter ride to its national and international guests.

Saad Nazir, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Blue Group of Companies said an opening statement about Blue World City housing society

“We are here with the expectation to deliver on our word of involving the local and foreign investor for the benefit of the country. This BWC project inaugural session serves to aware you that the foundation for a modernized residential and commercial hub has been laid and it gets only better from here”.

Developers and Owners

Blue World City is the spectacular venture and one of its kinds. The owner of the housing society is Mr. Saad Nazir. He is the son of Mr. Chaudary Nazir, who was ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore.

Mr. Saad Nazir has developed his own construction and development organization known as Blue Group of Companies (BGC).

Development plan of the Blue World City Islamabad was designed by Mr. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, China. Mr. Saad Nazir signed MOU with Mr. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, China

What is Blue Group of companies (BGC)?

Blue Group of Companies was launched in the year of 1998 in Lahore city, Pakistan. First it was just a little company which offers architectural developments and building services.

But with the passage of time, the company expands to national and international level. Now it owns many small companies that are specified for different tasks.

Smaller organizations of BGC

· Blue Bricks

· Blue Properties

· Blue Palms

· Blue Technologies


· Blue Media

· Mart Blue

· Brands Square

· Artimmix

Services and Facilities

BGC offers a diverse Range of services, such as:

· building houses

· Development, construction and advertising

· Brick design

· IT support and Industrial printing

Now after the amerce success, BGC has adopt a diverse field also and started the retail firm. Today BWC is proud seller of several famous retail stores and clothing brands also.

Past Projects of organizations.

Blue Group of Companies Shan Jian Municipal Engineering
BGC has completed many businesses projects and constructed many housing schemes such as

PIA co-operative Society, Blue mosque, Blue Sapphire, Center Park Lahore, Blue mart and Blue technologies.

Shan Jian Municipal Engineering have already completed so many construction ventures and developing projects at national and international level.

Latest projects of the company

Currently BGC is working on housing society in Islamabad called Blue World City. Right now only they are focusing on this venture only so that there is no compromise in quality. They aims to complete the housing society in the little span of two years.

Society at the glance

Following are the key features which the society aims to provide.

  • Easy installment payment plans.
  • Rapidly development in venture.
  • Perfect for long-term investments.
  • Proposes number of services and facilities.
  • Many sizes of plots in different types of blocks are available.
  • Develop and construct by BGC in collaboration with Chinese firm.
  • High return is expected after the completion of CPEC Route and Rawalpindi Ring Road

NOC and Permission plan

Blue World City NOC was issued by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) against the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019.

Initially, the land assigned to this society was around 427 Kanal only. Then application for extend in land was submitted to the authorities. Application was instantly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in August 2018 for the further planning and development on 5,000 Kanal lands.

Currently at this time, Blue world city is awaiting for written approval of NOC because of its territory growth region just like other neighboring housing society Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Blue world city Approvals:

NOC That Was accepted by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) let the society to put in other services too. Salient features approved by authorities for Blue World City:

  • Provision of public transport
  • 40, 80 and 120 feet wide carpeted roads and roads
  • Water, Electricity, Gas and Telephone Connections
  • State of the Art Sewerage System
  • Gated Community
  • 24 Hours Surveillance through Security Cameras

Quota of Plots approved in Blue world city for:

  • General Public is 40 percent
  • Government servants is 50 percent
  • Retired & widows is 10 percent

Size of plots accepted by RDA

Blue World Housing Scheme provides residential plots, farmhouses plots and Commercial plots. These plots can be bought on easy 3 years installments only.

Residential plots Commercial plots Farmhouses plots
5 Marlas, 8 marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal 5 marla and 8 marla 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal

These plots can be book only on 10 percent down payment. And the remaining amount is payable on easy 3 year monthly or quarterly installments.

Blue world city location

Blue World City Rawalpindi is located on Chakri road near Chakri Interchange Islamabad. Blue World City will connect twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad through Thalian Interchange also.

BWC is adjacent to upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road which will give direct access to all the major areas of Rawalpindi for example Adyala, Bahria Town or DHA Islamabad, Rawat and Giga mall.

