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Blue Hills – Farmhouses in Blue World City

Blue World City is a housing scheme next to Ring Road in Rawalpindi. It is among those housing societies which are based near the new International Islamabad Airport and can be easily reached both from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

It is indeed a marvelous housing scheme in the midst of many others, and therefore far from the busy life of the main city. It has one of the most important qualities that you will get to know once you will book a plot here.

Furthermore, the Capital Smart City is also situated nearby.

Blue Hills Farmhouses:

Blue Hill Farmhouses are one of the best features that the society offers at affordable rates in comparison with other high-class housing societies.

These are well-planned farmhouses ideal for enjoying your holidays away from the hussle of the world. The society provides a variety of agricultural farms at the cheapest cost. In addition, a simple payment package for investors is also presented.

Although, the number of these farms is limited and the demand is very high. Thereby, it is also necessary to note down that the demands will be higher onwards.

Blue Hills Farmhouses

Blue Hills Farmhouses Location:

The Farmhouses are smartly built. The society is strategically developed close to the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange, Lahore-Islamabad M2, the recent yet most glamorous housing estate is situated.

It is also close to the New Islamabad International Airport.Other famous housing projects include Capital Smart City, Khanial Apartments, Mumtaz City and University Town are the beautiful housing schemes that surrounds Blue World City Islamabad.

It is important to mention that, the Blue Hills project is just 20 minutes away from the metropolitan cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Detailed Description of Blue Hills Farmhouses

Blue Hill Farmhouses Features:

  1. International Standard Golf Course
  2. Polo ground, and the Riding Club
  3. Central Maintenance Facility for Horse Stable and Cattle farming
  4. 24/7 nonstop assistance for clients
  5. Constant provision of services
  6. Facilities of Contemporary Services and Amenities
  7. 24/7 Security and Surveillance systems
  8. Instant Availability for Labor Management for Gardening and Farming Cattles
  9. Availability of Central Management system exclusively for Animals
  10. Good Earning Opportunity for Early Clients

Detailed Description of Blue Hills Farmhouses

Owners and Developers:

Blue World City is a project developed and owned by Blue Group of Companies, which was created in 1989. It has been able to create a great name for itself in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Not only this but the Blue Group of Companies has expanded themselves in other sectors such as IT Communication, marketing, etc.

It is founded by Saad Nazir, who is the son of Ch. Nazeer, former Deputy Commissioner, Lahore. Blue Group of Companies signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China for its creation. Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has over 300 employees working in various capacities, while making it one of Pakistan’s most varied firms.

Furthermore, the owner of Blue Group of Companies has also played a major role in developing such beautiful country farms. Chaudary Nadeem Ejaz is one of the imminent names under this Farmhouses project.

In this initiative, a class blend of modernity and serenity is being created by both of the owners. You can cultivate the organic food of your own here. In farmhouses you will be surely enjoying and relaxating in a quiet and wholesome setting. There will be a new and innovative turn in the one’s who are going to avail this opportunity.

The cities around the world today are stuck in the middle of mass urbanization with the rapidly expanding population; the resulting challenges are the theme of much of today’s architectural debate. The problem of maintaining enough large volumes of residential space and urban environments as well as adequate food supply is the result of these phenomena.

Blue Hills, a mixed-use development focused on the progressive suburban urban green space and social responsibility, along with the motorway/CPEC road that have been set up by management of the BGC and the IGC to resolve this divide.

Blue World City Farms


“At Blue Hills, they want to cultivate a stable, unique and vibrant culture that nourishes mind, body and soul. Centered on innovation, the owners enrich our valued customers with fitness, wellbeing and a high standard of living. Owners are committed to supplying their valued customers with outstanding investment opportunities.”


It is their mission to successfully postulate our important customers’ understanding of ‘Country Farm House.’ They want their consumers to enjoy the comfort of their lives in the lap of nature and to spend lovely time with their friends.

Blue Hills Nearby Places

  1. Blue Hills Farmhouses is just 15-minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport.
  2. Blue Hills Farmhouses is just a few minutes’ away from Motorway Interchange M-2 (CPEC Route).
  3. Blue Hills Farmhouses is just 1 kilometer away from General Headquarter of Pakistan Rangers.
  4. Blue Hills Farmhouses lies next to the world’s First-class Economic zone.
  5. Blue Hills Farmhouses lies just 5 kilometers away from the Chakri Interchange.

Amenities and Facilities:

Fish Farming

Fish farming is a type of aquaculture in which fish are produced in containers for food marketing. It is the fastest growing sector in the processing of animal food. In today’s artificial ecosystems, approximately half of the fish eaten ratio is increased worldwide. Blue Hills will provide its consumers natural facilities.

