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11 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

11 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

Background context

 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City

The Blue World City in Islamabad’s Chakri Road is unequivocally Islamabad’s fastest rising real estate project. It stands out from the world’s crowd with the features and facilities offered by Blue World City Islamabad. When we speak about 2019-2020’s best real estate ventures, the first ranking is given to Islamabad, and that is the Blue World City.

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has obtained authorization from Blue World City, while the utterly legal NOC remains to undergo approval.

Making the Right Decision

Property investment is a big decision, and a person considers a thousand times before making such a decision while being in doubt. The most critical factor in evaluating the hazard breaker is the right choice; the consumer is continuously dependent on whether their money can deliver profits or even go to ruin.

As the property calculation is continuously vanishing, this argument is likewise a factor-based priority for the investor.

Blue World City

Blue World City is the first and highest “Pak Friendly Community.” The only private group partnering with China is Blue World City, and it is, for so many reasons, the perfect place to invest.

 Blue World City A person who wants to invest, so a purchaser searches for a lot for one’s concerned. It is not easy to buy a home because it takes a considerable portion of your savings. However, it’s just about spending the right choice.

Blue World City project proposes to construct a housing corporation that will meet the residential and industrial needs of an estimated Chinese population of 2 million following the CPEC road’s completion.

Besides, owing to its association with the CPEC route, this is a golden chance for investment given its location and commercial appeal. Blue World City Map would tell you how big and enchanting it is in actuality.

Why Blue World City?

One might be looking for 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plot in today’s world. Know that Blue World City is the best location for investment. It is another work that is rapidly developing in the progress of society.

It would help if you had a feathered animal’s eye on the Islamabad property market before purchasing a home or land in the city. If you have to purchase or sell some plot, there is enormous complete data on the endeavor that incorporates market prices, traveling costs, preparing plot classes, and the work of growth.

Blue World City provides Islamabad with the best living obligation. Keep the cost as a top necessity, and the estimated cost will grow in a brief moment that gets closer. If you plan to buy a property, then the sensible response is to spend directly at the moment.

You would undoubtedly want to be part of this exciting project that The Blue group of the company has proposed to you if you look at the following features of this region.

Number # 1: Replica of Blue Mosque in Istanbul

To reestablish Islamic and cultural ideals from such a century, this wonder inspired the creators of Blue World City to construct a recreation.

A landmark will be the replica of the Blue Mosque, attracting a variety of guests and tourists. After Faisal Mosque, it’s the next focus of the metropolitan cities.

Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is also recognized as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and it is an Ottoman-era mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. The above mosque is renowned for its eye-catching charm, which draws the attention of many tourists. So, Blue World City is all set to lay the cornerstone in Islamabad of the same Blue Mosque Turkey work of art.

Number # 2: Blue World City Water Theme Park

The development of Pakistan’s largest water theme park is another notable aspect that makes Blue World City Islamabad a town worth living in. A specially built pool for kids along with surfing, will be included in the park. Along with a volcanic waterfall, it will also feature water rides and slides. The park is planned to accomplish international norms and values.

The Blue World Water Theme Park in Blue World City is a stunning tourist attraction. It was established in cooperation with the world-renowned Guangzhou Haisan Amusement Technology & Co. Over 70,000 square meters of hilly terrain with natural silhouettes are being developed in China Blue World Water Theme Park, contributing to the enthusiasm and excitement of the location.

In addition to 20 world-class hot rides, Blue World Water Theme Park also has a children’s play area and all the popular fast-food chains for an action-packed family day-out, including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, and many others.

Tourist attraction

The increase of “real estate tourism” is characterized by the rapid growth of foreigners’ interest in livelihood or investment in the region, which increases and encourages the generation of future revenue in rental and selling of properties in the real estate sector.

It was widely observed in Pakistan’s latest property projects that have planned a particular overseas block for the accommodation of foreign investment like Blue World City and Capital Smart City.

Blue World City provides enhanced security, advanced features, and an ideal location for investors living or investing in the region.

So, the two reasons that have been mentioned above are indeed the ultimate causes that will make Blue World City an attractive place to be visited by tourists. It will then improve the value of the project.

Blue World City Features

Number # 3: Reasonable Installment Plan

Reasonably priced and manageable installments: At relatively inexpensive and affordable rates, Blue World City provides housing and property. You will get ownership of your properties under no time with a minimal amount of money.

The payment plan is very convenient and affordable, unlike many other housing projects. There seem to be three-year and 4-year installment deals available like capital smart city, which might encourage customers to benefit from their plan to get a property.

 Blue World City

In comparison, a manageable payment plan allows a person to purchase a house that would never have been so cheap. Blue World City has made it so convenient to purchase a property that everyone can do it.

So, several 3-year and 4-year installment plans allow an owner to control his land easily. To add more, the installment plans are crystal clear so that the resident owners’ must avail of the opportunities as much as they can.