Blue World City Maps

Blue world city Islamabad is situated in between Thalyian interchange and Chakri interchange. Blue world city is in the proximity of CPEC route Motorway M-2 and new Islamabad International Airport is on the right side of the society.

Main access points to the housing society are Lahore – Islamabad motorway (M-2), Rawalpindi ring road, Chakri road.

Blue World City Maps

Neighboring housing societies

According to the given map, Capital Smart City, ICHS, Mumtaz City Star, Faisal hills, Argo farms, PECHS, Top city-1, Khaniyal Homes and University Town are some of the important neighboring housing societies near Blue world city.

Neighboring housing societies blue world city

Blue world city Islamabad Master plan map

Blue world city have planned to design splendid community with soothing and appealingly atmosphere. Developers of the society are using latest and higher tech technologies for planning and machineries for construction.

Society design map and its architectural elements are inspired by the Chinese techniques and building. The master plan of the blue world city is attached below:

Blue world city Islamabad Master plan map

Moza of blue world city

Sehal is the moza of the Blue world city Islamabad. It was previously village in Rawalpindi division.

Size of roads in blue world city

Carpeted Boulevards and Roads in the housing society will connect each other and form the extensive they will link all blocks and entire areas of the scheme to main entrance.

Given below are the sizes of roads.

  • Main Boulevard is of 120 feet wide
  • main roads are of 80 feet wide
  • And all the other streets are of 40 feet wide.

Blocks of the society

According to the master plan of the society, the total land hold by the blue world city is 5000 kanal. Then the land of the society is further divided in to four phases from which development work is in process on phase A and B.

these phases are further distributed into small blocks and plots. The housing society is proposing blocks:

Residential block, Commercial block, Overseas block, Blue hills farm houses and Awami complex villas.

Residential Blocks

Blue World City Islamabad is offering many residential plots for public and government community.

Blue World City Apartments

– – Blue world city is Intended to Commence Its small business centers with higher tech flats to help illimitable small business prospects.

– Blue world city company hubs include of Shopping arenas of global standards and contemporary Apartments heights and global standard shopping malls.

– Blue World City has perfect apartment’s area with capability of returning High gain when the payoff is going to be carried out in close future

Blue World City Farm Houses

Blue world city farm Homes have Feeling of pure living with contemporary amenities at very reasonable cost rates.

– These farm homes have amazing surroundings include green meadows, woods, water lakes, streams and land for farming.

– Folks can perform parties, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and buddy’s get-to-gather.

– Blue world city farm homes can Provide you excellent holiday with comfy relaxing and privacy sceneries In winter and summer seasons.

Blue World City Houses

Blue world city Islamabad Home Societies is the perfect spot to live with your loved ones.

– Blue world city Is the Best Location To increase your children in diplomatic atmosphere.

– BWC have modern amenities such as no Load shedding, sterile water and dishwashing safety which offer lavish living Criteria.

Blue World City Awami complex villas

– Blue world city bear in mind that Pakistan is an economic nation as well as they need place and facilities in less cost. So BWC established a block with the name Awami Complex.

– Awami Complex provides ready to live villas for your Individuals who wish to get a home in Islamabad/Rawalpindi at very inexpensive price. Awami complex offers apartments and villas with newest architectural design to guarantee a comfortable and better living style.

– Blue World City Awami Complex Islamabad has am aimed management team, which carefully judge demands of customers. On the basis of the judgment, their payment procedure is a flexible and buyers can reserve an apartment with a deposit for Awami Villa in a down payment of just Rs. 220,000

Blue World City Commercial Blocks

Commercial blocks come with an insight of company and business growth. Blue World City Commercial block will probably likely be future business hub.

Blue world city is ideal for the next investment with the most modern amenities and hi-tech security solutions, no compromise at supply of resources like power, phone and internet lines. Public transport with in the Blue world city can be offered.

