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7 Most Affordable Housing Societies in Islamabad


7 Most Affordable Housing Societies in Islamabad are going to be a valuable addition to information for you. Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s most Admired cities, when it comes to high-class and affordable housing societies. It is a combination of natural wonders and enticing amenities.

It is an excellent place to buy a real estate property due to the glorious hills, breathtaking and clean environments. That is why well-known property developers invest a huge amount in the real estate sector of this city.

Islamabad expands and generates a range of real estate investment options for all. There is the building of midpoints, housing societies’ growth, industrial and residential complexes, and there is much more to offer within Islamabad.

It can also be considered an ideal place to live and invest. In the beginning, Islamabad less developed with small population.

By listing new and present housing projects, we will expand your awareness. We assume that both the purchase of a house and the investment would prosper. The list of housing societies as follows:

 Housing Societies in Islamabad

What makes a Housing Society Attractive and Affordable for Everyone?

Before getting to know about the seven most affordable housing societies in Islamabad, you need to know what makes a housing society most appealing among other housing schemes in a particular region. The features are as follows;


The two important selling points of a housing is first its key location in a specific area and other the facilities that it offers to the residents.


The developer’s sincere efforts play a vital role in the development of a housing society.

Acquisition of NOC:

Make sure you invest in an accredited RDA or CDA approved housing societies to save yourself from any fraud. As soon as an organization acquires a NOC, only then consider to invest in that society, till then wait for the approval no matter the popularity of the said society.

This is because the societies pay a huge amount of money to the real estate marketing, which makes the property popular overnight and investors are tricked to believe that this is truly an approved society. But, a society is only investable once it is approved by the officials.

The pace of Developmental Update

Ensure you associate the progress in construction with benchmark projects and the industry, especially if you plan the very first real estate project.

Promoting Campaign

In the real estate industry, large-scale marketing is only feasible after the master plan of society is approved by the relevant authority (such as RDA or CDA) and has fulfilled all the legal formalities.

High Liquidity

A high sales-to-buy cost is called liquidiity and refers to projects with a strong reputation in the industry.

7 Most Affordable Housing Schemes in Islamabad

If you truly want to admire Islamabad and its high valued real estate properties, then this blog is going to enlighten your mind. Following are the 7 Most Affordable Housing Schemes in Islamabad:

1: Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City claims to be Islamabad’s only smart in Islamabad and also in the whole country. It is a project undertaken by Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holding Private Limited (FDHL). They have been popular in recent times and their housing ventures, and therefore now Capital Smart City is the vast and smart project in the country.

The society claims to be a marvel of engineering and architecture that no other housing society in Pakistan may claim and that includes, crystal lake, 18-hole golf course, arena, amusement parks, smart villas, smart homes, and so on.

Capital Smart City has been Islamabad’s subject since it was established simply because of its unique offerings. Smart City launched a spectacular event on 6 October 2019. The ceremony was attended by senior officials.

The RDA-approved housing corporation has received NOC 7506, and for a wide variety of reasons, it is the number one option for real estate investors. Following are some of salient features:

  • Strong business liquidity because it belongs to a successful developer (HRL).
  • Development construction is being achieved quickly. Tap here to see Capital Smart City’s most recent development changes.
  • On 15 November 2019, the first ballots were held. Around 3000 executive and 3,000 overseas plots were balloted.
  • Overseas Phase 1 and Executive Phase 1 are expected to launch well ahead of schedule in December 2020.
  • Smart Villas in the Overseas and Executive Towers are currently under construction.
  • Residential plots from Marla 3.5 and industrial plots from Marla 2.5 invite anyone to engage in a beautiful housing scheme.

So what do you anticipate? It is a unique project in Islamabad that offers residents comfort, smart features, and fair returns on investments.

See our comprehensive analysis of Capital Smart City, where we address the reason to invest in this particular project.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

2: Eighteen Islamabad

In a prime location in Islamabad, Eighteen Islamabad provides developed villas and apartments. Since 18 Islamabad is an elite housing estate, the rates as compared to other communities around it are also higher.

Eighteen Islamabad is an excellent and trustworthy project of Egyptian and Pakistani entrepreneurs. Following the fruitful collaboration in the telecommunications industry, Ora developers, the Saif group, and the Kohistan builders initiated this housing project.

Ora developers have a tradition of offering notable foreign projects. Saif Group has its distinctive brand, established in the 1960s and since then has an excellent portfolio. Builders of Kohistan are recognized around the world and have proven their capabilities.

All these names give the investor reputation as his future lies in the hands of deserving and competent entrepreneurs. The investment return in the real estate industry is heavily subject to the developer’s financial strength and legacy.

NOC is duly approved and given to the Eighteen Islamabad. Villas and other structures are also developed at a fast pace.

Tap here to get a detailed analysis of Eighteen Islamabad’s official construction function.

Despite the high prices, there is a high demand for existing villas and apartments. The project provides over 2,77 million square meters of housing and spacing. For families of all classes, they deliver luxury houses like:

  • Families who want to live comfortably but don’t leave their lavish lifestyle can go for private villas.
  • The Eighteen is a requisite building structure with a seven-story area that provides just four apartments per floor. It’s a perfect location for nuclear families to live.
  • Eighteen’s Club is built for people who enjoy big houses with fantastic views. It is a modern masterpiece with a view to an 18-hole golf course.

