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75% of kilns in Multan converted to meander technology

Multan: According to a recent news report, the Deputy Director Environment Zafar Iqbal recently stated that 75% of the total traditional brick kilns in the Multan district had been converted to zigzag technology following the directives of the Punjab government.

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He likewise revealed that the locale organization held gatherings with the brick oven proprietors in Punjab and persuaded them to move their convention furnaces to intersect innovation. With this impact, out of 492 ovens in Multan locale, 375 had started to work under the zigzag technology.

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Moreover, it was revealed that the conversion process for the remaining kilns in Multan will be completed by the end of the month. Iqbal also mentioned that the department was assisting kiln workers in operating the new technology. He said that workers were being trained and five surveillance teams are working to ensure smooth operation.

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