Blue World City Overseas Blocks

Blue world city Islamabad has great news for overseas Pakistanis since they have established the abroad block within their own residential society. This block is the most executive role in the blue world city map exclusively for its overseas Pakistanis with high tech luxury facilities.

Only limited number of residential and industrial plots can be found in overseas block of Blue World City.

Location of Overseas Block in Blue World City:

The Overseas Block has immediate access from Chakri Road and Will appreciate its own designated gate straight through the primary Gate of this society, which will be close to completion.

The housing project will even have access from Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will immediately associate Blue World City Islamabad with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad town in the subsequent two decades.

The job is gaining a great deal of attraction in the local and global investors because of its convenient and attractive site.

Blue world city payment plan

Blue world city is presenting simplistic and inexpensive payment programs for its interested clients. This housing society in Islamabad is providing a variety of types of plans based on plot types with little changes. Payments plans for residential and commercial plots are explained in the below tables.

Residential Plots

Plot Size Down Payment 48 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
5 Marla 80,000/- 9500 42500 800,000/-
8 Marla 100,000/- 9,375/- 56,250/- 1,000,000/-
10 Marla 120,000/- 11,250/- 67,500/- 1,200,000/-
1 Kanal 210,000/- 19,687/- 118,125/- 2,100,000/-
2 Kanal 380,000/- 35,625/- 213,750/- 3,800,000/-

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Down Payment 40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
5 Marla 540,000/- 70,000/- 257,500/- 5,400,000/-
8Marla 756,000/- 95,000/- 375,500/- 7,560,000/-

Farm Houses Plots

Plot Size Down Payment 40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
4 Kanal 720,000/- 100,000/- 310,000/- 7,200,000/-
8 Kanal 1,215,000/- 175,000/- 491,875/- 12,150,000/-

Overseas Plots

Plot Size Down Payment 16 Quarterly installments 40 months installments 8 Half years installments Total Payment
7 marla 308.000/- 77,000/- 15,400/- 77,000/- 1,540,000/-
10 marla 429,000/- 107,250/- 21,500/- 107,250/- 2,145,000/-
14 marla 560,000/- 140,000/- 28,000/- 140,000/- 2,800,000/-
1 Kanal 770,000/- 192,500/- 38,500/- 192,500/- 3,650,000/-
2 Kanal 1,232,000/- 308,000/- 61,600/- 308,000/- 6,160,000/-

Awami Complex Villas

Blue world city awami flats are new project of BWC and are on a long term installment plan of 5 years which can be paid on monthly and half year installment so it is affordable to everyone/

Payment Plan for Blue World Awami Duplex Villas

Floor Size Ground, 1st & 2nd Floor – 675 Sq. Ft.
Floor Price 2700,000
Certificate Discount **(3 Lac) 2400,000
Down Payment 240,000
At Startup of Construction 120,000
50 Monthly Installments 20,000
10 Half Year Installments 140,000

Payment Plan for Blue World Awami Villas

3 Marla Single Story Villas Price in PKR
List Price 2500,000
Certificate Discount **(3 Lac) 2200,000
Down Payment 220,000
At Startup of Construction 110,000
50 Monthly Installments 22,000
10 Half Year Installments 77,000

What’s new in the society?

A Pak-China industrious hub

Blue World City is sited in Islamabad Close to New Islamabad International Airport. Goal of the society is to be new business hub of Pakistan, forming broad & commerce markets for both Pakistani and Chinese industrialists.

It will provide safe and easy access to buyers locally and globally as a result of project’s strategic location adjacent to CPEC course (M-2 Motorway) which rewards of CPEC for both Pakistani and Chinese individuals, who want to relocate for business or private functions to the particular country.

Abundant Residents from China

Inside the Blue world city residential society, there will be a large number of Chinese citizens residing in the society. The master plans showed special block or zone for almost 10,000 of these occupants in the region.

This will further aid in improving the collaboration between both countries. The authorities are still ascertaining if the Chinese citizens need to be given accommodation through ownership or citizenship or then BWC will be the replacement strategy.

Chinese Architecture and Development

As already mentioned, blue world city has glorious architecture with relaxing and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Through using Chinese methods of development and Chinese engineers working together with Pakistani builders, authorities also have promote panoramic beauty and lavish living in the area.