Clear installment plans

Blue World City is another endeavor daily; the installment plan is relatively low right now. For an ordinary person who can’t have the privileges of managing the large parts, the plot section is indeed satisfying for such type of customers. Regardless of the fact, the size of the properties varies from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.

You can visit propertynews.com.pk to get free notifications if you are planning to buy a plot or comfort directly regarding the extended plan or anywhere in Islamabad. These posts can give you a fair idea about the cost of plots in Islamabad and Blue World City.

It is indeed a fundamental strategy for looking at a house or plot without any issue or ambiguity, either in the smallest degree like most other housing properties might have.

Number # 4: Underground electricity

Underground transmission is gaining popularity for a good reason. It’s worth looking at whether the society supports a power system that is safe, efficient, and cost-effective, and overall looks safe for the inhabitants.

Blue World City Electricity

However, the primary objective of this function is not to preserve the entire project’s beauty. To protect the community from any hazardous situation, underground electricity would also provide additional protection. However, it will also uphold the standard in culture throughout society. So, underground cables and wires are safe and practical at the same time.

Number # 5: Architecture and Development

The architecture and development are also very unique for the residents of Blue World City because it contains the Chinese style of infrastructure. China’s contemporary architecture influenced the architectural styles of culture, which is the beauty of the Blue World City development period.

Blue World City is the first housing company in Pakistan to be founded with trained Chinese engineers and professionals.

Blue World City Development

Chinese are well trained and masters in worldwide production of state-of-the-art real estate developments, so it can only be expected that this project’s development would be top-notch and excellent.

Number 6: Vicinity of CPEC route

The CPEC Route is located close to Islamabad’s Blue World City, which will play a crucial role in boosting the region’s socio-economic development and creating various business opportunities.

Blue World City CPEC route

And for those who are not aware of the CPEC project, it is a joint venture between Pakistan and China to enhance the trade ties between the countries, i.e., Pakistan and China.

Number # 7: Availability of Basic Necessities

The housing corporation has contemporary facilities, including the best road connectivity and outstanding protection and entertainment characteristic. Here are some of these essential features:

  1. E-tag System
  2. Food courts and Restaurants
  3. Public transportation
  4. State-of-the-art wastewater dumping system
  5. Water filtration plant
  6. Lakes and Safari Zoo
  7. Beauty & Hair Spas
  8. Police stations
  9. Safe Gated Community
  10. Wide-set of Carpeted Roads (120ft, 80ft &40ft.)
  11. Nonstop supply of Electricity, Water and Gas
  12. Landline and Wi-Fi choices
  13. Fool-Proof Security System
  14. Green landscape areas
  15. Well-being & Medical Facilities
  16. Jamia and sector Masjids
  17. State-of-the-art Learning institutes
  18. Money-making and Business zones
  19. Shopping Malls with a diversity of retail brands
  20. Parks and gardens
  21. Golf and football clubs
  22. IMAX Cinema

Number # 8: Topnotch first commercial hub

Blue World City is intended to become Pakistan’s first economic center, with the largest Chinese wholesale market among them. With the support of Chinese peers and the highest degree of growth.

It guarantees your dreams to come true. The healthy surroundings, facilities, desirable places, and many other fascinating features add to this project’s progress and development.

Blue World City Commercial hub

Number # 9: Fast pace development

The project is continuously progressing rapidly, with the project producing over 100 heavy sections of the equipment on a timely basis day and night.

Buildings on the main boulevard have been completed, and the construction is being developed on the society’s magnificent main entrance.

Blue World City Pace Development The Chakri Road entry avenue is already completed, and the street lights are installed. The company was the first to provide electricity connections in the area, which is a significant achievement for the project. Likewise, the earthwork is underway, and work will start shortly on the infrastructure.

Number # 10: Diverse community

The only housing development in the area is Pak-China Blue World City. You have the opportunity to stay in a new culture under this particular project. So it’s just rational to imagine that the project allurements people from various communities, ethnicities, and communities to join together since it is a specially designated block for Chinese citizens in society.

 Blue World City Community

Number # 11: Increased profit margins

In previous centuries, real estate in Pakistan, particularly in Islamabad and surrounding areas, has increased significantly more than ever. From the perspective of a property news specialist, it is fair to assume that investment in this housing firm as a company ensures that large profit margins are achieved. It is an investment that will continue to be lucrative and thriving even in times of economic downturn.

We counsel developers who wish to invest in this housing project on a long-term basis. It is because the Blue World City investment addresses a limited luxury market niche.

Concluding remarks

Blue World City is perfect for buyers, entrepreneurs, and the general population finding a home in an urbanized community with all new services and natural greenery. It is also advisable for those who choose to make Blue World City their first option for investing in smaller quantities.

Property News will produce a significant return for Blue world city projects, whether it is a residential, industrial, or investment property.

There are many more benefits that the inhabitants of the Blue World City are going to enjoy; you can contact the team of property news that serves to guide our beloved customers.

So, what are you waiting for? ‘First come and first serve’ will be the strategy. The quicker you will, the higher chances you will be responded by our representatives, respectively.


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