Blue Hills Farmhouses Fish Farming

Theme Park:

Blue Hills provides a kind of amusement center with amazing entertainment, food and other entertainment. A beautiful amusement park, along with its valuable visitors is offered with amazing attractions.

Surveillance Systems:

Management of Blue Hills will support a large variety of control systems to ensure a healthy atmosphere during the project. Blue Hills hires a highly qualified and specialized security team who fly around the region.

Golf Course:

Golf is craftily simplistic and infinitely complicated; it satisfies the soul and speeds up the mind. Blue hills will open portfolios of golf communities promising unique golf services for its residents.

Blue Hills Farmhouse Golf Course

Horse Riding:

Riding is a sport that calms the soul and promises relief in the vicinity of meditation. Blue Hills is a perfect place for riding with its natural scenery and fitting scenery.

Vegetable/Fruit Farming:

Growing vegetables and fruits may be an enticing choice, as many responsible customers wish to be able to purchase organic fruits and vegetables. The management of Blue Hills allows you to determine the expertise and demands required to operate a fruit/vegetable farm.

Community Centers:

A quality community center provides every community with a valued asset. A well-run community centre is a good forum for children, families, senior citizens, public bodies, parks and leisure facilities. Blue Hills management will have exemplary leadership and support services for the facility to thrive, with so many individuals relying on the facility.

Cattle Farming:

Historically, a powerful, well-developed nation was influenced by successful and prosperous animal agriculture. Cattle farming can be an overwhelming project or an immense achievement for beginners. The management of Blue Hills will have a central management structure that allows people to understand the basics of livestock processing.

Why Farmhouses Are Built?

Farmhouses have become the new fashion among the wealthy and famous people, all of which can be accommodated by buying a farmhouse, from planning gatherings to your lavish escape approach from a busy life. BWC has introduced special farms in society, with a view to keeping all viewpoints in focus, for the people who want to remain comfortably, quietly and privately.

The farmhouses are perfectly situated in the discreet region of society with a body of water stream running closely and stunning scenery. These farmhouses are close to the major cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and are a nice place to rest, live a luxurious life and enjoy a natural climate.

Moreover, the reservation of a farm house ensures you will be a member of the best of society and have privacy and absolute power over your land, which otherwise in the city will not be possible and you will not miss these beautiful views. Compared with other areas, these farm houses are very cheap and economical.

Blue Hills Farm House Construction

Blue Hills Farmhouses Payment Plan:

4 Kanal Payment Plan for Blue Hills Farmhouses

8 Kanal Payment Plan for Blue Hills Farmhouses

12 Kanal Payment Plan for Blue Hills Farmhouses 16 Kanal Payment Plan for Blue Hills Farmhouses

Why Building Farmhouses Are Important?

A farmhouse is a type of house that in an agricultural area serves a residential function. The farmhouse or well-paved garden is surrounded. This can also be called rural farms, away from your home, where you can enjoy a little time in the lap of nature.

The farms have been built from conventional to contemporary in different ways. Yet everyone has a rural or urban taste. Agricultural households are distributed in a small to a wide section of land with big entrances.

These days’ farmhouses with two or three floors are now planned and designed. Over the years, with the towns growing, farmhouses have started to be called second homes and weekend trips that provide considerable space.

People who have houses and invest for their second home or luxury reasons are the types of people very evident for investment in a farmhouse. In today’s world, people spend money on a farmhouse that is completely their preference and desire.

Other Perks

Thus, people choose farms to feel relaxed at home, where they can also experience the pleasures of living.

Due to the big price gap currently present in the region around new Islamabad Airport, it has become an attractive location for investment at the right moment. As the real estate industry shifts patterns and market conditions, people are unyielding that they buy in areas that are affordable relative to land in developed areas.

Therefore, the purchasing choices are planned to include a comfortable and cozy home. Farmhouses now host a modern Pakistani lifestyle subculture that is aware of and affluent.

Why Farmhouses Are Used for?

Farmhouses are used not only for residential purposes, but also for commercial purposes by some owners today. It is the new thing to rent for weddings, celebrations, business events, etc. Customers are fortunate to have a farmhouse, as it becomes impossible to take the family away from town at times through workload. So they come to the farmhouse on the weekends, where the children meet with their instant relatives.

Blue Hills Farmhouse View

Farmhouses as an Investment Opportunity

As an alternative for investment, the fundamental importance of a farmhouse as a productive land in the city remains unaffected every day. Explore the pleasures of the wonderful vision, rest and relax in total privacy, nature’s sweet sounds and smells.

So, people can opt for Blue Hills Country Farmhouses if they want to spend a lively and memorable time with their family, relatives, or any closed one.

For further details, please visit website Blue World City – Blue Hills.



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