The developer intend on using hi-tech equipment’s and machinery to give superior residential society which matches global standards of living to residents.

Latest development in the society

The Entrance walls of Blue World City are constructed and the Entrance Gate of Blue World City Is Completed. Boundary wall is constructed.

Blue world city is on fast development pace. Plots allocation is in progress and streets being laid out in phase 1 of the society. Connection of lights and electricity is also given and street lights are installed.

Market Trends

The Need for Blue World City Has existed since its prelaunch held earlier in the year. Based on Search Trends, the society made its entry in December 2017.

And just after launching, this society was very first place of the region that was most searched among plots on Chakri Road. Ever since that moment, the society has retained its position.

According to research, the number of Buyers for 5-marla plots is higher, but larger plot records are also not bad. It is believe that this trend is because the available plots can be booked only on the deposit with no pressure to resume along with the whole payment system under a deadline.

In Addition to this, location of the project is one of the key reason due to which blue world city is high in demand. So for individuals trying to invest smaller Amounts, Blue World City is a popular option.

Why Invest in Blue World City Islamabad?

Wondering if you buy Blue World City? There are many explanations. The housing project is demands comparatively less income and can provide a prospect for those individuals who have low income to have a home.

With it, they could provide a comfy and better living standard to their nearest and dearest and avail best class comforts.

This is an inexpensive Home culture that will change the comprehension of low-class lodging in Pakistan, Not only those that have a restricted budget may invest in the society and provide their family a comfy living but with topnotch facilities and supreme site.

If you are still unsure about reserving your narrative in this project let us listing the substantial items for you all those can help you in creating your decision readily.

Given is the list of some of the more motives to reserve your own plot in Blue World City

1. Finest & Suitable

2. Simple Installment plan

3. Modern facilities

4. Serene and relaxing valley

5. Endless Marketable odds

6. High profit Return

7. Feels like home

Facilities and amenities:

  • City gated community
  • Identified Gate Entry System
  • Wide roads and dense infrastructure
  • 40,80 and 120 feet wide carpeted streets
  • Provision of public transport
  • Underground Electricity Wiring
  • Own electric supply and unit
  • Load-shedding Free Environment
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Gas and Telephone Connections
  • 24 Hours CCTV Security
  • E-Tag System
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Facial & Object Recognition Cameras
  • Parks & Jogging Tracks
  • Adventure Club & Mini Golf Club
  • Spa and saloons
  • Oxygen Park & lake.
  • Sports and cultural complex
  • Water Theme Park
  • Safari Zoo and water pools
  • Theaters and 3D I-max Cinemas
  • Sector and Jamia Mosques
  • Blue Mosque ( replica of Turkey)
  • Blue Mart Department Store Chain
  • Easy Installment Plans: investors belonging from all classes of society
  • Police station.
  • Affordable and Fancy
  • Hotels and Ranches
  • Educational Institutes hub
  • BRT Stations
  • 24-Hours Health Services with Ambulance
  • 40 bed hospital.
  • Shopping Arenas

Facilities of Blue World City as Economic Zone

As Blue world city is specially designed for providing luxuries at low cost that’s why economic zone Facilities provide by BWC are comprised of subsequent Major elements:

  • Global Trade Center (GTC)
  • Expo & Convention Center
  • Bank Street
  • Three, Four & Five Star Hotels
  • Economy & Luxury Apartments
  • Ware Houses

Global Trade Center

Global Trade Center is modern air-conditioned Whole Sale Theater where producers and traders can exhibit and promote their merchandise to retailers and end customers.

Using exceptionally large place on Islamabad — Lahore Motor way (M2) in Chakri Interchange, it’s very likely to be the best companion and Trade destination for Pakistan especially for Punjab area.

Global Trade Center is superbly designed contemplating huge Foot collapse and traffic movement. It’s quite spacious and completely outfitted Outlet Mall with following an range of sections for a variety of businesses.