Eighteen Islamabad

3: DHA Islamabad

In most of Pakistan’s cities, it is imperative and remarkably developed while it gains a highly esteemed place in Islamabad. It is developed on international principles best practices from a well-known group of developers.

The moment you enter the DHA is the time you witness luxury and the new accommodation. All of this adds to the achievement of its new facilities, leading services, and strategic location.

The rich and premium initiative remains a high name in the estate because of its high goals and one of its kind of growth goals. DHA Islamabad is an internationally preferred and respected initiative and has a leading and first preference for Islamabad’s elite.

It has been the best real estate brand on the market for several years, though it will enjoy almost the same place in 2019 and further years. It’s a pretty excellent job to deliver the right services.

There are a few amenities that make it unique among other housing societies, such as gated community, gas availability, electricity, water, safety and security, and much more.

DHA Islamabad

4: Multi-Gardens B-17 G-Block

When it comes to the populated zone of B-17, G-Block will be the preference of everyone. It is a Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) by trustworthy real estate developers.

MPCHS has created a strong will to provide its people with excellent services. These excellent amenities and the scenic elegance of the site draw customers and developers to invest in it. The following are some of the most excellent features of the G-Block:

  • Mosques
  • Underground electricity
  • Secure Boundaries
  • Topnotch Educational Services
  • Lovely lakes
  • Park and Playgrounds

With the option of a 4-year adjustable payment plan, the latest G-block provides 5, 7, 10, 14 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots. G block is perfect for investors seeking decent profits. G block is close to the motorway, so the prices of plots in this zone are steadily increasing and enabling buyers to benefit from the profits.

For further updates, please visit our main website Property News.

B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad

5: Top City 1 Islamabad

Top City 1 in Islamabad is just another incredible potential housing culture. The top town was built in 2012, and the building work is now at its full pace. Top City 1 is strategically designed and blends modern and environmentally sustainable environments for its residents. It is one of the most reliable, luxurious, yet inexpensive designs.

The shopping area of Top City 1 will be magnificent and will have super malls, 5-star hotels, new arcades, and unique international brands. In Top City, residents and beneficiaries, such as lakes, gymnasium, mini-golf, lake view park, and many more, can enjoy different outdoor activities.

Thus, we assume the Top City 1 will be one of Islamabad’s finest housing societies. For more details, please visit our main website.

It is situated just a one-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport. Top City 1 is the most proximate to the new airport. Top City 1 has a strategic position that is very significant. It is located at the modern International Airport of Islamabad, at the crossroads of M-1 and M-2, rendering it a golden opportunity for end-users to invest in an incredibly lucrative project in constructing dream houses and real estate.

Top City 1

6: Park View City

The CDA has approved the stunning vision project as Park View City in Islamabad Zone IV, located 400 meters from the central boulevard that connects the neighborhood directly.

Park View City has gained NOC from the concerned authorities as well. The development is under process at a fast pace throughout the beginning of such an initiative. For further inquiry regarding NOC acquisition, please visit our main website.

Developers remark the housing project due to its fantastic landscape and high-end amenities. The next line of track is for families who want to live in a supportive and particular culture in a family-friendly climate.

In Bani Gala’s evergreen suburbs, Park View City is among some of the Vision Group initiatives. Aleem Khan, an influential Member of a respected political party, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf, owns the Vision Group (PTI).

The Park View City Islamabad pursues to provide its inhabitants’ security and convenience. It has all the facilities for a family and the best peaceful atmosphere. It is an ideal economic scheme for your investment, with modern utilities, freeload shedding society,  and 24-hour gas and water availability.

So, it’s a lovely yet affordable project with a great location, and awesome developers work with this project; they are now clearing all legal formalities before getting publicly famous.

Park View City

7: Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is your first housing society which is developed with a joint effort of Pakistani and Chinese companies and thus it is also called Pak-China friendship project.

The society is perceived to be the essence of what the future will bring, as per a remarkably thematic infrastructure.

Blue City Islamabad might be considered as the most significant project due to the excellent atmosphere. The project is close to the brand new airport Islamabad and near the M2 motorway linking the city to numerous areas.

Thanks to the innovation from developers that the society is gathering popularity day by day. It is considered among the top housing societies in Pakistan. For further information, please feel free to contact Property News.

Thus, investing in Blue World City could prove to be a highly profitable investment. It is an upcoming housing project at such affordable rates, which not many other housing societies offer.blue world city


As there is a boom in residential projects, demand for living homes is rising rapidly in Islamabad. We suggest our respected readers do their homework before spending hard-earned money.

We hope that this article was helpful informing you about 7 most Affordable Housing Societies in Islamabad and what are the facilities that they offer.

To find out the most affordable options for you, please dial +92-051-8772683 to speak with Property News’s  real estate agent, a business analyst, and a real estate portfolio manager with over 500 nationals and foreign customers.


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