  • BWC Silk & style centre
  • BWC Electronics arcade
  • BWC Builder’s mart
  • BWC Medical mart
  • BWC Industrial Zone
  • BWC Furniture Arcade
  • BWC China market

Bank Street in Blue World City

Blue world city Islamabad will have branches of main banks Functional in Pakistan. So residents of BWC can quickly access and clean their bank inquiries in only minutes. Every businesses of the Blue world city Islamabad will have ATM machines of banks

Blue World city Expo & Convention Center

The Modern & Largest Expo Center of Pakistan has been created for trade fairs to satisfy International Criteria. Getting blessed to be at the Capital and close new Islamabad Airport, it will be very suitable for overseas delegates.

The chemical will be possessing a state of the art Convention Center With numerous Board rooms Organization Offices in addition to a Business Center.

Blue World city Three, Four & Five Star Hotels

Most modern three star, four star and five star star resorts have been Integrated to supply up to indicate hospitality to tourist and delegates coming to Expos and traditions. In addition, these resorts will be big appeal for vacationers traveling to Northern regions.

Blue World city luxury flats

Tons of routine and Luxurious apartment’s clusters are being created in Blue World city to satisfy the residential needs for employees and Executives.

Blue World city Ware Homes

A contemporary ware houses are located and continues to be created for dealers to Place their specific bundles from the storages near company hub.

Blue world city booking method

Any interested Pakistani citizen and overseas candidate can book number of plots in Blue world City for residential and investment purposes. You just need to visit Sky Marketing Office Islamabad along with listed below documents:

  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of national identity card CNIC of your next of Kin
  • 2 passport size photos of the candidate
  • Draft or check of 10 % down payment in the name of Blue group of companies

And if you are overseas buyer you can book you plot online. You just to provide further documents

  • 2 copies of Overseas National ID Card

How can you invest in real estate?

There is not only one way for real estate investment. But finding the best option is the hot bowl of work. Many people in Pakistan are in selling, buying, or leasing of lands for the interest of capital profits and residential purposes.

Many kind of property investments can be offered in Blue World City housing society:

  • Purchasing Files
  • Buying a property to lease outside
  • Procuring plots for purpose of resale with profit
  • Acquiring open properties with the in high capital in future

How can we help you?

  • We can provide you free sites visit for you satisfaction.
  • You can book your plots with us on easy installments and full cash payment.
  • You can visit our office SkyMarketing (pvt) limited Islamabad for detail information.
  • We deal in many new housing societies like Capital Smart City, Blue World City, PECHS, ICHS, and Park View City Islamabad.

Possession of Plots in Blue World City

Possession of plots of phase 1 in the Society is predicted to be given after two years, Unlike CDA projects like ICHS society and park view city who are giving the possession straight away.

The possession in Blue World city Islamabad will most likely be given after the development work is finish in the society.

It should be kept in mind that this specified period is not yet fully defined, it can get extended due to factors including Such as late expansion, NOC and permissions or natural causes.

Summary of the project

Blue world city is one of the famous societies located near new international airport. Besides presenting Residential and industrial opportunities the society will also ensure the worldwide standards of living and supply a safe environment for the occupants.

Being an Economical job, Blue World City guarantees a Great potential for an expansion to housing societies that is engaged for a variety of projects initiated under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The project anticipates having go-ahead from Rawalpindi Development Authority, and then the society will be officially established.

Aside from a Perfect residential option, Blue World City is an equally ideal spot for enormous commercial and business opportunities.

With luxury shopping malls, clubs and recreational paths, this particular society has a great deal to offer you. This makes it a well-rounded residential and business substitute.

At the given moment it is the best chance for Individuals with really low income to spend and bear fruit within the forthcoming few forthcoming years.

Together with the specific rapid Development of the undertaking, it will show its shareholders a 100% profit after its Official launch.You may go and see yourself and see the advancement and progress in the society.

This Blue World City project is just like other high technology societies in main cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad that have numerous developed, developed societies for example university town, capital smart city, park view city, PECHS, Faisal Hills, Bahria town Peshawer and ICSH Islamabad .

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